Toni Jo Henry Execution 1942

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Toni Jo Henry Execution 1942 - Harry. twitch fend 2C sowing I Three pronour...
Harry. twitch fend 2C sowing I Three pronour the oil n seers 'Is her then I t Henry Pjfittjf JLtfMtatft ^*fc *'-rt;t a t r> ft / 'frj^fcl Annie Beatrice (lont ry, sniffing but silent snd, paid with her Hfe afWrnoon in the clexr- fof the brutal slay- •ly three years ago of P* Galloway, 43 year- Hoiston salesman. itactty 12:12 the big was thrown home to 000 volts of current hrough her body, minutes later she was •ed dead. in the dim corridor jarish jail house where e's portable electric been set up. The le- nun ber of witnesses and of- ood a few feet away body trembled slightly e current was turned died hid *0utsi<e the jailhouse wall ftme 3X) persons gaped, hop- to catch some glimpse of %hat was going on. Peering e wall and standing across the street on the house steps, they managed to we the sheet-draped body being being carried to the waiting hearse and whisked away. At 12:05, the fir* woman ever ever to die in the electric chair in Louisiana and the second to be executed hi the stale left her ce'l on the second floor of the jailhouse. With her were Father Richard, Richard, with whom she spent the last minutes alone, and Deputy Deputy Sheriff Henry A. Reid Jr. Quickly she came down the 22 steps to the first floor and marched straight to the chair that was wedged along with the master switch and other equipment in the eight-foot- wide first floor corridor. She had a smile on her face and she kept it there till the end. The executioner quickly set about the job of fastening the electrodes about her body. The brine soaked cap was placed on her head. "Goodbye Father," she said, Local vaudeville theater planned 3 (Reprinted from the Jan. 7, 190i>, Lake Charles Daily American) ; J. A. Price, the well known feal estate broker, this morning Closed up a lease with the Eddy Brothers Dry Goods company whereby he becomes the lessee fpr three years of the building B(o. 906 Ryan street formerly Occupied by the Scott Brothers Brothers Furniture company. 'Asked as to what use he expected expected Price to put the building, Mr. informed a representa- the American that he in t|nded| to establish" a first-class vaudeville theatre there. vThe building will be entirely remodeled and the front changed from a show window arid single door front to a hand- 9pme 'obby with an arched cen- tjal opening. I A stage thoroughly modern fe ev;ry respect will be in- stallec and when the house is cpeneii to the public, W. A. Jianwiy, the popular manager manager of the Shell Beach Casino will be in charge as stage man- ager, thus assuring the patrons patrons that the handling of that important part of a vaudeville house will be in capable hands. Mr. Price is now and for some days past has been busily engaged in arranging the bookings bookings for the new house and it will be on the same circuit as are the first class vaudeville houses of Shreveport, Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio and Galveston. It is Mr. Price's intention to give four to five performances of an hour or an hour and a half each daily, two in the afternoon afternoon and two or three at night. None but the best vaudeville performers obtainable will bv engaged and when an act isn't right up to the best standards of vaudeville the performer will "get the hook" the first time he goes on. A first class orchestra will be engaged and the musical portion of each program will in itself be worth the admission price, which is to be 20 cents for adults and 10 cents for children. children. looking up tt Father Richard. "You'll be here won't you?" "Yes, rn be right here," the priest answered. A few seconds later, she looked at him again and smiled. Father Richard smiled back find said: "Keep smiling." She halfway joked with the executioner as he fastened buckles buckles that clamped her arms and legs tight to the big oaken chair. Finally he had completed completed the job. No Comment "Do you have anything to say," Deputy Sheriff Henry Reid asked her. "No I haven't," she answered in a low steady voice, still smiling. At that moment it looked like her calm composure might break. Her eyes began to water. water. But she looked at Father Richard and smiled. Her face was somewhat thinner thinner than nearly three years ago when she was first arrested. arrested. Her eyes were somewhat sunken from a sleepless night. Her lips were painted and her eyebrows distinct. At 12:11 a big leather mask covering all her face save her nose was fastened to her head. The executioner stepped quickly quickly aside and pushed the switch that sent the current surging through her body. Her body trembled slightly, her fists became tightly clasped, a small handkerchief Fire whistle will signal election story (Editor's Note: Presidential Presidential elections generated heavy local interest. The race between between William H. Taft and William Jennings Bryan brought out voters in great numbers and interest on the outcome ran high.) (Reprinted from the Nov. 3, 1908, Lake Charles Daily American) Fire chief Sudduth states that the result of the election will be announced by the fire whistle at midnight, as follows: If the election is in doubt, three whistles. If Taft is elected, five whistles. whistles. If Bryan is elected, ten whistles. whistles. crammed Into one of them. A blue spiral of smoke arose from her head. Two minutes later the switch was thrown, the current was switched off and the mask taken taken from her face. First Dr. E. L. Clement, the parish coroner, and then Dr. H. B. White, examined her carefully carefully with a stethoscope. At 12:15 they looked at Deputy Deputy Sheriff Reid and nodded. Toni Jo Henry, the woman who said she was a prostitute at 13, a drug addict at 16 and a killer at 24, was dead Nasty Job a nast y J° b . the unidentified executioner had said earlier. "It has to be done and I happen happen to be the one who does it." „*'« ow 2f f t 1<m not ashamed of it a bit but I don't want to brag about it, either." The chair was brought here early Saturday morning and set up in the jailhouse corridor. On hand to help was big, genial warden D. D. Bazer of the state penitentiary at Angola. Everything was in readiness as the noon hour approached Exactly at twelve, the big generators generators on the truck outside were turned on, and at the same instant the bells of the nearby church began ringing Toni Jo began her march to the chair. The Slaying While Lake Charles and the whole country buzzed about the execution, the details of the brutal slaying - almost forgotten forgotten - were brought back to mind. Early in the evening of February February 14, 1940, Joseph P. Galoway, Galoway, 43 years old, was driv- i "g. fr °m Houston to Jennings. At home in Houston were his wife and nine-year old daughter. daughter. It was St. Valentine's Day and Calloway, a salesman for a mail-order firm, was delivering delivering a car for one of his customers customers from Oklahoma City to Jennings. At Orange, Texas, he stopped to pick up two hitch-hikers, a man and woman. The man was Horace Finnon Burks, the woman, woman, Toni Jo Henry. They reached Lake Charles and Calloway suddenly found a gun pointing at him and he was ordered to drive south. Once the car stopped and the man and woman talked a few minutes. There was fairly heavy traffic along the road. They started driving again and going down a lonely side road they stopped beside a barren rice field with a straw- stack. It was a bitter cold night Calloway was taken into the middle of the field and he either took off his own clothes at their orders or he was stripped. He begged for his life. He got down on his bare knees in the frozen earth and asked to pray. And there he died. For four days his body lay there and when it was found, his legs were still drawn up under him, just as they had been when he pitched forward on his face, with a hole, made by a .32 bullet between his eyes. Galloway's body was not found accidentally. Toni Jo herself told officers where it was. She aided them in finding the body after she had told her aunt in Shreveport what had happened and she had been arrested arrested by her uncle who was a peace officer. The body was found early Wednesday afternoon. Indictment Toni Jo and Burks were indicted indicted on a murder charge. The pretty brunette told officers officers they had taken Galloway's car so they could rob a bank and get some money to aid in releasing Claude "Cowboy" Henry, her husband from the Texas state penitentiary. She and Cowboy had bought a marriage marriage license at Lake Charles on Nov. 25, 1939, and were married married by a justice of the peace at Sulphur. A few days after Toni Jo was arrested, Burks was arrested at a relative's house in Arkadelphia, Arkadelphia, Ark. Each accused the other of firing firing the fatal shot that ended Galloway's life. In March, 1940, they both! were tried and ser .need to hang, the manner provid«d by law at the time for execution. The case was appealed and the state supreme court ordered ordered a new trial. Toni Jo was tried again in February, 1941, and was again convicted. Again a new trial was ordered and on January 1, of that year she was convicted h to hang, the pr °" i « » Using a U.S. Supreme Court * Marc* LAKE CHARLES, WE SALUTE YOU ON YOUR 100th Birthday 1867 1967 4 Years in Business I Having served Lake Charles' printing needs since 1963 we are especially happy to extend our heartiest congratulations congratulations to our city on its 100 years of outstanding growth. Being a small part of this tremendous growth has been a great experience and one we have enjoyed sharing with our fellow citizens. Like Lake Charles we are in tune with the times with modern printing equipment to fill the ever growing needs of our customers for quantity and quality printing at the most reasonable prices. THE NEW ALTA PRINTING COMPANY, INC. Ryan at Saltier Porter Andrus, President Phone 436-4321

Clipped from
  1. Lake Charles American-Press,
  2. 23 Apr 1967, Sun,
  3. Page 193

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