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 - Pahlleatlon OKiee llf Snit Fohrth St. JOPLIN,...
Pahlleatlon OKiee llf Snit Fohrth St. JOPLIN, MISSOURI, Three Men Held at Neosho Wanted for Bank Roids in South liakota andj^ehraska Two of Trio Admit, According to Newton X!ounty Authorities, That They Recently Broke Jail at Sioux Falls While Being 'Held for Trial on Charge of Bank Robbery—Third Wanted for Burglary of Bank Near Omaha. $25,000 IN B JEWEl/UY SATJH^SMAN KIDNAPED AND ROBBED BY BANDrT NEAR DALLAS. Dallas, Tex., Dec. 1.—The theft of diamonds and jewelry valued at between $25,000 and $35,000 and his automobile, was reported to Dallas police this afternoon by J. Robert Gorman, jewelry salesman. Gorman declared a banddt stepped upon the running board of his car at Elm and Peak', streets in East Dallas, pressed a pistol tO his side and forced him to drive to the country where he was bound and gagged.. The bandit then got into Gorman's roadster and drove away with the jewelry, he told the police. A few minutes later J. S. Head, who lives near the scene of the robbery, chanced ito pass by, and released Gorman. TWO NARROWLY ESCAPE 1 )EATH IN AVTO PLUNGE Special to The G.lobe. Neosho, Mo., Dec. 1. — Three men, arrested by Newto'n and McDonald county authoritiea at Anderson Saturday, are being held in jail here awaiting the arrival of government offlclalsland South Dakota officers, who want two of them in connection with a bank robbery and other crimes and the third for burglarizlBg a bank and the theft of about $5,000 in government stamps... ' If^« telegrram received here today by Sheriff John Beavers, Sioux Falls, S. D., officers stated they were on their way to. Neosho with warrants for two of tile men, charging them with bank robbery, with felonious assault with-Intent to kill and with Jail breaking. All charges grew out of a bank robb,ery at Sioux Falls In October, in which the two were arrested after a gun battle with officers there. Wanted in Burglary. The third man in jail here. Will Hess, alias Will ISddlngs, 49 years old, of Sprlngfteld, Mo„ is wanted in connection with the bank burglary near Omaha, Neb., recently, In which the stamps were stolen'. Government authorities informed Beavers by telegram today thfit certified copies^ of indictments and warrants against Hess on the two c.harges are being forwarded here. All three men made verbal statements concerning the crimes for which they are wanted when officers started wltli*them to Joplln Sunday to have thfelr photographs made and their finger prints recorded, authorities said. The other two^are Johnny Martin, alias Dave Qray, 37 years old, San Francisco, Calif., and Jimmy Park, alias Albert Williams, alias Bert Williams, 23 years old, of Atlanta, Ga. " . With the arrest of the trio, authorities recovered a new Chevrolet touring car, which ^ hap been identified as that stolen from Hess* brother-in-law a;t^ Springfield. Beavers said he waaripformed tod^ay by rthe McDonald county Prosecutor that .a-search warrant .would "be issued against the residence of Ernest Francis, former Joplln bartender aind restaurant owner, where the trio wjerei. att-ested. •The presecutor, Bea-Njers said he was told, indicated that he would file a charge against Francis in connecl^pn with having a stolen automobile on his premises. After he had received a "tip" that Hess was at the Francis house, Beavers, took Jphn Austin, a deputy here,-Deputy Sheriff iJd Mitchell of Anderson and Jess Ellis, a citizen there, and went to the place. Austin went inside the house and Gray ran out the back door. He was stopped by Mitchell, who stood outside, when the officer "covered"»him with a revolver. Beavers and Ellis went tolook for the other two, who were a short distance . the house; They were standing, facing the side of a cliff, in which was a small cave. The sheriff and Ellis were in gun range before they/5iii:ie.rie seen and. the former shouted-, to them, asking them who they were. The two, startled, turned and then frfbed the cliff ,again. Beavers commanded . them to turn back to the front and thrpYr up their hands and. they complied ^vith his order. Sunday morning a .38 automatic pistpl was found at the cave, supposediy dropped" when the two, turned around' after seeing Beavers aiM Ellis..46.jiutomatIc pistol, said to belong to Hess, was found In Francis' house, Beayers said. ~ Information concerning the nature of the bank robberies and the amount taken in them'Tias not been received by autho^'itleS here. The telegram, from Sioux Falls states that Martin and Park escaped from the jail there November 4, six days before their trial on the charges against them. " The two \}et officers know where they were - wanted' when they and Hess were being taken to Joplln be- .eause, they explained, if their finger prints were to be taken, it was "all off." They said that Newton and McDonald county authorities should be entitled to the'rewat-ds against them, the amount of which Is not known here. ' Martin and ]?ark said they did no^ meet Hess until three or four days before and that" they^ had not seen him before. Hess told a similar story concerning the pair, Francis told authorities, however,.'that the trio were together at his hous* last year for som^ tlme^ Beavers said. Because of the'fact the two bank robberies yere committed in the Capo Girardeau, Mo., Deo. 1. Matgaret Rueskamp, teacher of Marston, Mor,-and her brotlijer, August, t)f Cape Girar(j[eau, narrowly escaped death today when the coupe in which they rode \vent over the brink-of the lake at Helys' quarry, dived twenty feet to a ledge of rock and hung suspended while .Its occupants climbed out ihrough the shattered top. Rescuers who found them clinging to the 'car which was submerged In thirty feet of water except, for a small portion of the top, learned that an attepipfto change drivers caused the accident Negro Takes Scat an Judge. Chicago, III., Deo. 1.—America's first negro-judge in a.court of record was inducted into offic.e here today when Albert B. George, elected on the republican ticket, took his seat as a municipal judge for six years. In a court room crowded with peoplt* of his race and on a benph banked with iflowers, the new judge\ took the oath bf office, which was administered by Chief Justice Harry OJson. same Wrt'of the country and because of their riieettng here, the three are believed by Beavers to be implicated in both robberies, Hess denied any part In the Sloiix'Falls robbery, however, arfd Park and Martin said they knew nethlnsf of ,^he burglary near Omaha,> \ Hess told Joplln^ police Sunday >th^t he served three years in the Mluourl state penitentiary i(or>i)ijr- glary, being convicted at Sprlngneld in,191«, and a ypar and a day In tfuj federal penitentiary at Foptlieaven- > worth, Kan., several,years later.i ; tTust One Minute Please! 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