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Newport Mercury - January 18, 1929 pg. 2  - Caesar, Mor- H f . Mortln Frank Mortln (re . H...
Caesar, Mor- H f . Mortln Frank Mortln (re . H W H Rgden "«^nesday a t 10:30 a A.- Carr, forr mlnlstrator of th« Ohamplln TRIAL SUSPENDED. Jourt Trying to Solve Ta 1 Champiin Relationships!^ cclt!on Thai Kennedy Estai, Lieu on Trust I'unJ, \VLlh interest Although the suwrlor court ^laayr slon, Monday afternoon, was cjjjffj,* teveral matt en \ytre cor.aij^^,^"^. Judge- Blodgett and the ^ u r y *v.''..Wfr ceeded with the Jamestown rJe*t*jfaf over the estate of Hannah kj*?5 C h a m p l l n , who died ' n ' e3:a ''up.fnn^oi May, 1525. This brought out I V ; free, colored "retainers" c;l Narragansett country" of years ago', whose dcicendants^}.^ such family names aa Kazan Perry. Indeed, one wltnes* that, his. ancestors came to port with Commodore Perry's j lly, Another unusual fcatuj-* the bringing "n of Ihe mute rnony of a 'dumb animal; lo estj relationship of a caller who stranger but was Immediate:;* cepted -b/ ths family CAt. An important e q u i t y caee, ring to old fam'lieg of Xewpor: also disposed of, "In chamberj.? ter the open session. Spare jurors were ex( John $60 ol dlitrlcl' I , ' IS. or- and . for the the money, borrowed ' he of Her who tyas well acquainted .wll . told of tht relalhf of. "ben- e r "father, ha* and hru rt Caro- J- Order at a' aa . Greenberg. G . Sch- * Warder-- Roien. Installing Lout; Max the presented Mr. of of office. whom ihe had luoken to. Thtr« were two CQUS'IIB,. oh I mother'» side--Samuel .and Efe Th« latter died. A later prwent, waa Samuel. Witness ] aha-never saw the claimant. . Weeden. before this content Hannah, never spoke of a n y lives In Newport,, or- visited there. There wa« an Ann't-- s'H^aj^j court--who, witness had - ^B/'-iBSi bore a striking resemblance l °'uri;?.| nah. and even ict.;d llk« her; e/^^eij over/ when she. called, the ift»;Vl which.generally took no " A "-'f)Jriif|i strangers, was itrangily dra^ 1 HeJ|ii( 1; 'j Annie, and Jumped right In h*:»vp.:£J , Edna Cardoza, grandmolher'j tor's daiigbter testified. Her rt^;% r ; mother waa bucy Ann Hazard. ? had a large family, living In H"-aaVyr ·Kingston. Dooic-n, -' Provide .Witness mentioned-many She Identified Thomas, ia coua^ named many descendants of who had died.- Mary Perry, I n ·H'tts/aUiO Identified by wltuess. had rive, brotherj. One, Charles ! ard. died leaving five children. Annie K. Weeden of second cousin of deceased,; from a sister of- "deeeMtd'i mother, testified as'to the. relr.^N She met John S. Weeden In J' but never knew of h!s relations!:-I Samuel-\\'eeden of West , ton, 63, said deceased was his E er'a sister; he Ea uncle to last w.'j Its told erf the,relatives. -He knew deceased. Mary Perry, granddaughter SM Lucy Weeden of Newport, win to be over 100 years old. great-grandmother wax aunt .ceased, testified' as to the rel; She had met appelinnt and been told he wrfs a relative, 0'.? great-grandfather's s i d e . " on him," but he couldn't, explain* she wished to know about the lly. ' " " 2fc " ; 1 Mr. Halre cross-era mined witnesses. Mr, Hal re explained the cla:J John S. Weeden, a cousin of fe ceased, and called him to', the He was born In Newport 83 ago. He said deceased waa his i er'j sister. He said : ComrcJ| Perry brought his father \ conftncd with b«en street molher' lo N'peworl; Witness !,_._ last of his family. Hli'Snowdcrjc£ atlvcs are e^iincl. 'e'] This closed the testimony.' 1 JFmJl · ilr.\ Hiilre argued Cor Mr. den, saylnff the relattonshlp ^gai; back to oM. dayj, when decri|*??i mother to Newport Witness h "lection day." He testifies trcf+jfj .own knowledge. Mr. Halre tocl-'J a few m i n u t e s . Mr. Bradford w.\s also slid Mr, Weeden has no' \yitr.« support him. H ts Just of memory, and other witnessf^F tify that ilrl Weeden Is retaltj a different way. Mr. Bradford I this case has now had four dl hearln^s^ nnd he hoped the would agree o'n a verdict - f 'side or the other. Obvloiisly H.'''«iS pense and delay In settling f.-'v.j estate are damaging both : sl!tv«|| Here the trial wai' suspended til Wednesday t.i 10:30: AlttrM jury had withdrawn, the court, had been carefully following testlrnony about the tangled £?? tlonshlps, had couniel for both gather about lh» bench to give light they could add. At about 2:55 the court Jo-arned lo Wednesday at lO:;!. Then. In cfiambera, the court '.: sldered the equity case of the Chester Mortgage Company vs. ','.-' f . Newport Trust Company, which been quite a while before the this in ona Andrew J. stlpula- and case heiween i. rescript prewiouily filed bclnjj morning! P«"«ded by one now filed. It way to 1 ? 'J 1 ,* ar " ou "t ** lh« 'o^n m3.At^m t h e ' H / a [ n l ^ela*r Kennedy. »irf| » " l n t of "* «« of t h c Kcn «%«| tftrc - M5 - and "n^* that the un(J'j;T* ev1dtnce (h(JM ( h l t lherfl fe each, t^'fil pon them at rioiw dalw. ,The court holds, H ! £4 fore, that -'.he Kennedy Interts'j i lien upon *a!d trust fund for and simple interest at th« rate per cent per annum, from the c '-"V(.* In; dates: On (SiO. November r EJ-r-r ·- this ar* """* b " ns m "" upon almost com- on 13.I0, fron November 10. 1 on Sl.OOO. from M«y 1. 1911; on from J a n u a r y 24, 1912; from March I. Itli! on 11.003. Mircri I, 151!; on »WO. trooi W C S | 11. 1 9 1 2 ; on tl.MO, o::=. 11:.;;;:. from ';·'* I n ! Ji^lge Blcdgelt entered · dec aecoriianc* mth the rucript. Judi-]cnd.i Ihe matter In thin court. f f , ioc , jind ' underatoo'1 that It may go up l f " _ . \ luprcme court. i."'

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