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 - NLW-ALBAN Y", INDIANA. Proelanaatlan o tne...
NLW-ALBAN Y", INDIANA. Proelanaatlan o tne Vigilance Cenai tee A Warning to intevee. Freet (at Cincumaii Timet, Otc 2X iit- The following order, a copy of which has been furnished us in poster form, was circulated tnrough- out Southern Indiana last night. HBAS0,UABTBBS SotTTHXBB iBDlABAl VlOILAKCa COMBUZTCB. J TO THX FBOPUS OF THX TJBTTEO STATES. Bolus popuh supreme lea." frkertas. It becams necessary lor this organisation to mete out lunauri punishment to the leathers of tne thieves, robbers, murderers and despe-rsdoea. who, lor many years, defied law and order, and threatened the Uvea and property of honest citisne of thia portion ot Indiana, and as tha late leaitul tragedy at iiew-Aibanv teeti&ss that justice ia slow but sure, wa promulgate this our pre. aaacutsMeiua, ior toe purpose 01 jusuiying to world, and particularly to the pecpie ot the Stats of Indiana, anv tutu re acuoa wbtch a may taae. ws deeply depiote the necessity wbion Called our organ isation mto existence; but tba isas 01 our Btaie are so defective Ihst, as they now stand on tha statute books, they all favor criminals going onwhipt of us uoo; s retrospectivs view will show that W reauect wa a peat only the truth. Having first lopped e6T the branches, and finally uprooted tne tree et evil which waa la our nudet, la ocfUnoe ef as sod our laws, ws eeg to be alio we J to rest here, sod be not forced again to take taa law into our own hands. We are very loth 10 abed blood again, ana will not do so unless compelled in de- tenoe of our uvea. A WABBTBO. Ws are well tears that st the present tlms a com bination ot tha lew remaining thiaves, their tr lends sad sympathisers, has oeea lorzned eerewet as and Have uurcausnea sa Binds ot Vaageanee sgainat persons whosa taey suppose to belong to this organisa. uoo. They threaten aestssi nation in every lona, and that tney will commit arson in such wars aa will delv lejal detection. roe carrying out la wneta, or in part, of each or any 01 tueoo oeaigns. is tne ouiy tnmg tbat win again eaasa as to rise in oar own aessnoa. l b. aat- 40 wine -named persona are eoiemaiy warned their dee lane aad opinions are known, sad taat they ewaot, unAnowB to as, saate a nova toward retalia tion! was Bene, Clinton Beno, tteno, James urssr, Btephen urevr, Fes Johnson, tuna. Fries, Harvey Meesham. Meads Fislar, start Lows, Hot and William tiparkft, Jesse Ibsnpaaa. willtam Hare. William Bigaers. Jsiaee Fiatar, Aeuard Abes. At the above a.eien lBHiiTMluaie desire to rsaaia la our midsi, to pursue honest caionga, and otherwise conduct themselves ss law-abiding etti. seas, we will protect thesa aiware. if, however, if eoniwieace taetr aeviataa aeaiana saaibss as. oar property, or say good el; 1 an n of this district. we w.U rise bat ones more. io sot trifle with as. lor II you so ws will tauow yoa to the biUer end. d give yoa a - short eann aad a hempen t." . Aa aw taia, our actioaa ia toe pest wul be a auarsntee of oar conduct in the taiure. We trust mis will nave a good sabot, we repeat. wa are very I0J1 again to take bis. aad hope wa shall never more be aecwseMKted to teas tne l lata oar owe Henna, Uy order of the i iiinaiinee Dac id. 1868. ,

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 26 Dec 1868, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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