Golden Wedding 23Feb1906

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Golden Wedding 23Feb1906 - A MEJinilG Mr. and Mrs. August Roediger...
A MEJinilG Mr. and Mrs. August Roediger Celebrate Today. FIFTYDESCENOENTSPRESENT Eight Children, Forty Orand Child, re n and Five Oreat Grand Children Children Helped Them Celebrate the Event. Mr. and Mrs. August Roedlger of this city celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Saturday at their home at 223 West 8tb street. They were as sisted in the celebration of the event by their eight children, forty grandchildren grandchildren and five great-grandchildreu great-grandchildreu great-grandchildreu and a large number of friends. The entire day was given to the feotivilitis of the occasion and it was a most enjoyable enjoyable event for all who attended. Mr. and Mrs. Uoediger were the recipi ents of manv hearty congratulations from their frlenJs in the city and Country as well as from their many relatives. At noon a good and bouule ous dinner was served and about one hundred people enjoyed the feast. August Roediger was 71 years old on the '3rd of last September lie was born in ttcherbria, Saxony, (iermany, and came to the United States on July 8, 1854. He landed in New York and went to work ou a farm near Albauy that summer. In the fall he returned to New York and then went to Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Ho finally went to Tamaqua, Pa., where be went to work in an an thracitecoal mine, where he remained at work for twenty-three twenty-three twenty-three years. On the first call for troops at the begin ning of the Civil war, he enlisted In Co. B, lflth Pennsylvania volunteers At the expiiatlon of his enlistmeut he returned to work in the mines at Tamaqua, where from that time until 187H he had charge of the pump. In 1876 he was elected tax collect jr at Tamaqua, and in 1877 resigned in ordur to come west. It was at Tama qua where Mr. Roediger first met Anna Dorathy Uerbig and they were married at that place on Feb. 17 1856. Mrs. Roediger will be 71 years old on the 13th of next May. She was born at'Wsisenbasel, Kurhessen, Oer many, and came to America In J8S3. Mr. and Mrs. Roediger came to Junc tion City in 1877, and Captain A. C. Pierce of this city, located them and sold them land near Alida, where they made their home until 1898. Their coming to Kansas was followed with prosperity and their land possessions Increased until they had Dearly 1,000 acres of the best land In this part of the state. During all of theyears that they were residents of the county tuoy have been a prosperous and highly re spected family. In 1898, Mr. and Mrs. Roediger re tired from farming and came to Junction Junction City to live. They gave their farms to their four sons and are now taking life easy as they well deserve to do. They have made a success of life in all of its phases. They have reared a big, well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do family and from the beginning of their life to gether they have been thrifty and prosperous. The congratulations that have been showered upon them today are deserved and it Is the wish of their many friend that they may have many more happy celebrations of their wedding anniversary. iimm cini.usEN. Mrs. Charles Behr of Tamaqua, Pa ; Jehn Roediger of Milfurd, Kas.; Mrs. Jonn John It of Solomon, Kas.; Mrs. Henry Stelnfort, near Junction City; August Roediger, near Wakefield; Karl Albert Roediger, near Allda; Mrs. Louis Kruger, Denver; Kdward William Roediger, Alida. TIIKIK GKANDCUIl.llHC John Roediger 'a children: Anna, (Mrs Adjlph Scbweiucr,) William, Hlward, Emma, Robert, Gertru-ie, Gertru-ie, Gertru-ie, L. Walter, Nora, Marie. August Rjediger, Jr.'s children Alice AugUhta, Karl, August, Harry J., Ciurduii, August Wiliiam. Albert R -d -d ger's child: Christine. Kdward William R edlger's children: Hazel and Herbig. Children of Mrs. Charles Behr of TamBqus, Pa.: Anna Margaret (Mrs. Fred O. Kncii-); Kncii-); Kncii-); K'uibeth Kinma, (VI rs. Clause); Albert Charles, Roy B., Charles L , Franklin B, John Ilesry, John Oeorge, Augusta Dora. Children of K iiibeth Steinfort: Anus Dorathy, John, Margaret, Klsie, Anna Catherine, Rudy. Children of Anna Margaret John of SV.omon: Krrderic, Augusta. Anna Dorathv, Ilerbig C, Ik-atrlce, Ik-atrlce, Ik-atrlce, lima, Anna M rgarrt. Til rin OIIKAT flnAMiCllll.tillF.!" Chl'dren of Mrs. Fred O. Kneis of Tamaqua. Pa : Clement Charles, Mary Naumi. Children of Mrs. K isaUth C. C'mos- C'mos- u of TiaimjiiH, Pa.. Ai rist W .lliain, Klmer Charles Mrs. Adolph Svhweiixer's child; Augusta May. At the reception which Mr. nd Mrs, August Rodjier held Saturday in the celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniyeniary they were assisted assisted In receiving by their little great grand daughter, Mary Naomi Knew. Baring the aftarnoou many of their friends In the city and country called to extend congratulations. There was a Urge number of these present during the entire afternoon. Ou Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Roediger went through their wedding ceremony ceremony again, Rev. Dr. A. II. 11arnhaw Officiating. The present which Mr. and Mrr. Roediger received on the occasion, (told watch and chain for Mrs. Roedi ger, fnim John R.iediger; gold watch and fob for Mr. Koe ger, from August Roediger, Jr.; gold nut dish, from Ktiz abetil Stulnfort; gold cigar holder; from Albert Roediger; gold ypoon, from Mr. and Mrs. Starks, of Denver; gold dish from Mrs. Fred Kueis; gold match case, from Fred Kneit-; Kneit-; Kneit-; gold mutch holder, from Clement Knelt; Kold slippers, from Mary Naomi Knuls; gold handled umbrella for Mrs. Rocdi-gor, Rocdi-gor, Rocdi-gor, from Charles Behr: gold watch fob for Mr. Roediger, from Charles Kuhr; gold spoon tray, from Frauk Behr; god shaving outfit for Hi Roediger and gold dish for Mrs. Roediger, Roediger, from Mr. and Mrs Edward Roediger; Roediger; egg dish, from Huiel and ilerbig Roediger; gold clock, from Mr. and Mrs. (J. A. Rockwell; gold framed Venetian picture, from Captain and Mrs. B. Rockwell; gold plate, from Christine Roediger; gold sugar spoon and buttr knife, from Mrs. Louise Kruger; one gallon of Imported wine, from C, Wiluer, Denver; gold must fork, from Mrs. Fox; gold fruit dish, from Mrs. John Jolrnk and Mrs. Henry fit 'Jin fort, Jr.; bread plate, from Mrs. Oegerle and Josephine Oegorle; bottle of wine, from Mr. Richland, Denver; gold thermometer, from Mr. and Mrs. John Q.MIiedenberg; gold headed cane, from August and Albert Roediger; one gallon of imported wine, from Grant & Bermant; large picture, from Dr Mtbel Spsnuer and Mrs Rimer; gold clock, from Edward Roedi ger; ten dollars in gold, from George Roediger, of Pennsylvania; five dollars lo gold, from Mrs. Elizabeth Clauslus; a large bouquet of roses, from Mr, and Mrs Charles W-,mer W-,mer W-,mer of Wakefield; gold headed cane for Mr. Roediger and a gold headed umbrella for Mrs. Roediger, from the clerks of Rock well's store. Among the most attractive presents which Mr. and Mrs. Roediger received was a gold wreath for Mrs. Roediger and a gold bouquet for Mr. Roediger. The wreath was designed In such a manner that It had the appearance of being made of gold roses. The old German wedding custom was for the bride to wear a wreath of natural roses about ner neaa ana ior tne groom to wear a bouquet on the lapel of his coat. It was this custom which suggested to Carl Roediger of Topeka, a nephew, to make this kind of a present. He bad the wiealh and bou I quet designed and made In one of the great goldtun t'l'a shops of Dresden, Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Roediger held another reception for relatives and friends at their bom! M today. Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Aug ust Roediger enteitiloed the clerks of the Rook well store at their home oa West 8,h street, the event being a sort of a continuation of the celebration celebration of tbelr SOth wedding anniversary. anniversary. A good and bounteous supper wa served and all spent the evening In a most enjoyable manner. There were about forty persona present. PERCY KYNER LOSES A LEG Met With Accident la Mine at Victor, Colo. Percy Kyner, son of Thomas Kyner living ner this city, who went to Victor, Colo., In January to work as a machinist in the Portland mine, met with an accident M unlay that resulted In the los of one of his legs. Percy was at work In the snaft bouse at the mine Bnd In some manner slipped and fell across the moving hoisting cable. He was caught between between the cable and the drum and before he could be extricated by stopping stopping the machinery his right leg was badly crushed and lacerated between the thigh and knee. An examination of the Injured leg showed that it was necessary lo amputate the leg between the knee and the thigh on account of the bones an J muscles being soseriouf- soseriouf- ly crushed. Oeorge Kynsr, a brother of the young man, Is with him and the lait reports received from thete are to lbs effect that Percy Is recovering recovering from the shock of bis Injuns ttid la resting saally.

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