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 - Eureka Spririgs Citizens Kill 2 Bank Bandits,...
Eureka Spririgs Citizens Kill 2 Bank Bandits, Wbund 3 verdict of a coroner's jury oohduot- cd into the deaths of the tWo band'i Its three hours after the robbery. .The Jury, composed in part ,by men who took pan in the shooting affray, was out only; a few: minutes, after hearing testimony, from witnesses. Theinquesrwas conducted by Coroner Coroner C. E. Newton. Nine in Bahk at Time. • Five bank enfiployes,^ Smith, F. AI. Sawyer, assistant cashier; Miss Loma SA*yer and Mrs. Maude Shumari, bookkeepers and Jewel ,!DavldHon, stenographer, and folur citizen.s,' 8. S. (Holland, L. B. Wilson, Robert 'Easley 'Easley and John Easley, were In the bank when the four bandits walked in. They were unmasked and ndne of them displayed guns. 'I suspected by their looks what they ..were up to." Smith said, "and I moved "over close, to, the burgkr alarm button. As soon as they got lis all spotted, all four pulled revolvers revolvers and the leader, who loqked to be the, youngest, of the. four, commanded commanded us to put up ourhands. "We all lifted our handg. ^ As f, put'minis UP I touched the burglar alarm with my foot. Sawyer, who was standing nearby, pushed another burglar alarm button. Our alarm system is arranged so,that it makes no sound near the bank but rings bells in three business establish-, ments in the down-town district at Basin Park hotel,!^ at thQ, other: bank and al another business house. "The .bandits talked little and worited" cooly, systematically _ and swiftly. All nine of .us,were marched marched into the, directors' room in. the rear of the,bank bulldlngi ; Ooe .man stood guard at the door of the room, another stood guard at: the' entrance, of the, bank and the other two outlaws outlaws gathered up the loot. They took ;j $60,000 in Liberty bonds and ttO.OOO in ciish. - ^ > Bandit Car Driven Off.-" "While they we^e ^ seialng tlie .money the bandit car, Had be'en left in front of the bahl^ in charge of Cowan, started-down the- sfrfeet.' A moment later two shots were fired and I feaJiJsed there ,^was going to be a fight, that the alarm had.been.heard. ' ' "At the firing of the shots the four bandits in the. bank forced Saw- yier and myself to accompany them out the door to protect'them/ Two were holding to .my arms and the two others had-Sa^vyer. They march, ed us across the street toward several several armed citizens who stood ready to shoot but who. wene .afraid .to fire for fear they might hit Sawyer or myself. I could see that the outlaws outlaws were somewhat confused, as they had no car and didn't know how they were going to escape. "As we reached the sidewalk I decided to make an attempt to free myself. I jerked free, from the bandits and at the same time Sawyer holtied.' The' shooting .began Inri- medlately. One of the,,bandits fell dead'before ho had time to take.a dozen steps.' The others returned the fire and a lively, battle in the center center of-^the street, in the main part of the city cnsuelj. Luckily, H^ne hut thp bandits: was hit." • • The battle was-over in a few minutes. minutes. The end one bandit, yVi}-f dead; another, ,Geor(^e Price, (Continued from sPape One) son. fatally wounded; the third, Charles Price, probably.fatally wounded; the fourth, Hendricks, shot through/the hipi and in :'the foot, and the fifth. Cowan, slibt- . in the neck" ahd shoulffe*;. , } • V ' • • - Excitement Follows. Business nien' and the few pedes- ,trlans,who were down the time of the flght.were/dumb founded for a short time aria then all.became excitement as new? of.the iiappenlng 'spread over ;the resort, city. • Hiiridrcds. of'persons, inen,'women and children; .rushed to the scene, panic stricken by the first reports. The streets soon were packed. Hundreds crWded around the Huntington Huntington hospital .where, the three wounded were' take"!! and' hundreds ofTothers visited the morgue of the Blocksom-Newton tJndertaklng Company Company where the bodies of the two dead bandits had been taken. During the a|terhoon hundreds :of citizens of surrdt)fndlng towns and rural communities ' came' here in motor cars, horseback and. in bugT gies and wagons to see the. dead bandits a^d hear the story of the sensational street fight a.a it. was related related over and over by those who partlc,lpated in or i witnessed : it. Tonight the streets were still thrqriged by hundreds and' it was said that thousands of• perscns-had viewedj the bodies of the bdridlts. P. F. Johhsen,- prosecuting- 'attorney, 'attorney, talked to the wounded, .bandits .bandits for more^ than' two "hours", to-" .r.lght but theysteadfastly ^Tefused to •thake any statenients otlier give the places of their "residence." .With two"^ ban'dits killed In . the bank, robbery at Eureka Springs yesterday, yesterday, the death toll of bank bandits in seventeen or eighteen such: robberies robberies committed in .the Ozark country country and mining district in the last two years •was - increased to five.' Henry, Starr, , notorious Oklahoma outlaw, was fata.lly .wounded -in an attempt to rob a bank' at Harrison, ^rk.^nearly two years'ago. • .One bandit was killed outright and another fatally wounded Mn - a shoot- Irig-that followed a ibank holdup at Tar River, Olcja., more than'a year ago.' . ' . Five, or six..other outlaws • have been wounded - in attempts to 'rob banks and some, eight or ten have been captured and;sent to.peniten­ tiaries. •.-^To the memory of police officirfls, only four of the seventeen or eighteen eighteen robberies and attempted robberies robberies committed In two.years were successful and they did not net the outlaws a great amount of. money. These robberies were at ^Iba, Fairview Fairview taiTd Sarcoxie, Mo., and Grove, Okla. ' vOther b.ank robberies have been staged at Mulbefry," K,an., Quapaw, r>lda.. Sulphur '.qprings; Ark.,'Washburn, Ark.,'Washburn, Mo., Exeter,- Mo., Crestline, Kan., Oronogo, I <Mo.„ :and Eureka springs, and one,or two other small towns In the :dlsti;ict;- names of which authorities did-not remember. It is a noteworthy fact thiit in the history of Jopjin, even during the days when it was;a rough mining camp, there has not been one bank robbery here.. i

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  1. Joplin Globe,
  2. 28 Sep 1922, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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