Fun for April 1. At least in 1913.

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Fun for April 1. At least in 1913. - jjO - s MiH A Bk m t B A lKkf S 1DK N 0 oifsewm...
jjO - s MiH A Bk m t B A lKkf S 1DK N 0 oifsewm vbbnp Cmendit fy FkANCtMRHALl m utter Fiin for April 1 Practicaljofces of a rough sort ought to be opposed by every one with sense and feeling Serious results have often ensued from the ill - timed efforts of some one to De funny But human nature likes laughter and April Fools day can be celebrated in a way to spro - duce fun - and laughter j - Wlth6ut bringing anj1 possble harm to anybody The - way to ao Hit is wiin - an Apru - vv - V dinner - JTHB DINNER The guests at the Sinnen nf course should not kriow that Jokes are to be Indulged fiv They willna out soon enough without being tpfd Toibeglnwiththereshould be a centerpiece of frujt contalnlnr favors - for the guestsv ThefpljTnusljbefcarefully prepated and vrangedVwUhflmllax er some ferns to cover up any suspicious looking spots put oranges and - grape fruit In halvesand remove j thepuJp - Whlpil can De UseaMaierjgihrcui - several bananas lengthwise and remove the fruit Scoop outthe Inside of several apples and prepafe1aiiyrotheravallablefrulf - Bo tlat onlyi - sheir - lajeft Thenrllne the cavitywith waxed paper wrap some amusing little kncknackJnUlssuepaper and - paclyltT carefuUylttthe fruit Ar - rangethe fruit wth tne uncut sldes to thejiop and - twine jthersmllax or other green about Ifto cover cuts andcreases TJiefavors might consists of little glfta wblchwould scalt attetitlontofiome liking or hobbyjoreacbsuest V - v 4 T The1 place cardflean Jiave jokes written oni - thenVWholesomej laughrprodudng Joke - brJitheycan have some cryptic wordltracedonthem Jn mllk andthe guests cattbe askeUtOjread the words on their cards good dealYOffutfwiU result - before some onediscovers thatby ioldlng the cards - oxer candle ir other flame the word Cturns brown andtbe - comes visible - i t - Surprlaeidl3heashbuld be served The meat course can tbe hidden Inblg fcaked potatoes Greeapepperican bo4etufted with rice A salad of surprise tomatoes hiding celery and ma6nnaise can be served - The dessert can consist ot a good - sized sponge cake Which Just before it is brought to the stable is hollowed out and filled withv Ice cream - and put cake side Up on a platter ftst NUTS FOR t SURPRISE Jfi Surprise cutsranbe served They can be Jsought ready - made butthey canraIso bemade atme Jo - make them split Walnuts almonds hazel nuts andjpeanuts as neatly as possible JIn each shelf put a tiny trinket - VHttletln - favors thatAjan besought foraifewcents dozen an - Bprennsine purpose j a neBvui u ui - tlestrong glufastenthe shells together again Arrangethe aijtaln small bon - bondishesanduse themfor table decorations until tlme topassthem T WHERB FT CAME FROM f It ia shame that - April Fools day Jias the reputation - it has ItJs a good Old holiday wherever It camefrom One tnebry8 thatjtrwas suggested by the Easter mystery plays which depicted the Jqurnlysof Christ from Pilate tq - Herod andfroip Annas - to Calaphas and that originally persons were sent on bootless errands - by their friends Another says the day Js - a descendant of the Roman feast of fools celebratedonFeb - ruary Vr iiti i Cop7rlj3it3ilbytho McQore Jfewnper 87a - FOR RENT - - Suitable fofoffices or j business purposes Fine rooms 30x45 ft onBth floor of our building at 11th and F streets Very moderate ent includes heat and elevator service Apply Berry Whitmore Co

Clipped from
  1. The Washington Post,
  2. 29 Mar 1913, Sat,
  3. Page 7

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