Yates Phalanx returns after the war

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Yates Phalanx returns after the war - KATK8 Of AUTKKTWIN8 IN THK UAILII 1 da7TrT1 M I...
KATK8 Of AUTKKTWIN8 IN THK UAILII 1 da7TrT1 M I W UP 3 W t 00 I H day. i oo I aooi 00 4 00 ) 4 W I kU 8 day. I 8 60 I ""I I I 8 I 4dy1 1 76 8 00 4 60 6U 00 W II t dal 00 60 4 M 00 Jii 4 00 t00 6 60 7 116 U 60 i wk 8 60 i 1)0 8 60 8 00 10 00 17 00 80 8 win 4 00 6 00 7 76 10 00 12 O0 'JO 00 86 1 mo 6 00 7 0OTT76 11 00 14 00 84 00140 if mua 6 60 06 I 11 It 14 60 18 00 82 00 66 8 m 4 mot 0 tuoi 6 60 10 00 13 60 18 00 90 00 88 00 I 76 8 00 lilOO It 36 19 00 M 00 46 00) 0 ! 16 00 8ft 10 00 I 38 00 I 83 00 68 00 100 W moa 11 00 18 00 33 PC 81 00 I 40 00 76 00 160 I var 16 00 30 no 80 00 41 00 66 00 06 00 I 170 OFFICE HOURS I Counting Room from T A. M. to IS at, and from 1 to B f. M. UAit...tl UmVmm Q A af . to 11 P. It. ....; ....... r. all., ill I ba In bv t P. M and earlier if p-wMbla. for aekly,aor before Monday noon of each weak. THK 80TH ILL. TIT. T0L8. This gallant regiment, long known a the "Yates Phalanx," baa returned from ill bard fought field with four hundred and eixtT five men. ' The Yate Phalanx was among the earli eat of Illinoi regiiaentii to rally for the Union after the rebel took up arms againit the Government, but owing to variou de-'av', it wae not fully orgauited until the lttHt week of September,-1861. On the 11th of the eniuiog month it left Chicago for St, Louis, with ranki nearly full, Ita lilt of field officer wa then a follow : Colonel Austin Light. Lieutenant Colonel T. 0. Oiborn. Major O. L. Mann. Two eompaniea, "B" and "I", were from M-Lean County, and were offioered at the outset a follow : UomDany B Captain, I, W. Wilmetb First Lieutenant, Frank Sillards; 8eoond Lieutenant, Jame Holderman. Company I Captain, H. M. Philip ; Firat Lieutenant, E. L. Walker ; Seeoi Lieutenant, A. W. Fellow. Leaving St. Loui on the 29th of Oetobra the regiment pasted ea to WiHiaraeport. M l., where arm were furniihed to tb men, and on the 1 ltb of December, departed fr Virginia. Uere doUohmant of it vere aenl ta different point to gaard th Rltimre and Ohio Railroad. On the tb of January, 1C2, 13,000 rebel, under "Stonewall" Jackson, attacked portion of the regiment, eompnalog twa or three eon panie. under eommand of Major Mann and Captain Rndd and Muna. A little healthy strategy on the part of thee officer deceived the rebel aa to th atrength of our fore, and held them In abejane until lb whole regiment (ueeeeded inomaalng the Po tomao, with the Inn of fnurtaeo mea taken priar.-- Thi retreat wa nark ! rt'.:u nal a little bravery and Benin on the part nf Lieutenant Colonel Oiborn On the 13th of March following, th regiment wa ordered to Winchester aoi attach ed to General Shield division, with which a lew day afterward, it fought bravely la th victory of Winchester, leading th advance against lb fleeing rebel. It also shared largely In th Campaign which followed, until Jackaon' fore war with drawn tu eo-operat with Lea against Me- Clellan' army, reaeblny; Harrison' Laod. ing at lb lime the great battle of Mat-yern Kill "as fugbu It M at one ent to th front, wbero It remained until Mi-Clellaa' retreat fruai UarriMn't Land' Ing, when It wa sent to Suffolk, Va. There it had leveral engajsnsnu, aad mal frequnt peuitin to th Black water, wbero a eerie of skirmishes en toed. In January. 1863. the regiment wa ordered In N'whrn, N. 0., where It formed a por tion nf General Foeter fiped lion, eat to nnsra'e against Cbar!etiu. The J9tb re. malned mi P"H Ulaad fur aom time, and aaai'trd in erecting th fortification by tl aid of which M irri Island wa eventually taken It also priipMd la lb eelgs of Fort Wagoner, on which oreatna it was lb firat regiment which luswuafuUy planted lie flag on th furl. The regime!, at th time under the command of Brevet Brigadier General M nr. reee4 In gaining Mansion of the fort um Iw hour before th gnneral charge wa t bo or drel. In Feruary, 1 HO 4. the regiment relumed home t recruit, and re-e Hated a a veteraa regiment. InMarch th regiment left Chicago m It cnnd term nf sort ire, and pmesieded to Waahingtuu under Mmmand of ClnieJ Oalairn, eight hundred atMtg. Frm Waahtngttirt it prnceoded I York town, whenc It aalla.1 with General Butler, In hi eipeliitnn up th Jamas liver, In May, IHC.t. Tb regiment fought bvmI gallantly and eufferej m-l eeverely en th 16tb of May, when Ooneral Butler' army wa driven back from ttt Darling, or l'rory'i Bluff. This w the Initiatory etp forth flghM during th campaign nf WV4. Tht Colonel uf th regiment T. O Osbnrn, now General, was artusly wounded la thi on-gagsmeul. In Ibie ball) MJr Lialea wa wouiflcd. In this on battl th regiment had two hundred and fifiy men killed acd oundt. The regiment fell back to th iV.rmada HundrH Intrenehmenta, front which it eant, on the 2)th af May following, to dnl'4 the rebel from ome temporary ".hlob theywero erecting, la thi nggmsnt Colonel Man wa eerlouily wounded. Th netl engagsmenl whib th reglm.nl had wa at Wierbottora Church, ea J'tn 21. ta wh.eh It Lt eneeffir killed, and elghiiNin or nineteen men wounded aul killed. On the lth, Klh and IBlh of suneitbala niateiia.ant la lb aam placo. The regiment then ro4 lh( )am river, and mad a recunnuisattee with Hi 2d Army Corp. It ut participated hlu figal of Lp l etwa. u, Ui charge upon the rebel work loat 104 mec In killed aad , wounded , but meoeedid in arrying the work." "' ; I The next engagement wai on October 7th, near Chapin' Farm, in whioh the 39th loat in killed and wounded between 30 and 40, On the 13th, the regiment fought under General Percy, near Darbytown road. It had another engagement at th same place on the 27th. During the winter of 1864 and 1865, the regiment remained nearRioh' mond, during which time it had frequent kirmiihea with th enemy. Io tht spring, n th 27th of Maroh, the regiment took part in the initiatory movement of th army ef the Potomao under General Grant, againat Richmond. It then moved over to the wotks before Petersburg, and took part with the 2d and 6th Army Oorp in the tight whioh took place along tbe left of the line befor Petersburg. On the 2d of April the 39th participated in the charge npon Fort Gregg, near Petersburg, which wa tb key to tbe fortifications about Richmond and Petersburg. After a demperate band-to-band conflict which luted ivj-enty-four minutes, the regiment euuoeed- ed in eapturing th fort with it entire gar-riion. Tbe color of the 39th Illinois were first planted upon tbe wall of tbe fort. In honor of tbi achievement, Oeneral Gibbons commanding the oorp, presented to tbe 39tb a magnificent flag, upon which is an in scription, stating that it wa preeeuled to the 39th Illinois for it gallant conduct in the assault on Fort Oregg, Petersburg, April 2, 1865. For their gallant conduct a thi attack on Fort Gregg, Colonel Os- born was promoted to a Brigadier General, and Captain Uomer A. Plimpton to a Ma jor. . iter carrying thi fort, tbe 39th took part in tb pursuit after Ooin,-l Le. After tb ivurrer.der of Lee's army, the regi ment pet farmed th duty of guarding th oaaips and tiaggag of th captured army. On tb lit of August tbe regiment received order to go to Norfork, to report to Brevet Brigadier General O. L. Mann, who bad been for eomc lime in command of the SuttheMtern litrict of Virginia.baving bis headquarter at Norfork. Previous to be ne brevetted irigaair unnerai, n bad been Provoet Marshal a for the above district. Th Tate Fbalmi nj ya tb proud di linttion of being tb only Illinois regiment the East under Ul'ant, and was by bim slvled tho "SUr Kegiment " It l,4s in killed aad wounaeaeinoe n re-enitslmeni about 609 men it Da numbered all told about 1.500 offirer ana men, gomr out iib shout .wo, and returning wito ami yet. eras, reoei ring an wuiura ui u"e t"v na r-enliil on I, and io tbe neighborhood of 200 sine that time. i The rglmti bae received a large num ber of recruit, om say eight hundred. and the tw com panic that return to thi eonaty do not eot itaio over sixty or (evenly of thoa whole! here a liltlo over four year ac. Tb 39b return with tb foW lowing field olaa re Colonel O. L. Maan, Brevet BHg4ir Geoeral. Lieutra ant Colonel Homer A. Plimpton. Major Miner W. Millmaa. Ompany B, . IMleO rmsa Bionmiogien, end returns with U following officers, all f whom w belim are Bloamingtoaiao) Captain. Chariot P. Haiti 'r Lira- tenant Jam HalLett Second Lieutenant, . 8wlur. CmpnT I, olistt'd frnai Lroy and vi- tiaity, and sudii bw ander lb following ori Captain. Samuel .lilnwrat Firsl Lieuten ant. J.ieepk W. Neal f eond Lieutenant, N. Robineoa. ICKITilf III HI'S 1 1 MIT. Th Secretary of tb Interior report that .394.329 acre of pablicr land were di.poe- d of during tholva qsjtriera ending fep- Umber 30. Of the, 1, 160.533 were taken ander tb homestead la , and 34d.W0 aatder Hilary warranl. Tb a total a.h reif for tale were l,03H.4'O. Daring tb year 4.161,778 aerae ware, aurvaysd. Tb amount aol disposed of la 132.2x5,033 '' Further lgaatin In regard to preop tion rights I recommf led, in order In move amblgtiity and reuneil' oonflictlni wa. Amendmeriia V) th aavatal law are also surgaete.1, ft eiver th qution of appeal. Ii i alaa aasenlial to provide ly aw fir adjustment, of Spanish aad Meiiraa till In Ant-ma ad New Mrtlcn. Th neceaeity of organiting a Mining Bu reau I again loslsied upon, Th another of army penstotier ia At. 130. ho received $7,792,772 last year. The amount paid la naval peoaiooera la II) was 1230,092. Total amount of pra- .cua. (a,023.4t5. Application far patent laat year nom- bsjred ll.HIO, ticluaiv of 70 f ei tension. Tb numbor leaned was 6.27X Bitty on ttnina war graate-l. 3 'The enlir census rppmpriaiion I ei- bauatsd. N Yona. Dee, lArrangnU are now perfected whereby through th police telegraph tb location of a Bra, aoa after it breaae oal ll la known to every police nation houaa la tl oily. Th Herald's Fortre Monro rpa- nl of Tea. 10th, ayi Jeff Iavle enjoy asnd health. II has ally walk on th parapet, eumfortabl apartment, a gnll wardrobe, good la- and plsnly of resxlmg aiw, Ha Ihimglil tha I'reaidanl t Message wa In general, a wl anl g4 aocurxarii, fent a disappninled that II wa not mar BMOifla' in relation to th ultimate duplet. lim mad of nlmseir. in y nav i.t th avntemplaou look they one bad, and there t Ism hauteur of manner, aai let amaem of Snaeob. Th bllb nf Uleaent v. viay is im proving, and b baa auusuoa into teeming analhy and patient waiting for whatever may b!iJa aim.

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  • Yates Phalanx returns after the war

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