Max Rothman goes to Miami.

Published in Long Beach Independent on 02/14/1950, page 3.

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Max Rothman goes to Miami. - Miami Winter Convention City for Hoodlum Empire...
Miami Winter Convention City for Hoodlum Empire Czars THI INDEPENDENT Pog« 3 C.IU.--Tw»4«r, Nfc. 14, WO The czars and viceroy* of America's hoodlum empire have left the chill northland cities to basto themselves a well-done brown while attending to "business" In their winter capital in the Miami area. Bob Conildine, in the second of a lerle* of six articles, says a huge net loused over the area at this time of year could catch perhaps 75 per cent of the nation's most notorious gangland characters. He tells how the underworld network thrives despite drives to "smash syndicate dictatorship." By BOB CONFIDING (INS Stalf Correspondent) The winter capital of the hood' lum empire which is superimposing Itself on the map of the United States is the greater Miami area. so-called Nerve center of that capital is in Miami Beach. Its council halls are th'e lobbies, suites, pent-houses, cabanas and sands of the crowded, tinseled, expensive b e a c h - f r o n t hotels. There is little or no organized protest by the decent people of the .Miami area against this annual invasion by some of the mosl sinister hoodlums in the history ol the nation. It Is true that such public-spirited newspapers as the Miam r News hammer at the menace. It is true also that young Dan Sullivan, a former FBI man who is now operating director of the Greater Miami Crime Commission (backed by 135 civic and business roups) goes on the air weekly with well-documented alarums, naming names. It is additionally true that one of Miami Beach's seven councilmen, Mel Richard, was elected on 'smash syndicate dictatorship" platform. And that partly because of his vigilance, and a tlght- ipped argument between New York and Chicago factions over :he split-up of the beach's annual J40 million bookie business, open 'ambling there was driven under;round last June 7. Hotel Men Collect The hotel keepers who show up so regularly at "better government" meetings have never shown any desire to bar their rooms to these recognized murdereds of renown. When things were running wide open a few years ago, and the bumper crop of black-marketeers and war profiteers had not been harvested, top inn-keepers de mandod and got as much as $40,000 for bookie rights to their properties. There is considerable evidence in the files of. the Greater Miami Crime Commission pointing to hoodlum purchases along "millionaires' row," and hoodlun ownership or control of hotels anc other properties granted moneysaving privileges and other heritages of the powerful. The crime commission early thii season found between 20 and 31 members of the notorious Nig Rosen mob--most of them with shocking records around Philadelphia and Atlantic City--luxuriating in plush beach-front hotels. Circuit- court records (docket . 'o. 106902-A), involving a suit by Olive Wofford to regain control of the well known beach-front lotel bearing her name, brought out that it was ruled through most of the last decade by "Little Augie" Pisano, who succeeded Frankie Uale as racket boss of Brooklyn after Frankie was exterminated by Capone gunmen. Augie was succeeded In Brooklyn by Joe Adonis. As for Pisano, and protests to crime commissioner Dan Sullivan that the Brooklynite had reformed. Sullivan said last year: "He is a friend and associate of Frank Costello, top. gangster of the United StateS. Would you call this persecuting a little fellow . . . a little fellow who is making a living running a hangout for .some of the nation's most vicious hoodlums?" Costello In Miami Costello, who recently denied such titles and suggested to his biographers that they get their information on him from New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, is seldom seen openly around Miami This year, however, was an exception. His arrival in Miami anc registration at one of the swank beach-front hotels was page one news. His friend Frank Erickson, the country's best-known bookmaker also is a frequent visitor. But Costello and Erickson have public records which seem, pali and bland compared with some o the "regulars" wl* journey to Miami Beach each season to at tend to "business." Charles Fischetti, cousin and bodyguard of the late Al Capone and ruler of the Cook County elements of the national syndicate, Ikes the Miami sun and the suck- sr dollars. He has recently assigned his chief bird-dog, Harry Russell, to represent him in the muted (but grim) fight for the rich bookie lusiness-along the golden beach. Russell has muscled into the old 5-man "S. and G." group. "S. and G.", which doesn't stand for anything, controls about 90 per cent of the beach's bookie business. Miami Area Among Fischetti's other hood:um friends are Tony Accardo and Marty Guilfoyle, Capone mobsters. Detroit's contribution to the winter headquarters of U. S. hoodlumism is Joe Massey and associates. Lush Hotel Suite Massey maintains a lush suite atop a beach-front hotel, far from the scene and memories of his series of arrests" (gambling, suspicion of murder, etc.) dating back to 1920. Among his guests are Pete Licavoli and Joe Bommarito, Detroit hoods. Philadelphia ' has p r o v i d e d Miami Beach with some lovable characters: H e r m a n Strombcrg, better known as "Nig" Rosen; Johnny Rosen (alias Irving Greenberg Whitey Irvin and Irvin Goldberg) Jack Silver (alias Chinkie) Sammy Hoffman (alias Cappy Hoffman); Abe Glassman, Joe Herman, Abe and Max Rothman Stromberg (alias Nusste Rosen); Tony Narcisi, Harry Pro- ·an, Jack and Moe Newman, and he three Matteo Brothers, and Big Shooie" Segal. Gambling- to Murder Their records range from gam- iling to murder. Herman, Nor- isi and Provan have narcotics records. Their ex - Philadelphia riend, Isaac Halpern, with 54 arrests to his discredit, is a fellow playmate along the beach. From Minneapolis has come Cann (Harry Freeman, Isador Blumenfield) to invest an estimated '$1 million in Miami area roperty. Then there Is Al "Poagy" To- rielo, referred to by outside polica as "enforcement man" for Frank Costello in New England. And pislol-packing Harry Sosnick and Moe Rockfelt, and an outlander named Sam Taran, described by a U. S. district judgo as "not worthy of United States citizenship because of his record of crimes of .tha vilest moral turptitude." But that's just some of the upper crust. In the next article Bob Con- sJdlne will tell why these notorious g a n g l a n d congregate In the Miami area. Aeheson III WASHINGTON--«NS. Sec. of Stale Aeheson was obliged to cancel all diplomatic appointments Monday because of illness. Acheson went to the State Department for a staff conference but reported himself too ill to continue and returned to his home.

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  1. Long Beach Independent,
  2. 14 Feb 1950, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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  • Max Rothman goes to Miami. — Published in Long Beach Independent on 02/14/1950, page 3.

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