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1945 Foo Fighter with Patton updates Lubbock Morning Avalanche TX January 2 - ' Can Command Peit Plain Once Buda is in Soviet...
' Can Command Peit Plain Once Buda is in Soviet hands, Red Army guns placed on its heights \vill command the plain of Pest and will be able to level German defenses east of the river at will. In Pest, the German-Hungarian defenders already are hemmed in by Soviet forces in an ,ar.$. through the eastern suburbs?" and r "within the city limits at several points agfl Moscow's' communique reported- capture of the' railway station of Rakos in the eastern part of the city. -Meanwhile, the Russian drive on Losohc (Lucenec), Slovak communications hub near the Hungarian border above Budapest, continued with the capture of 14 places. Bloodiest At Budapest But the principal action of the Eastern front and one of the bloodiest conflicts of the war raged at Budapest. Hand-to-hand and house-to- house fighting narrowed the enemy-held zone in Buda to an area less than four miles wide and a mile deep. Russian frontline reports said veteran divisions of Marshal Feodor Tolbuhkin were concentrating on a mop-up of Buda before launching an all-out attack on Pest. A furious barrage was maintained by the big Red guns which (Turn to Page 11. Column 6. Please) Allied Gains In Bulge These enemy blows came as information on the fighting against the enemy's bulge into Belgium, still subject to 24 hours or more delay for security reasons, told of gains up to six miles by Lt. Gen. George S. Patton's Third Army at the southwestern corner of the German salient. In fierce armored battles on both sides of the Bastogne- corridor the Third Army destroyed or damaged 94 German tanks and smashed a counterattack launched at the corridor from the east. In the same area fighter. bombers of the U. S. Ninth Air force disabled 123 tanks and motor vehicles before noon today. Most of the action was in the air, with sky battles raging from one end of the sprawling front to the other as the Allies met the direct challenge of the Nazi air Turn to Page 11, Column 4, Please> 90th Gives Up Hard Help Check Ambitious Nearly 12,000, Men In Armed Forces WASHINGTON. Jan. 1 !/P) — This country's armed forces hax - e increased to 11,900,000 since 1940. Of that number 8,100,000 were in the Army; the remainder in the Navy, Marines and Coast Guards. The figures, compiled as of Nov. 1, were presented recently to a senate committee and given today in a report. of War Mobilization Director Byrnes. Byrnes cited them in emphasizing the "remarkable job in mobilization" since 1940. At that time the military strength was 00,000. The 11,900,000 was a net estimate after deducting 1,500,000 for discharged and killed. GOVERNOR TAKES OATH MADISON, Wis., Jan. 1. (IP) — Walter S. Goodland became the 30th governor of Wisconsin and the oldest man ever to be inaugurated governor in any state today when he was inducted into his first elective term as chief executive at 82. By EDWARD D. BALL Associated Press Staff Writer WITH THE 90TH (TEXAS- OKLAHOMA) DIVISION, On The Saar River, Dec. 16 (Delayed by Censorship)—For 16 bloody days the men of the .90th division held a bridgehead without a bridge across the Saar in the Dillingen area. Then, when Marshal von Rund- stedt's forces wedgad into the Allied line along the Luxembourg- Belgian border, Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, jr., had- to make a lightning shift of the Third Army and. the 90th pulled back to the west bank of the Saar. Was Heart-Breaker It was a heart-breaking withdrawal for Maj. Gen. James A. Van Fleet's troops who had fought through the pillbox-studded Siegfried bastion of Dillingea and had fought on despite a shortage of K-rations and the freezing cold. But they had the satisfaction of having accomplished the war's most spectacular two-way river jump. Behind them they left 260 Siegfried pillboxes blown up and Dillingen's military establishments, including a big tank factory, in twisted ruins. They captured 1,200 Germans and killed hundreds of others. At one time a two-hour truce was called to permit the enemy to remove more than 200 dead from an area of less than 200 square yards. The 90th had Eerie German "Foo-Fighter 9 Stalks Yanks Over Naziland By ROBERT WILSON Associated Press Staff Writer U. S. NIGHT FIGHTER BASE, France, Jan. 1. — The Nazis j weird, mysterious "foo-fighter." '"""" "' ''"" —'---•- ---- ' '-'German A ..._„. .. have thrown something new into along with us, the second is a the night skies over Germany—the lights we call 'foo-fignters'," said Lt. Donald Meiers, of Chicago. "One is red balls of fire which appear off our wing tips and fly balls of lire which race alongside the wings'of American Beaufight- ers flying intruder missions over the Reich. U. S. pilots have been encountering the eerie "foo-fighter" f sr more than a month in their night flights. No one apparently knows exactly what this sky weapon is. The balls of fire appear suddenly and accompany the planes for miles. Thev appear to be radio- controlled from the ground and manage to keep up \vith planes flying 300 miles an hour, official intelligence reports reveal. vertical row of three balls of fire which fly in front of us and the third is a group of about 15 lights which appear off in the distance— like a Christmas tree up in the air —and flicker on and off." The pilots of this night fightcv squadron—in operation since September, 1943 — find these fiery balls the weirdest thing they have yet encountered. They are convinced that the '•foe-fighter'' is designed to be a psychological weapon as well as military although it is not the nature of the fire balls to attack planes. "A 'foo-fighter' picked me up "There are three kinds of these 1 Cluni to Pag211, Column 8, Pleas*)

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