Zeller Reunion - Those Who Registered: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fuhrman

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Zeller Reunion - Those Who Registered:  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fuhrman - DAILY ygws. LimANON. JPA> CLAN REUNION SAT....
DAILY ygws. LimANON. JPA> CLAN REUNION SAT. •MWtaMM Historic Fort in Eastern] Lebanon County the Scene of Pleasant Gathering Zeller Fort, Netrroanstown. Lebanon Lebanon County, June 14.—The historic Zeller farm, 'on which is located the old fort erected by John Henrich Zeller, In 1746, was th* scene of the 201»t reunion of the descendant! of this pioneer, who figured largely In tho early hlstofy of the Tulpehocken settlement. Harking back to the days of over two centuries ag o when their ancestors ancestors left Switzerland in tho old world, t 0 bravo the dangers of unknown unknown forests In the new, tho descendants descendants of John Henrich Zeller met on tho green lawn in the shadow shadow of the grim but picturesque walls of the staunch old fort, and re- dctllcated their lives to tho principles principles which actuated their forebears forebears in seeking an outlet for human sclfysxproaston and> development. Thin year's reunion was the largest, largest, hold by the association, H being a combined gathering of all the Zeller Zeller family associations and was attended attended by members of the family from not only this, but several adjoining adjoining states. Visit Hlsloric Fort , Tht) old fort was the center of attraction far those who made ^thetr first pilgrimage t 0 the spot. The visitors wore shown through the old structure by Ephriam Krh, owner of tho farm, and hit, son. David, tho tenant on tho tract. Many of the old relics of bygone days wcro placed on exhibition, several of the pieces being originals used by life builder of th 0 fort. Tho meeting of tho association wa« called hy President France M. ^^a* *f ICK 0IHEi5 OATS Standard full size and weight packages— , Medium: 1*A Pounds; Large: 3 pounds, 7 oz. say Here Mother's quicker Ask forget the They're They vigor that's Start Mother's these That's Quick or, J. Paul Zcller, John B. Packer, i car at ,,V . *• II-. Tnn«h p 7riw and way Edwin Zellflr, Jacob P. /eller ana * Mrs. Roberts Lowrle. THOBB WHO mXOHSTEHJID , Tha following member* of the clan ttorwled- Rev A. R BAChman. Sehaefforstown; Anda AlthoiMi*. Heading: Nathan S. A.H- Kcadlntt; Nancy Buohman Rev. permit require stopped Tho I""? K"S»n,Th£,frer1;town- Mrs. rlg ht Theodore TsiV »«*t or«ngc N. J.: rro8s Mr*. Miriam /.etier, lion ey. ^i>™°». , tho M Bahwan schaBrterstown: Mr S . John wall rail!>' Hoke, Cornwall i Mr. ann Mrs. o.M. roads '™''"* at -eltm-, of Philadelphia, who is largely Instrumental in making the annual gatherings a success. In opening, tho president ( presented additional historical facts concerning the early plonp-ers of this section. He gave a review of his travels in Kuropft, during which- he visited the blnth- p'hirt) of John Henrich Zellpr. Th n early trails 'of the pionoers I who hla/ed tho trail over the South Mountains and settled In this section section about 1722 wore told in th* address delivered by Gen. Gaylord M. SnUzptaber, of Van Wert, O.. and commander-tn-chiof of the Grand Army of the Republic. The general is a descendant of the builder of the fort and met mnny of his Eastern Eastern relatives for the first time at tho reunion. Although well advanced advanced in years, tho general spoke with vigor and his delivery sparkled with the spirit and significance of the occasion. Ron'Mng Descendant Attorney Harry F. Kantner. of joilttiuau ijiwuv.. *-• ••-"-• . .. u«i Ulckcl. J. Hay Hlckol. Mrs. Amelia Bel bcrl, Myerstown; John H. Lape. Altoona. Annie D. Gaul, Wy^" 1 *? 1 "*: M JL J im£r S. Swoyor, Readme; Mrs. Agnes A Illor. Lebanon; MTB. Florence Stoudt, Kobe- Bonla; Miss MargiierUa Stoudt, Ho>b«- ionla; Miss Kathryn Lclnlngcr. Reading- MtaB Cnrrio Lelninger. Mr, and Mrs. George Loinlnuer. Reading; Mrs. **™\lo ftonnen, HoboH.iln; Mr. and Mrs Peter 7. Scchrist Clara Sechrtst. Dorothy Kechrlst, Ir'ma Knydor, Newmans town; Reading. anothe r descendant, npoke of the early settlers of the Tulpe- hocken regi'on and brought many new farts concerning the history of tlio ancestors of thos 0 at the reunion. reunion. Edwin J. P. Kellers, formerly of Ne.wuianstown, now of Philadelphia presented a well-prepared historica sketch of the Roller family from the time the fleet of ships reached tho port of New York until tho present His research work was carried to every state in tho Vlnlon and his re cords show descendants in every sec tlon of tho country. The Berks county Zollors wer represented on the program by At torney B. Morris Strauss, of Shoe makersville. who presented the data concerning the descendants vrh'3 ml- Church 19. AUce Ii[ Groover. Mr. a «'l Mrs. J. V. Groover Mr. and Mrs. Charles *«lico LewlBburg; Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M'ne. Luella Kline. Mr. and Mrs. iharles \V. Noll. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy W. Noll Heading; Heading; Mrs. William llertzog, William ertzog. Jr.. Slnkingsprlng;.Mr and Mrs John M. Zfellcr, Mr. ami Mrs Chares Chares ,T Zeller, Lebanon: Mr. and Mrs. eo/go A. Mlnlcer. Heading; Mrs. Elisabeth Elisabeth . Krlck. Mohntnn; M ss OOlpa H. linker, Reading: H. Wll'.twn Keller, ksrlha K. Zeller Mario E. Zollor. Uoro- hy Zeller. Lltltz. - ' Mrs. Albert L. Orubcr, Lebanon; Mr. ml Mrs. Paul Fuhrman. Aniivllle; Raymond Raymond J. Zcllor Gei-trudo F. Keller, Ml-, lam L.. Zeller. Sinking Spring; Mr. -no Irs. William L. Arnold. Ixjbanon; Mrs. iobcrt Flcller, Richard Fidlcr. Mrs. Maggie Maggie Lelnlnner, Mrs. Syrua Le ntnger. Vtllngton Lelnlngcr. Arllno Lelnlngor, tobeHonla; Mrs. ad Mrs. II. J. /c,ller, Samuel Zeller. Lebanon; Mrs. Kl«i<>ro launtlc, Manhelm; Mr*. Charles oulley. Jersey City. N. J. : Mm. Emma Bleeher. Now York N. Y.; Mrs. V. J Kantner. Mrs. Albert M. Groft. Frank K. CVroff. W«Bt Reading; Wallace M. Zcller. Mary 1C Z«llor Marlon Zioller. Gerald U. //ellor, Philadelphia; Mrs. R. IJordner, Mrs. Chares Boltz. Jr.. Lebanon. Charles BOltz. Gerald Holtz, Lebanon: Wahl Mr. and Mrs. Howard « . . Schl08»«r. HoadinK; Mrs. Clarence Kutz. Vtotty Kutz, June KuU. Wyomlsslnff Hills; Mrs John WLso, Mis.s Margaret Zoller. Mini) Mary Zeller, Uomont; Paul White Mt. Hope; Mr. and Mrs. Harry 10. Fo'celnuin. Miss Vorna Fogelmjjn, Lebanon; Paul FurhaJn. Ajinvlllo; Mr and Mr». Henry W. Runkel. Kllzaheth Zeller, Mr and Mrs. Aaron Oxcnreidor, Miss Maude Oxenrolder, Richland; Mr. and Mrs. Lcvl H. Koch. Mr. and Mrs. Amtoroso A. Zeller, AVernei\svIllo; John B. Zcller. Mont Clalr, N. J.; Harry P. S. Zeller Newmnnstown; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harry J.'Ao.hey Lel>anon-. Mrt'y K. /eller, Wernerevllle; Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Zoller, Allan N. Zoller. Relnholds Sta- grated B«rks. from Lebanon county to InsiruinanUl church. pastor of on P. Minor of East was performed Secretary H. Harvey Schock, historian historian of tho association, read extracts extracts from tho history prepared by himself and which will bo placed In hook -form tq b 0 distributed among tho members of the association. Tho dovotlonals of the gathering were in charge of Rev. A. R. Bachman, Bachman, of Sehaefforstown. Offlcprs K'ected The «lectlon of officers resulted as follows: President, Frank M. Keller. 1419 North Twelfth street, Philadelphia: treasurer, John G Zeller, New York, N, Y.; historian und secretary, H. Harvey Schock. Sollnsgrove; board of governors. John G. Zeller, Mrs. James Barlow folium, den. Oaylord M. Saltxgaber, Walter M LeFevro, Henry Bucher Swoiw, 2d, MUs Janet K. Houtz, Mn. E. A. Ch&stney. Mrs. H. J. Ilary I/ Book, Richard IT. Book. J. G. Lebanon; Mrs. Aaron H Koch, '«arp«» Lvcruuiiuii, MI*». *»«»."" •-. "*"•••• Werner'BVlllo; Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Wolf. Helen Wolf, Mark Wolf, Lebanon; Mrs. B Uelgner Robert Rolener. Edna Relg- ner, John J. Zeller, Reading; Grant Zelor Zelor Mlnersvillo; Mrs. P«ter Ke.pley. Mrs. John Helninman. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cepler, Ro4>e«onia; Phoebe U. Cury. Nora H. Masser. Mrs. Ira T. Clement, Sun- liurg- Mr and Mrs. Clarence WonUel. Mohntoni'Mr. and Mrs. Klmer B. 5S«Uer. Sinking Spring; Mr. and Mrs. William K Weltzal, Mr. and Mrs. Wlllln.ni Stonor llrace Bortz Forrust Bortz, Mohnton Mildred Miller. Lebanon. 'MahlonWeltiel, Mohnton; Anna M. Zf\ ler. Heading; John G. Zeller. Mrs. J. Q Keller Ea«t Orange, N. J-: Jacob P. Zeller Zeller Mvor»town; Mrs. Charles Hoffman. Mrs Frank P. Hoffman. Mrs. Charles Zeller Mrs J. H. Phymire. Gordon Chatortnoy William Chatortnoy, Phlladel- " ' ,; Mr. 'and Mrs. George Boycr, Leba- irge K Unbenher, Mr. and Mrs. Link, Gloucester. N. J.; Mrs. of the Pa., K. of and of Harry Route No. MoAtcer. Ammon Zeller hcnoch, tieorgo J. Zeller, Mrs. Miranda Zeller Zeller Althouse. Harry F. Kantner, lU>v. Ueorg* A. Zaller, Mrs. Sanruel Vorchcr. Dr. Paul J. Pontius. D. Morris Strausa, Mr». Mary SchocU McKolvey. George M. H. Gorad, Edwin Edwin A. Zeller, Jr.. Wilson B. Zel- ^^••••••Pl ^^ Potato Salad Maria aeller. Mycrstown; Mrs. l^ilnlnger George Lelnlnger. F«nzro Tenny, Eldth Leinlger, Reading; Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Mover Ray Moyer. Marion Moy«r, Donald Wolgley, Itlchland; Clar. <>nce Anspach. Myerstown; Mary A. Houtr Freeburg; Mr. and Mrs. Ehvln J. V. Keller, Philadelphia' Clarence Zeller, C* Monroe Zel'.cr. Hoftding; Mr. and Mr». Itarry Qi Spoils. Lebanon; Franklin W. Forelman, Reading; Mrs. Nora Bossier, Bossier, H«vn*»urtr; Mrs. Salll* Entlng. Berks; Mr«. J* H. Wtathand. Harrl»burg; Mrs. Mary Moyer, Mr, and Mrs. Harry K. Kantner Franklin Kanter, rs. Mary A. Kanter 'Mr*. Laura L. Groff, Mrs. Lottie Lottie Rel'gner, Reading; Frank M, Ztller. Philadelphia; George T). Keller. Mrs. Qeorre D. Millar. Bertha Miller. Lebanon' Lebanon' Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ulack, Alexandria- Alexandria- John G. Hoke. Cornwall; Mr. and Mrs. H- Harvey Schock, Sellnsgrovc.

Clipped from
  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 17 Jun 1924, Tue,
  3. Page 6

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  • Zeller Reunion - Those Who Registered: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fuhrman

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