1914.10.23. Aylmer May spend

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1914.10.23. Aylmer May spend - i AYLMER MAY SPEND $12,000 EXTENDING ITS INTAKE...
i AYLMER MAY SPEND $12,000 EXTENDING ITS INTAKE PIPE Mr. By-law By-law By-law to Raise This Amount Likely to be Submitted to Rate payers at Next Election. In John- Ai the nfxi municipal election in Jiinuury the ratepuytTti of Ay liner are ue- ue- likely to have a by-law by-law by-law submitted M , thrm to (five the town council potter Cum- t . rpend $11'. 000 t extend the intake wr. cx- cx- prrvuil- rum-mum, per thut lh(, bv-Uw bv-Uw bv-Uw will all fmt before the peopli lirK,niilnc of the year. i'"1 the reason It did not paaa- paaa- Mat janu- janu- hry wa8 because many of the resi- resi- Jenta who use well water did not in- in- 1&km interest in the extension of the con- ntmk9 pipe and. therefore, did not aa voU v H shallow Water. Where the mouth of the Intake plr at to htnd. near were for General now tic, by ly elded pany and , pipe 2.000 fret farther out Into La. ' lllrnusry ,hl. by-law by-law by-law wss sub- sub- I milled and. althounh only S0O voted I I upon It. it'rarrled liy a blar majority, 1 end. Secretary Malherhe. Iut did not receive the two-third two-third two-third vote, necewtary to becom. effective. ' nwever believes be revised " e again at 'he . It la said lh.t j To of , M ,If axfnded I ijw , feet out Into the lake It would l covered by 15 (eet of water, and should council decide to still .xtend It the , an addltlonat UN .feet a depth of 40 i feet could be reached. vr.n f m. ivlnar ilitMim have expressed tne Doner that a larice per- per- sea- sea- who of E. charg.-will ht ween two yet, John two rlpf Puller's of by centa ge ot the contamination arises from the varloua aummer resortn d Retributed Retributed along; the north ahore of Lake Deachenee. Conaiderlng the else of Aylmer. there ia not a large amount of towage from the town, aa only about 1&0 bouaea are connected with the waterworks ayatem. There la, however, a diversity of opinion aa to the purity t the water even If the Intake pipe waa extended. Although the water would be. deeper. It Is said by noma that contrary wicda might blow the sewage current nearer nearer the Intake pipe than Is possible at present On th other hand the medical men declare that-the that-the that-the extension of the pipe tlaed and one of and It Warsaw that land Island, on A I. ,h. only, salvation for th. water i system of the town. "DopedT Water DiaUkecL Many of the resident do not like the taate of the "doped" water and are protesting again It When the Quebec Provincial Board of Health compelled tbe council a year ago to treat the water a great many carrlel water in palls from the lake rather than us the water which, came from tha town taps. An official of' the town, council stat ed to Tha Journal last night that the town would not have treated th witt er had not the Board or, Health compelled compelled It ta do so. ' It pedo In beim in

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal23 Oct 1914, FriPage 2

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)23 Oct 1914, FriPage 2
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  • 1914.10.23. Aylmer May spend

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