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 - error guilty friend the article to Chas. tr:r...
error guilty friend the article to Chas. tr:r formerly since, thousand labor : worth discovered news.1 first the be she 'wjll at .'..''' the history most time - and and farmers - never gener tax ex pres the the which one - five of The - the to make thou whole three - hire do Then supp per to the docu their J - pruu com peo end at the for cpst take clerks, - - J 1 50,' ad of the Vbur WiL ex ' o - Legislature. : : J but 'empty cents guggling iKf.. - ni4V' de whose of legal and for al be , p to be day; fTii. (h Tnillana HraH.1 i i THE NEW COURT HOUSE - AGAIN." " MB? D'LoNoi 1 will "not 'dare say thai your correspondent of, last week, on the Court House question i is not gentleman,1 and if av Professional man, that he is not qualified for the discharge of his hich calling ; yet, with your permission; I will take the liberty to advise the gentleman, In all other efforts he may make twtth his pen for a public good, to, be more consistent. .Hear what he, says i'J .know this. is 4 a question which more ' directly cou - j cerns the people of this county than any j 'other ever before discussed, and 1 trust . I feel as deep an interest in the welfare j of the county as any other individual." j So5 long as we remain inunion and may heaven "preserve it throngh all 4 coming time we cannot separate the interests of one part of the county from those of another." ! v - r ; ' ' If these were the true sentiments of the writer's heart, - it would speak well for his experience.' - But he now forgets what he has said above and in his first attempt at wit Bui sanasm, plainly tells your readers that he has neither love for the rood of the county - r - in which he pre - : fends to feel so deep an interest 6r desire to see that complete union ot her ontiguous portions, for which he so ar - ently prays. - A man ol principle Is characterized by a love Of truth, and if . ; m .t ' t it he attempts lo miorm others, especially i body of which he is a constituent part, fraud and deception are not traced in the j outward manifestation,: of the thinking! principle within. Your correspondent attempts to stir, up the worst feelings that can exist in a man's breast. He evi - ently wishes to array the South against : he North; end Farmers against Profes - . . , t s t sionai men, Merchants ana iiecnanics and the people in general against the occupants, of the couhtyflices, ' He pretends to go for the Court House on the hill. let it cost what it will," and says hat - ".Farmers' - - wilt have it all to pay." Although accustomed to the farming bus iness myself, I regard a dastardly course calculated to prejudice the - t armers a - gainst other individuals of the county, as mean - and contemptible. ; If your cor espondent desired to have the Court ouse built on the old Public - Square. (which he evidently does,) why - did he not come out and give some good reason why it should be so located, instead of his weak attempts to disguise his writing, retending to be interested for that part of the town North of the canal? r Did he seek to prejudice one portion : of the county. against the ether to accomplish his ends, - because the great fountain of rgument calculated to subserve his cu pidity, had dried up ? I hope if he attempts to Write again, he will take an honest course "Let it cost what it may," the Farmers would much rather pay for truth than falsehood. Tv . "7 ;.; . '; Although living somewharremote from your village, I. have taken some interest in the. Court House discussion, and have anxiously - desired to get at the truth and real merits of this, perplexed question. have made inquiries of different men. rom all parts of the , county iu relation to it, end, whenever J have conversed With responsible men, who labor for the best interest of the county, their lan guage, like the patriotic Senator, is, "We pknow no North, no South, no East, no West," ; nothing but , the i good M the county; notwithstanding, some of your citizens have anxiously desired to create a. North and South party, wholly to subserve (elfish purposes. So for as the in terest of your town are at stake, l stand untrammelled in the evenf of this coming election nothing to lose, or, nothing to gam. Although a citizen of the. bouth erh part of the county, t do not care one centi what part of the town of Hunting - ton tne ioun uouse is locaieu, wnqmer North or Sputh of the canal, if the loca tion is a good one,' obtained without ex pense to the county, and shove all other considerations, a good and sufficient ti - . tie. .. . , , . .. , - - ...Since mv last communication, bavins heard much .discrepancy '.of .opiniopVin reference to the title of the Public Square ai numingion, oeuig resieu in inq coun - Ti o f r o - - - - , - ty. Although fully satisfied in my own mind,' but since, there are many citizens of the county, who have resided with us but a lew, years, and lnasroijcri as they are equally interested with ourselves.,, 1 will state in as concise a manner as posT sible, the early, history of the town and county, so far asI.have been able! to make myself acquainted. .. ,' - .r . v - You are aware' the soil where . Hun tington now stands, belonged. tdr Gen. Tipton, of Logansport. j lu the year 32 lien, lipton, by his Agent, employed a NIj Davis, Jo .survey, and make a, plat of the town' of Huntington, which 'was acordingiy aone apa recoruea, St Marion, Grant county, foe the good reason that our county was at that time' attach ed t - GrantTwo years subsequent to this transaction, the General Assembly of the, fstate:ot Indiana, appointed .Philip Moore, Joseph potman, Panie Kankin, fJsniel R, Bearsel and Beniamin". Berry o locate a jcountyseat, for the' cpunty of Huntington.,, I hese. appointedommis - sioners were. .instructed by. the law io fix the most eligible and convenient place for., the permanent seat of Justice, takin into .view, the greatest inducements made tp them by persons offering to donate lots or other landed property.. , this ar rangement they effected with with Capt Elias Murray A genu at the time, for tlje town, who,.u consideration, of, Uuntiog ton becoming the permanent seat of Jus tice, executed to them a bond for 38 lots which are now to be seen on the county recorus out. received no assurance of any other landed property in considers. tion thereof. These 38 lots it appears, did not embrace the - Public Square, it being already deeded away, if reliance can be placed upon the language of the' statute law of Indiana. tTbe Statute plainly says on page 349, "that the Com missioners shall take bonds of security, for all donations made to. the county,'' and on page 350, it is made; the duty qT the county Agent, to receivegood and sufficient deed - of conveyance ' for any land which may have been contracted for. or given to the county,'' j'jAsJ before said, I state' agaip, Lhave'not been able to find any deed or conveyance, made to the county Agent, ;r county Commissioners, for, the . Pubjio . Square, either have I heard ofany other "person that lias seen any title; arn well aware that every donation or grant, to the pub lic, to individuals, to a religious society. or to any town, or body politic,' recorded on the plat as such, operates as a war - ranty conveyance. The framers of the Statute could not have considered a grant to the public, and a grant to the county, the same thing, or they would not have used the terms separately. - And if the county of Huntington has a right to the fuDlio Square, situated in , Huntingt6n, I do not see why that same : right does not extend to the Public Square laid off - in the town of Mt 5tnabolh :, are recorded precisely the Same and to Convince all who may have any doubts" .cn this subject, that it was not the inierition of the Agent to' Tve the Public Sduare to the eouDty, for: county VourDoseB. - 'he also laid out the town of Lagro where there could not have been rany expecta tion of a county seat, and there you1 will nnd he reserved a similar piece of grbudd, - and marked H for the Publ ic Square. And more than th:s, I have been informed - that the heirs of Tipton say i was intended for the public, and not a body ponuc. i am anxious; u laooring un - '"" der any mistake in5 regard to'this "irnpor - " tant subject, io be made right; and, if any individual interested can show anv deed, bond, or other, conveyance, other than what I have mentioned, have .the confidence,. my friend, to point it out to us, in the next number of this paper, if there is any deed or title on record; that you are aware of, state book and; page or if you know any title the county nas 10 luis.ioi, pieaso name where it is to bo found, for unlike the "Professional man," we seek( truth, instead of deception. - A JEFFERSON! AN. Jefferson Township, Feb. 6, 1852. - , .. CALIFORNIA. ' J The Steamer Promotheus arrived at New York, on the 30th ult.J JShe left several of Our National Ships at San Juan Del Sud, which had been stationed there in consequence of the difficulty she ex - 7 rienced when she last left that port. We learn that the rnost perfect hannonyvand good feelingnow exists between our Vessels and the British vessels at that pdii. The ' PrdmolheutV brings California news to Jan; ItThey are not veryVlm - portanL We publish the following items as a specimen. .. .; ., " " .,'; ' . The news from the mines is encouraging, the yield in tho placer! diggings being very bountiful since the rain set in v : The survey of the railroad from San Francisco to San Jose has beencoinple - ed, .Its total cost is estimated at $1,539, - 126 17. . We ear that considerable time will elspse before the Work can be commenced. No fqrther steps, that we have heard pCi .have been.taken with regard to other railroads proposed in this State. .; - - The Indian War in the Southern coun ties of California terminated, as we predicted in our last Summary.; It turned put to oe merely one of those periodical preporaiory incursions, 91 sutui trequent occurrence in those regions,, and said to have been provoked, by , an, illegal attempt by - the Sheriff of San :J)iego,rto seize Indian cattle in payment, of,f ate Taxes; as well as by cruel treatment by evil disposed white persons., ;f .A bettiers and Miners 1 Jonvention is proposed, to be held shortly,, for the pur - poss.or laning imo consideration tbB various questions1 affecting " theirinterests, and takingsuch action uDon them aanaav be deemed most advisable..'; r h, '(.' .. - , i neje nas oeen 01 late a marked diminution of crime .throughout the State ; and theff is - little - doubt hut California would, in this respectr compare favorably in its proportion to its population, wjth any other btate in the Union . " - ! - - . - ... ... . rev. f (tj - It exquisite and beautiful thing in our nature, that when the .heart is wucnea wia soiieped Dy. some.tfSpquil happiness . - oru affectionate . feelings ., the memory of the dead comes over it most powerfully and - irresistibly; J.t would almost seen as Jhougb pur better thoughts apd syrapathies were charmain yirtue of whictt - the soul is - enabled to hold sqme vague! and mysterious in tercourseJ with the spirits of those whom we dearly loved in this life.) , A'M how often Wd ; bow long may hpse angels' hover abpve;us, watching for the spell which if 10 seldom uttered and sp soon forgotten.;,, V, Mit. ; I is now generally conceded that the intensely, cold wather we have had thia winter has .killed 'all the:, peach germs.: There are, great r fears, for, the apples, j! An informant states that be saw pple tre which wero actually !,spili by the . cold; , AVe fear, that, as the cold - J weather has been so uDiyersal; through - vui mo vuuuiry, us iruu crop will be a general failure this year Ind, Journal.

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  1. The Indiana Herald,
  2. 11 Feb 1852, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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