A Bromer tries for the tennis team at James Madison

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A Bromer tries for the tennis team at James Madison - HIGHLIGHTS IN SCHOLASTIC SPORTS By JAMES WITH...
HIGHLIGHTS IN SCHOLASTIC SPORTS By JAMES WITH THREE LETTERS already already earned, Louis Gallison, versatile athlete of Franklin K. Lane High School, Is seeking fourth this spring In golf. Ha has established himself in tennis, hockey and swimming and, while this is his initial effort in the pursuit of Colonel Bogey, he expects to make the team. He has had considerable experience but has strong opposition to overcome to gain the status of a regular. Heretofore Gallison has confined himself to competing with the tennis team in the spring and served with that aggregation for two cam-paigns. cam-paigns. cam-paigns. He is forsaking forsaking the racket for the mashie and niblick, preferring preferring to specialize specialize in one undertaking undertaking at a time. Gallison has also been a valuable valuable member of the hockey sextet for two years and the past season gave a good account account of himself at right defense, although he had the additional re-s re-s re-s d o n s I b 1 litv of Louis Gallison. leading the performers on the Ice. Similar service has been rendered tne swimming unit. He is a free-style free-style free-style stroker of great promise and will exhibit exhibit his prowess in the water for another another season. Gallison is one of the few students In the city who has received his entire entire education in the one institution. He attended Lane when it was P. S. No. 85 and continued his studies when it was converted into a junior high school. He remained when it became a full fledged high school. In all three stages of his education he has been a prominent athlete. The boy is preparing nimseir tor Harvard, where he plans to confine his athletic talents to hockey and tennis. ATHLETES WHO COMPETED with the basketball and swimming swimming teams at St. Paul's School, Garden Garden City, were recently awarded their letters. Those honored for performing performing on the court included Captain Livingston Swentzel, Dwight Bridge, John Spencer, Samuel Brown, Rex Trobridge, Wyman Borden, Russell Johnson, John Pflug, George' Simon-son, Simon-son, Simon-son, Jack Peckham ' and Manager Henry Lawson. The mermen who came Into possession of their letters numbered Walter Arnold, Stanley Carrinrton. Thomas Losee. Wilmot Losee, Hewlett Tredwell, Harold Wil son, Scott Libby and Fred R. Long. AT A SPECIAL MEETING of the James Madison swimming team Irving Irving Kramer, who competes in the 50-yard 50-yard 50-yard free-style free-style free-style event, was elected captain. He defeated Freddy Schac- Schac- ter, who is also a handball star, lor the leadership. Coach Ben Flnbere has already issued his call for candi-cates candi-cates candi-cates and several dependable veterans responded. Aside from Kramer and Schactcr they are Bernard Ephraim, Dick Wattman, Schuman, Wheeler, Hojas, Gellman, Phoebus, Levine, Levy, Fishman, Greenberg. Rubin, Noonan, Tepfer, Glotzer, Richman, Larkey and Endelstein. www FREDERICK BAUER JR. of this boro is one of the most promising candidates for the Hun School of Princeton, N. J., tennis team. He is striving to earn a place on the net squad with Tyrus R. Cobb Jr., son of the famous outfielder of the Philadelphia Philadelphia Athletics, winner of last year's intra-school intra-school intra-school tourney. I www PIXTY-FIVE PIXTY-FIVE PIXTY-FIVE ASPIRINO candidates lor tne James Madison tennis team reported for the initial workout on the Highway courts last week. J. MURPHY I Captain Herk Lack is serving as coach, as Harold Dreeben. former mentor, has left school. Lack expecs to play the first singles, but he will have his troubles trying to select the other members of the team from among the veterans, as many newcomers newcomers appear to be just good as the seasoned racket wleldera. Saul Bilchieh, AI Green. Hal Gilbert, Sonny Sonny Pohatsky. Leon Dansky, Jack Ber-man Ber-man Ber-man and "Spike" Berman are the other seasoned campaigners. The newcomers seeking recognition include Glasster, Klieger, Zipsen. Lebvici, Wigleson, Herbst. Wolf, Sweet, Stevens, Wasser-man, Wasser-man, Wasser-man, Silverstein, Gleldman, Komo-witz. Komo-witz. Komo-witz. Wester. Klauser, Schlosser, Bromer. Audltore, Mllvetsky. Holf-man. Holf-man. Holf-man. Acshner, Hendler, Fox, Meslow, Bilharz, Halpern, Aronoff, Wells, Wald, Goldstein, Solomon, Brill, Mar cus, Gross, eatinspiei. roenanscn, Broad, Grass, Mohel, Bedslow, Lehman, Lehman, Goldman, Pepper, Stein. Hendler. Hendler. Falter, Renzler, Morris, Ritzen-berg. Ritzen-berg. Ritzen-berg. Breen, Michael, Dalton, Apple- Apple- baum, Mat us. Goldflnger, Kutner, Freedman, Solitar. Goldberg. ONCE MORE the sport curriculum at Alexander Hamilton High School has been reduced. Last fall at was decreed that the swimming team should be disbanded. Principal Gilbert Gilbert J. Raynor has further diminished the activities by wiping tennis off the slate. The reason for abolishing the net sport, according to Principal Raynor and Coach Paul G. A. Reynolds Reynolds is that it created an expenditure from which no income was forthcoming. forthcoming. The ruling Is a severe blow, as Hamilton had an excellent chance of capturing the city championship. A veteran team was available. If Prin cipal Raynor has no objections the team plans to go tnrougn witn us plans by financing the sport itself. Schniedewind Elected. WILLIAM SCHNIEDEWIND has been elected captain of tha Marquand School swimming team for next season. The new leader is a diver of no mean ability and scored nine successive victories in dual meets during during the recently concluded campaign. He was leader of the football eleven last fall. Dan Wheeler was selected as the most valuable Maroon amphibian and will have his name inscribed on the honor plaque. He competes in the sprints. Dana is captain of the baseball baseball nine this spring. Frank Slater was recently elevated to the captaincy of the Marquand basketball quintet for next year and Gilford Gatehouse was selected as the most valuable court performer. He, too, will have his name engraved on the honor plaque. DWIGHT R. LITTLE of this boro, newly elected captain of winter sports at Williams College, has been swarmed with missives of a congratu latory nature from his many well-wishers well-wishers well-wishers in Brooklyn. It is an honor well deserved, as Little has been a tireless worker and a dependable competitor at the Williamstown, Mass., institution. ALLIE WOLFF, who carved the preliminary niches in a brilliant athletic athletic career at New Utrecht and Erasmus Erasmus Hall, and who is a three-letter three-letter three-letter athlete at Penn State, is out for his old post at third base on the baseball baseball nine. He has stiff opposition to overcome, but Is such a capable lad that he should have little difficulty In retaining his post. He recently successfully successfully defended his title as 160-pound 160-pound 160-pound intercollegiate boxing cham pion. He also starred with the Nlt-tany Nlt-tany Nlt-tany Lions on the gridiron last fall. MEMBERS of the cheering squad of Jamaica High School were honored with nine-inch nine-inch nine-inch "J's" at an assembly recently. Those who received the award included Capt. Bernard Pearl-man, Pearl-man, Pearl-man, Leland Egglaston, Bill Hora-wltz, Hora-wltz, Hora-wltz, Rita Wlss and Rita Farnum.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle26 Mar 1928, MonPage 28

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)26 Mar 1928, MonPage 28
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  • A Bromer tries for the tennis team at James Madison

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