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 - FLORID ARY PEPPER LOSES PR M Mr Times Telephone...
FLORID ARY PEPPER LOSES PR M Mr Times Telephone Numbers MAdison 5-2345 for lubKfpbfr .rv;r. colli end oil orrr colli eH thot eonceminfl cloiifid odvrtiiinjj. MAdlSOIt S-441 I for all clamfivd odvenivino colli. Co s An LIBERTY UNDER THE LAW TRUE INDUSTRIAL FREEDOM Q A.M. J FINAL VOL. LXXVI1 IN FOUR PARTS WEDNESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 10, 1958 72 PAGES DAILY 10c 1 Am Not in Love With n N Pepper Defeated in Florida Primary Holland Nominated for Senate Again; Nine Other States Vote MIAMI, Sept. 9 WW Sen. Spessard Holland won a! smashing victory over Challenger Claude Pepper today: in Florida's Democratic primary. Pepper blamed his defeat on the integration issue. epper. herv champion nl New Deal causes in the: l!)"0s. conceded defeat in the face of returns from more; 1han two-thirds of the State's precincts showing him trail-: ing hy more than liTOulf votes. Returns in 1700 of 1SS0' precincts Rave Holland o75,-009 and Pepper 205.020. It) States Voting (The Florida primary was one of 10 in as many States to practically wind up the picking of candidates for ihej .November elections.) , .& ii.o,;,m i,-.,.'i.!conceded GOP Admits Bad Beating in Maine Illuslraled on Pag 3, Part I WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 i;P) Stunned Republicans: today they had da Senatorial battle betweenitaken a bad beating in the conservative 1 1 o 1 1 a n djMaine's elections. But thev and the liberal Pcpper.!djspu,pd Domoorntic rnin rule both came nut. for scg-u. , . , relation. Holland urged altha,,ne ,f"lts signal a na- more vigorous approach to' tional t ivnd. retain il. j From President Kisenhow- iovii there wus no GOP disposition to minimize the NAVY READY TO BUILD Fishers SEVEN NEW ATOM SUBS A . Aumu to Spat WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 (UPD The Navy today announced a new shipbuilding program providing for seven more nuclear-powered submarines. Nine guided-missile frigates and five guided-missile destroyers also are planned. The total building program for the year which started July 1 called for starting construction on 78 ships at a cost of about. .$1,600,000,000. Defense Secretary Neil H. McElroy has not yet given the go-ahead for four Polaris-firing missile submarines for which Congress provided money over McElroy's objections. Dulles Hints at Deal With Communist China Cease-Fire Might Bring Peaceful Accord on Quemoy, He Tells News Conference Pepper's Statement "It is tragic with this mu ter member and ip i ral problem facing the South.jpolit ical leadership has fallen into the bands of the extremists." Pepper told newsmen after announcing that be had con- ccded. Pepper telephoned Hoi land a message of congratti-j lations and pledged his; support in the November general election against Republican Lcland Hvzer, a Miami attorney shock whirl wind sweep in Maine that toppled a Republican Sena- bcpnblican House kept the Gov-i Democratic ernors hands. Sized l!p by President The smashing victory of Democratic Gov. Edmund S. Muskie over GOP Sen. Fred- erick G. Payne w-as sized up WAITS FOR RETURNS Rep. Coya Knutson, who spurned her husband's plea to quit politics, waits with son Terry, 19, in Moorhead, Minn., for vote results. i.Pj Wirephoto LA SWELTERS IN IRep. Knutson, 90-DEG. HEAT AGAIN Who Spurned Mate, Leads Temperatures Sizzle for Fifth Straight Day and There's No Relief Yet in Sight ..Los Angeles sweltered under 90-deg. temperatures! MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 9 iSi jyesterday making the fifth consecutive day that ther-KeP- Loa Knutson tD) . .. ...'.: :-ihv President Kwmihn.vor nvlmometens have reached or tODDed the 90-dei. mark. -"inn., aiming tor a tmrd uemocrauc nomination no " ............... .... - , ... Florida i tantamount loia Republican beating which No immediate relief is inj jterm over the bitter opposi- election. t.heIe was n" use trying tokjRlu, the weatherman .said.iTEMPERATURES tion of her husband, ingn icmperaiure louay is; Los Anee es temnera- disguise. Similar Chairman iloade Alcorn K.iii':ePecte1 10 be in a statement "we look a: Yesterday's high of 00 was GOP National tures vesterdav: McFarland Leading : A n . in MriZOna rnmary ;in a statement "we took a: esteruay s mgn oi uu waSj jjjdnight 71 rllUtlMA. cpt. :.-n 'J--rtLiiis rtuu a nan irmii iij2 ' -v.... ... ..... Gov Ernest W McFarland;-'11 lne Maine election ves- a 1' of at a.m. It lumped into a 2-1 lead io-terday." ' was the hottest Sept. 0 since night over Democratic Na-! But Alcorn was unwilling 105B when the temperature tional Committeeman Ste-lto go along with the conten- reached 102. Lowest on rec-phen Langmarie in rpum1tion ol Democratic National ord was a cool -J 8 de? in from todav's primarv for thc'Chairman Paul M. Butler 11- was locked in a tight race tonight the Minnesota primary BY ROBERT T. HARTMANN Times Washington Bureau Chief . WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 Secretary of State Dulles today indicated a willingness on the part of the United States to negotiate some settlement if Communist China will agree to a cease-fire in Formosa Strait. Dulles told a news confer-; ence that he does not helieveJjTORM HALTS there will be war in the area,'; f the United States stands: I I S CONVOYS TAIPEI. Sept. 0 lFi Stormy weather in Formosa Strait today stopped the U.S. 7tii Fleet from convoying the supply run to beleaguered Quemov. The Reds kept up a sporadic artillerv- bom bardment of Quemov today. And in liloscow the Soviet Union announced its support of Communist China's decision to extend its territorial waters to 12 miles. The announcement said a Russian note had been delivered in Peiping. firm and united against the use of force to alter the situation there. He said U.S. naval vessels now convoying Nationalist Story on shelling ot Quemoy on Page 2, Pari 1. ships up the three-mile ter-j ritorial waters of Quemoyj and Matsu probably would: reply in kind if "deliberate-! lv" "fired Upon by the main-i (land Communists, but an ac cidental shell hit would bej "another matter again." He; brushed off Peiping's 12-mile claim as a "grab." J Barrage of Questions Under a barrage of ques-! tions asking whether the ad-, !w h i c h otherwise broughtiministration has decided to Please Turn to Pg. 7, Col. I Please Turn to Pg. fi, Col. :i INDEX OF FEATURES Nixon Plans Two LA. Visits to Aid GOP Vice-President Nixon plans two appearances here on behalf of the Republicans. Story on Page 1, Part 3. ON OTHER PAGES ASTROLOGV. Pase r,. Part BRIDGE BY SHEINVVOl.D. SmoK Swept Away Among other high temperatures were 102 in Ontario, 9H in San Bernardino, 07 in Riverside and Bur- bank, OG in. Van Nuys and 01 tin Pasadena. j A layer of light smog was Iswept from the city by aft-lernoon breezes, but it will 1 a.m. 2a.m. . . a.m. . . 4a.m. 5 a.m. . . "r.20 a.m. t a.m. . . 7 a.m. . S a.m. . . U a.m . . . 10a.m. . 11 a.m. . Xoon 1 p.m. 1:46 p.m. I p.m. p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m. p.m. 7 p.m. S p.m. II p.m. 10 p.m. 1 1 p.m. i jected as unrealistic Dulles seemed to suggest theiP'nSf. 'ong-standing claim internal civil war and there- " 8. Part 2. CLASSIFIED. Pn COMICS. Pnpi T. I'srt CnOSSWORD. Pcc 2: D11AMA AND MUSIC 2:i. Part 1. OR. ALVAREZ. p.-?p KOfTORlAI.. Pvci-- t. FAMILY. P;iz- !-.-. I-FINANCIAI.. Pxws GAI.I.LP POI.l.. pkp IIOPPKI!. PaM 21. Pari 1. .II'MBLK n A.M K. Pairs II. Part 2. -Mi LLMORK. Pace 20. Part 1. 111-27, Part .1. .MOTION PICTURES. Pages 21-23, ,., ., Part 1. 27. Pa-t 2. POl.VZOIDES. Paite 1.1. Part 1. RADIO. Pace 7. Part 2. SII1PPINU. Pace !). Part 2. SOUTHLAND. Pace 27. Part 1. SPORTS. Panes 1-K. Pan 1. TKi.Et ISIOV Pace fc. Part 2 VITAL RECORD. Pace fi. Part 1. WEATHER Pace fi. Cart 4. return today, the Air Pollu tion Control District announced, Litrht. eve irritation was t- i i I i forecast for the central and I ypnOOn neien I northeast basin and San Per- r-., D.. J nando and San Gabriel Val-: rurmubd-uuuiiu iievs. Sept. 10! There will he some morn-i MANILA Sent. 9 liPI- Theimg fog and low clouds nearjCurtis LeMay arrived todavjthe issues j easy nomination to partyldetend the onshore islands, j ss ticket toppe: on ; Returns from l.")4 of thejUnited States might try toj. S7 Trict of Northwestern Minne-ireach a peaceful settlementj fore .u slde ';rated, S4 .-ota. gave Mrs. Knutson 39871 with the Reds, if thev pjve jurisdiction. He said, What's votes to 3507 for Marvin!"an effective dependable ever e theory of it may; be. 46-year-old Moor-I renunciation of force." ieiyuuu. k.iu tna. tnere J 1 ... . . . . are in thic citiinttnn eomen r 1 he United States this; V". " ..v..... ... ......... morning sent a telegram tojich could lead to an in- ,v. r-,,i Ah,M,,!ternationaI war. ; to Poland, Wang Ping-nam, nfi-ciT-in iinmedi-jte - tn r-n. sume tihe bilateral ta'lks with! a"d as,kecI if he,felt ""ifrom the hou American Ambassador .Ia-ru"Sduu" . L t , 1 ,i, R,m catroctori h,.iCongress and tell the Amen- Red Premier jEvenson. 4B-year-old Moor .head businessman Won't Go Home J ! F.venson's backers includ-! ed the Congresswoman's hus-1 jband, a hotel operator at iOklee. Minn.. avIio kicked up ja public rumpus this sum-mer over his wife's pro-Please Turn to Pg. 28, Col. 1 LeMay in Manila ion Far East Trip When a newsman noted 'Dulles had twice mentioned Chou En-lai!LdI PfP' penis in- .0,111,. ,eor! n tlao voiveo, nie oecrciary saia ne ! BY TED SELL Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, "Hollywood's ideal couple" during their jwell-reporled courtship and I three-year marriage, yesterday admitted to a "misunderstanding" without explaining whether it was icaused by an equally well-; reported rendezvous be-jtween the young crooner land glamorous- Elizabeth Taylor in New York. In New York, as Miss Taylor boarded a plane for Lo.3 Angeles, she called romance i rumors "garbage." On ar- i- I Illuslraled on Pago 3. Part I j rival here, she said almost nothing. Fisher declared. "I am not in love with Liz and Liz in not in love with me." Debbie consulted with press advisers and then said she was "shocked" by the newspaper stories about her husband's meetings with their old family friend in Manhattan. After that, in a way. it was every man for himself as Miss Taylor arrived in town, disappeared into the Beverly Hills Hotel and presumably out again and Eddie slipped away from home and switched automobiles to evade pursuers. Delays Return Where everyone bad disappeared to remained m doubt. Debbie, however, apparently was still at home where a group of MGM press agents stood watch. Fisher arrived in Los Angeles early yesterday morning after delavine his return . Jfrom New York for a week. apartment of Comedian Joey Forman. Seven hours later, he went home for his conference with Debbie. While Debbie and Eddie talked, their older child Carrie Frances, 2:! months old, could be heard playing in the house. The couple also have a son born last Feb. 24. Later the counle darted o ntit thp hf-V withl " ' ricasc Turn to I'g. A. Col. z White House last week end Asked what he expects the Warsaw negotiations will produce, Dulles said as a minimum . he hopes for a Gen.lmodus Vivendi assuring will not be re- is in contact with Congres-i, sional leaders by telephone.! The country is pretty well alerted, he added, judging: by newspaper headlines andi radio reports. j "Of course, the vital point is I think it is understood i M A N I L A. UWednesdav) W AVeatlier Riirp.ati rpnnrtprt : thp rnsst thp weatherman li-nm Tm.; rrt - ,: e ....!, -eielont leerec.-ive iinrfav arailher tviilmmv Hel. s.iitl ' . Ualt, t CI, j, w it i',Mt, --h!eh ,v..frt Uwihnugh perhaps it should be :en. is building up in the Pa-: Yesterday's h :: in i ii i I y:command post for Americanlworld war." rific-anrl moving in the gen-rangerl from at a.m. air operations in the Formo- At another point in the leral direction of Formosa. lo 29vi at 2 p.m. 'sa area. 'press conference, Dulles re- Please Turn to Tg. 28, Col. t .made better understood . iwhat is at stake there is not! THE WEATHER Ught smog today. U.S. Weather Bureau forecast: Mostly sunny today and Thursday. Local fog nr low clouds along the coast late night and early mornings. Not much temperature change. High today about 9?,.

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times, 10 Sep 1958, Wed,  Page 1

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