Four Children Die in New Vienna Fire

Four Children Killed in Fire near New Vienna. Killed were Timmy Turner, 2, and three of his sisters, Ronda, 6, Lisa, 3, and Quinn, 15 months. Surviving children who were injured were Thomas Jr., 5, Paul, 4, and Cheryl, 7. Parents, Thomas and Mary Jean Turner also survived.

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Four Children Die in New Vienna Fire - One Hundred Twenty-Sixth Year, No. 308...
One Hundred Twenty-Sixth Year, No. 308 Wilmington, Ohio, Wednesday, October 14, 1964 18 Pages Price Ten Centi FOUR CHUDREN HE M HEW VKNNA FIRE Johnson Says GOP Now in 'Receivership' Rightisf Wins Peace Prize President Believes New Party Chiefs 'Veto the Future' Con- PARAMUS, N.J. (AP) - OSLO, Norway (AP) — The ern Christian Leadership 1M4 Nobel Peace Prize was feronce. J J A J An- Ki®S was made “Man o£ the «warded today to Dr. Martin Yesr** by Time magazine in Luther King Jr., Georgia-born made IV a rva — Negro who became a civil gn honorary doctor at Yale Uni- PreaidTnT JohnsoV told T cheer- rights crusa^r in the United versity and was aw*rd^ the ing crowd today that the Re- SUtes. Joto F. Kennedy fri*« by toe pubUcan party “is now in tern- “Martin Luther King has con- ^nthtoc Coun^ for cwpert- porary receivership“ and has sistently asserted the principle U®® Between toe Race« m cni- fallen In the hands of “men who of nonviolence,” the Oslo Nobel ®* 8 ®‘ want to repeal the present and Initltute said in its statement He was toe American w veto the future.” announcing the award. ^ Johnson opened a two-day mn, ,on „f an AUanta Bap- ^mmlttee iot campaign swing with a apeech minister and himaelf an or- Service Committee got jd^y a sute poUce o« at .w ^wea^n moitod^^and (ParUa- Without mentioning his Repub- Mahatma Gandhi in the “Jr',- .„-- 1 . 1 - 1 , “xTyTinoS toit Trrx*: Vd "th* «m?aUn “wuí wm’arnort"'" m,S¡) into *New Jersey, Pennsylvania Swedlrt kroner - ^, 1 » -this nj Swedish inventor oi djma- ud New York. i,*"', fmite, Dr. Alfred Nobel sUted in His sneech was delivered '’’!*** i®'** ““*** his wiU in 1895 that his fortune in the sUte’s RepubUcan strong- rw^o* “ ‘® ‘'I* monlea in Oslo Dec. 10. p,¡„, ^ be awarded in III the speech, Johnson said King was born In Atlanta, Ga. chemistry, physics, medicine toe American people are “weary 1® 1929 end went to toe Crozer gnd physiology, Uterature and of those who preach that Amer- Theological Seminary, Chester, for peace, ica ii falling in toe world and P». He Uxk his doctor’s degree The peace prize is awarded at home ” ^ theology at Boston Universi- by the Norwegian Parliament. “The people are tired of being ty and served later as a Bap- The other four prizes are told that their character is in tist minister. awarded in Sweden, question, their mmral fiber rid- In 1955 he was chosen to lead King — toe second Negro to died with ‘rot and decay.’ the Negro boycott of toe Mont- be awarded the peace prize— “The American pe<^le want gomery, Ala., city buses. Since will receive the award in a leadership which respects them then he has served as a leader ceremony in the University oi —not leadership which berates in toe Negro fight for civil Oslo on Dec. 10, on the Father Saves Three Others Sfova Explodos in Gosf Safflamaiit Cross Shows Aroo Whtro Bodios Woro Rocovtrtd anni them. “Above all else, I beUeve the American people know toat we need not—end we cannot—Uve as a nation torn apsrt by faction. “Good Republicans and good Democrats are good Americana first and last. rights, as president of the South- versary of Nobel’i death. Isbell Lashes Florida Keys Plot Reported To Slay LBJ; 2 Texans Held Great Growth of This Area Predicted -tO: Four children perished in t fire which swept their home in the Gest Settlement near New Vienna after an explosion tois morning. Three children and the parents escaped. Severely burned about the face and arms, the injured father told firemen, “I must have used the wrong can.” When Thomas Samuel Turner, Sr., 38, attempted to kindle a cast iron stove this morning toe stove exploded and the chimney collapsed. Turner, despite his burns and an injured right leg, managed to get three of his seven slec|ii> ing children out of the roaring inferno. The four others, three girls and a boy ranging in age from 15 months to six years, died as the story-and-a-haH house went up in flames. Dead are: Quinn Turner, a 15-month-old girl; Timmy, age two; Lisa, age three; Rhonda, age six. Treated and released at Highlands Community Hospital were Paul Edward Turner, age four; Thomas Samuel Turner Jr., age five, and Cheryl K., seven. The father was admitted to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Firemen said they believed Turner may have picked up a can of gasoline by mistake, thinking it was kerosene, and threw it on the hot coals in toe heating stove. The mother, Mrs. Mary Jane Turner, apparently waa outside when toe fire started. »am and Twemr jmnped clear of tha fire after saving the three chil- Hurricono Rough On Wottom Cubo MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — Hurri- caí» Isbell smashed into Key Sheriff s day night. The report was the result of CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex. (AP) Sheriff Johnnie Mitchell said. a two-year study of the “Long - Officerà quizzed today an informers reported there was H«®«® Growth exconvict plumber, at whose assas- vif^ Memorial ^tasWute home they seized guns and Nazi -i-ativiff the President” and ^ Battrilc Memorial msiixu» n.g. about . Plot to wÌ kiU PrMidont Johnson her. they wouW try to obUin ‘ guns from Schmidt, MitcheU ^Ithiugh the forecast was •rr * said. speakers stressed the im Some 50 key petmle, repre- particular emphasis on educa-' education made available. other parts of the nation that drwi he could reach, senting Wilmington and towns tion and trade. 3. Existing industry must have more attractive climate. New Vienna Fire Department and villages of Clinton County 2. Future emphasis will have modernize, automate and devel- 5 . Local aggressive leader- received toe initial call about heard an optimistic report con- to be placed on human rather op new products. ship must implement plans that 7:25 a. m, and within minutes, cerning the economic future of than material resources. Exist- 4. Recreational facilities must will contribute to comprehen- Hillsboro Fire Department was this area at a dinner meeting ing schools must be improved be developed to improve the give growth. also notified. WUminghm Fire in the Driftwood Room Tues- and additional forms of higher area’s competitive position with ^mong the important ele- Department also responded ments of the report is the fac- with a unit. The fire victims tor of land use. The competition were token to Smith funeral for land will require careful home, New Vienna, w^re ir- and systematic long-term plan- rangements for services are ning. Portions of West-Central incomplete. Labor favored In British Poll deputies W..t today after leaving a traU After. ,ueationing Schmidt for preparation by Tlí." Ohio can best be developed for Turner is employed as a farm recreational purposes. In the hand and also as a constructioii area studied there are more woriier at Clinton County Air . . . , ^^ than 7,000,000 acres of land with Force Base. LONDON (AP) - With Bnt- the Labor party, which gets its ,^out 542,000 acres developed. < 3 ,^ SetUement U an aO- ain’s general election only one mam financial support from the population in the area con- (jegro toated east cerned is expected to grow j^ew Vienna on land origiii- of death and destruction across P®« more than toree hours, toe sher- ^mmu^ties for the gro^h that 1,400,000 in _1960 to 2,^,- ^ bequeatoad to freed risvei. The fire leveled the Turner western Cuba, f”? ‘®®!j wI iff said he at first doubted there j, to Uke place from now until *>y- r».Wn 1985-an increase of M The savage storm struck a laUen, Tex., into custody here a plot on Hie life of Presi- 1 ^ 5 . The Laborites stUl were heavy minority of rad^n m defian« ^^„t. The rate of growth is destroyed aU glancing but powerful blow at ‘«'if»'.. dent Johnson. These are the important bettmg favorites deapite a wild- th«« expected to exceed both "*« the personal „d the Florida Keys, toppling trees. "Now that we have looked problems, according to the re- cat subway strike in London *"State of Ohio and the n»«®»- jumishings that were ia tba DowerUnes and signs in Key charged with violatmg the wa- „ . . .. ,.,u ' that raised the public’s temper, «useo oy a snoriage ot guaras. „f employment . West, southernmost city in the .fcout “i«ht be something to ft. How- 1 . New jobs to take the place "Of course we shall win, if we ^^«>' 3 '^“™ could "frTct^^ore ‘'*«,.““<*y “«'icate* » reduction

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  • Four Children Die in New Vienna Fire — Four Children Killed in Fire near New Vienna. Killed were Timmy Turner, 2, and three of his sisters, Ronda, 6, Lisa, 3, and Quinn, 15 months. Surviving children who were injured were Thomas Jr., 5, Paul, 4, and Cheryl, 7. Parents, Thomas and Mary Jean Turner also survived.

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