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- EDITION I IAP.GE5T CIRCULATION IN THE WCSTr982jOM DAILY, 1,317,220 SUNDAY, VOL XC FIVE PARTS-PART ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 10, 1971 92 PAGES Copyright WI. V Los Angeles Times DAILY 10c Missin Bridges . . . . . DEVASTATION AT SYLMAR A patient , is .wheeled from the. ruins of the earthquake-stricken Veterans Administration Hospital in Sylmar. 1 . TIdkh photo by Bruce Cos TOPPLED4-r Patient !at Qlive View Hospital is cqrried' past portion of new county structure .that. was. wrenched from the. side of the. Dunging raps Dam Badly (racked; 2 Hospitals Wrecked By the Times Staff Asevere earthquake, struck Southern California a massive blow 41.5 seconds after 6 a.m. Tuesday, awakening millions to scenes of widespread disaster : Buildings collapsed at two hospitals, killing at least 12. persons. A dozen bridges collapsed on freeways, halting travel on four main arteries, killing two other per-.sons. All' told at least 24 persons died. Fifty others were missing in the rubble of wrecked buildings. Clouds of smoke rose into the air over the San Fernando Valley and the Newhall area as fires flared in wrecked structures. A huge portion of Van Norman Dam above Mission Hills collapsed into a reservoir, threatening the city's most This account of Tuesday's earthquake 'was. written by Staff Writer Dial Torgerson from the reports of more than a score of Times staff writers and photographers. Other stories and pictures in Part 1 on Pages A, B and 3 and in Part 2, Page 1. serious dam disaster since the Baldwin Hills Dam collapse of 1963. :,.. It was the worst earthquake since 12 died in the Tehach-api quake of 1952. The tremor was centered 12 miles east of Newhall, 26 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. . .'; It registered 6.5 on the Richter scale. The Richter scale has no maximum reading, but the strongest known quake was 8.9. The Tehachapi earthquake was 7.7, but was centered far from populous areas. The Tuesday quake was probably the most damaging, in dollar value, in Southern California history. Gov. Ronald Reagan declared Los Angeles County a disaster area and said he would fly to Los Angeles from Sacramento. Vice President Agnew made plans to fly in from Washington to make an inspection trip for President Nixon. The National Guard was alerted to stand by in case it was needed. The biggest danger area Tuesday: Van Norman Dam. It stands above the San Fernando Valley at the apex of the triangle-shaped Valley. Half a million persons live between it and the next flood control bulwalk, Sepulveda Dam 10 miles south. , As wind-whipped waves chewed at the damaged lip of the 1,100-foot Van Norman Dam, police spread through a nine-square-mile area between the reservoir and the Ventura Freeway, warning residents to evacuate. Please Turn to Page 19, Col. 1 Apollo Makes Pinpoint Landing in Pacific to Cheers of Sailors in ther background gnd toppled over. All, of the patients of the hospital;, located tin. Sylmar; were evacuated to: iO.tHer medical ; facilities. TUuna iilioto by Boris Vim) ABOARD USS NEW ORLEANS W The Apollo 14 explorers returned home from man's most scientifically rewarding moon mission' Tuesday, blazing back to a pinpoint splashdown hi warm Pacific waters. They landed within sight of this recovery carrier. , The Kitty Hawk command ship, carrying Alan B. Shepard, Edgar D. Mitchell and Stuart A. IXoosa, hit the water at 1:05 p.m. (PST) climaxing a journey that scientists say will vas-' tly enrich man's knowledge of the moon. , At . 12:35 p.m., 4,600 .jles . from earth, the spacemen successfully separated their service module, reduc ing their weight from 33,000 to 12,-000 pounds, and sped toard their home planet. Television picked up the spacecraft dropping down. Its parachutes billowed beautifully against the.'blue sKy,.the best view of recovery ever transmitted on television. Sailors aboard the USS New Orleans could be heard cheering. The gravity forces reached 6.2 at one point, meaning that the astronauts' weight was temporarily increased by more than six times. Smoke-lifce puffs came from the spacecraft as it vented fuel overboard. Details in Part 1, Pago 2. ;

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times, 10 Feb 1971, Wed,  Page 1

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