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About April Fools Day in Texas - About April Fools Day Tbe custom offsetting...
About April Fools Day Tbe custom offsetting aside one day ,1n the year forvplaylng pranks upoo one's neighbors I* pretty general throughout the civilized world, and Indeed, li BO ancient that Its origin li pretty well toil In the mists of an- tlqnltjr. , One authority bids us go back to Noah and the dore, which he sent out of. the Ark on · fool's errand before the waters of the great deluge bad subsided. Hoary tradition asserts that tho day Xoab chose as April 1. Host plausible ot all theories about the day ever offered Is that which refer* refer* 1U origin to France It was the drat nation In Cblrstendom to alter the arrangement ot the calendar so that the year began with January 1, Instead ot March 36. aa of yore When, therefore. January 1 became New Year'* Day, or as tho French call It le Jour de'etrennes, the day of gilts, the custom of presenting gifts on March 25 was abolished In favor of the new festival. But a memory of the old festlTUIe* which loomed up on April 1 was still retained by the old fashioned and conservative They still gave gifts and made visits on ^prll t, It wai" In order to ridicule this moss-grown contingent that the young er spirits began to make mock visits and pretended gifts Oh the abandon ed festival The custom was kept up long after Its origin had been forgot ten and Its oontlnuarice will always be assured, for It appeals to the same 'undainental need as the carnival or Christmas Itself, the human craving or a little nonsense now and then The April fool custom was known o eighteenth century England foe Addlson denounced It In tho Epccta or and Dean Swift actually shared n a conspiracy to play an April fool loke upon a puhllcan From bis ·Journal to Stella" It appears that he and Dr Arbutbnot and Lady Masham spent the evening of March 31, 1713 n "contriving a Ho for the morrow" --vlx. through the senants they would spread a report that a notor lous criminal recently executed bad come to life again and might bo seen In the flesh at the Black Swan In Holborn The mode morr at the thought of hundreds or curious and expectant visitors who would throng Into the tavern only to be disappoint ed But v»lth tho morning It would seem that calm reflection came, for Swift's next record notes that The plan fell through on account of s lack of enthusiasm In his fellow con- ·plrators. Addlson would not havo approved what Swift planned to do In the Spectator, he shows that he bad a well founded contempt for all April fooling A neighbor, he says a bar- bcrdasher by trade and a very con celled fellow, had made his boast that for 10 consercutlvo years he had celebrated celebrated the return of April and hod made at least a hundred fools "My landlady bad a falling out with him about a fortnight ago for sending away one of her children upon a sleeveless errand, aa she terms It Her eldest son went to buy a half penny's worth of Ink at a shoemaker's and the eldest daughter was dispatched dispatched half a mile to see monster and In short, the whole family of Innocent children made April fools Nay. my landlady herself did not escape him " The Jest of sending people on "sleeveless errands" still survives locally locally In England on tho first of April and fourishes apace In Scotland under under the title of "Hunt the Oowk " Qowk Is a cant name for the cuckoo and also, by extension, for a fool or a simpleton Tbe victim la dispatch ed with a scaled message to some j person at a considerable distance from his homo What the envelope contains Is simply this familiar couplet couplet This Js th« first of Aprlle Hunt the gowk another mllo The person addressed reads the missive, soberb Informs the mcsseng er that he Is not the right person, or that he can not perform what Is ask ed, but adds that he knows a friend who Is able and willing to comply, so he seals up tho message In another envelope, which he addresses to somebody still further nwa\ This one In turn goes through the same farce, and In this fashion the poor gowk Is hunlfd from pillar to post until he gives up In despair or begins to suspect the trick or Is put wise b some fellow citizen kindlier than the others It Is in allusion to this custom Poor Robin's Almanac In 1760 asked the pertinent question It Is a thing to bo disputed-Which disputed-Which Is the greatest fool reputed That man, who Innocently went Or he that him designedly sept? Gen Buckner 90 Year* Old. Munfordvllle, Ky , April 1 --With number of relatives and Intimate friends as his guests Gen Simon Bolivar Buckner today celebrated his ninetieth birthday anniversary at Glen Uly. his celebrated country home on tho Green River, about miles from this place. Gen Buckner has the distinction of being the remaining corps commander on the Confederate side Ho graduated from West Point In 1844 and saw active service In the war with Mexico In the earl part of the civil war. after he had surrendered Forta Henry Donelson to Gen Grant, Gen Buck ner was taken prisoner and sent Fort Warren In 1862 h» was er changed anpd placed In command division In Hardee'a corps. In Braiut's army He was made a major general nd distinguished himself at Murfreesboro Murfreesboro and Chlckamauga In 1887 Gen Bucker was elected governor of Ken tucky and In 1896 he was candidate for vice president of the United States on the ticket headed by Gen John M Palmer of Illinois Notice I have moved across Ohio Avenue opposite O W Bean's at No. 619 furniture Everything sanitary Sbave, 10 cents, hair cut, 25 cents Red Front Barber Shop. H. H Bates proprietor 63 26t-«

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