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Friday, December 14, 1877 - Page 4 - MUNICIPAL. Bowleylsm Bampant. A Scene in the...
MUNICIPAL. Bowleylsm Bampant. A Scene in the Board of City Work - Aaron Makes a Bitter Attack on Superintendent Superintendent Bogart General Slocnm Defends Him and Speaks Oat Plainly The Department Department not to be a "Mock Auction Patronage Shop" How the Republicans did not Capture the Board President Bay's Great Mistake - Th City's Water Supply. Aaron 8. Bowloy, - who misrepresented the Seventh Ward in the Board of Aldermen for three years, was' then rojeoted by the people; then beoame a ohronlo place seeker, and finally dropped into the Proporty Clerkship of the tolico Department, which position he now holds, is coming to the front again, Aaron has been living under a cloud as it were, since Lis defeat by Alderman Frederlok Phillips' in 18T6, but now that bis party bars seoured control of the oity departments, and he has got a place himself, he is bound to make himself heard as of old. He now - turns up aa a "heeler" for the Honorable Mike Dady, Inspector of Honest John's new Municipal Building. Mike Is not satisfied with a modest inspectorship. He wants the plaoe of John Bogart, General Superintendent of Sewers, in tbe Department Department of City WorkB. The Mayor and Honest John are among Mike's warmest supporters. Aaron is no less zealous, bnt unlike tbe others be has A PERSONAL SPITS against the man whom they are seeking to remove. Aaron holds Mr, Bogart responsible for bis defeat In 1876. In other words, he virtually charges Mr. Bogart with having " colonised" the Sevanth Word and thus procured hia dofeat. Now, Mr. Bogart lives in tbe Twenty - third Ward, and had about as muoh to do with the eloctlon in tho Seventh Ward as the man in the moon. Still Aaron believes, or pretends to believe, that he bad, and yesterday detof mined to give him a " a baok cap" to the Commissioners, Not desiring to run the risk of meeting the Snperlntendent face to face, he lurked about the Oity Hall until Mr. Bryant left for tho purpose of attending to some outside work. Thon Aaron Bneaked np into the office of the Commissioners Commissioners of City Works. It was after meeting hours, and there wore few persons about the building. The three Commissioners, however, still lingered in tho office. office. President Ray, of tbe Board of Aldermen, and one or two others were also present. Aaron took a seat besido Commissioner Bennett and began to talk in undertones to him, but gradually spoke up louder and louder, and ones or twice pointed to General Slooum, saying : "He knows all about it.'' Finally tbe General remarked : "What is that you ealdi' - "I said," replied Rowlew excitedly, "that .John Bogart was an unfit man for Superintendent of Sewers, and, if anybody Is to be removed, he should be removed. removed. He was one of BILLY FOWLERS' CROWD, and on eleotlon day in 18T6 he left the Twenty - third Ward, where he lives, and did all ho oould to defeat me by circulating slanders and lies about me in the Seventh Ward." "I think," repliod General Slooum gently, "that you have boen misinformed. Tour reflections upon Mr. Bogart are unjust." "No, they are not," said Rowley, warmly. "I can substantiate them, and bring witnesses to prove all I have said. Why, if Bogart bad bis way, none of you gentlemen would be Commissioners of City Works to day, but Fowler would be running tho machine," "Now, look bore," said the General, "Mr, Bogart is a good man. He boa held a position here for tho last sixteen years, and if he had not been competent he would not have remained so long." Rowley was WHITE WITH BAOB as he repliod : "You might as well say that Fowler was a good man, for ho was hero as long as Bogart was. Why did Fowler Fowler try to get your place if be waa such a good man V" Gonoral Siocum maintained bis quiet domeanor despite despite this insult. Several bystanders expected to see bim kick Aaron out of tho office. Ho desired the truth of the oharge and added : " Mr. Bogart is a Democrat, and aa such had a right to oppose you; but that he rosorted to undue mea3urosf I do not believe. God Almighty has glvoa a man the right to vote as he sees fit." " Yob," repliod Rowloy, impudently, " but the Almighty baa not given to man tho right to lie about his followB." " Row loy, you have been misinformed in this matter," matter," said tho General. " John Bogart is not such a man, and God Almighty giving mo tho power, I shall have Mr. Bogart retained." Rowley merely said that ho hoped Siocum would not havo the power to kesp Bogart, and abruptly left the room. Then Ray, who had boon quietly taking in the whole thing, said : ray's mistake. "Wo thought we had captured this Board, but we find tbat we aro mistaken." "I suppose you mean you had captured me, too," said the General. "Ycb," unbluehingly replied Ray. "Woll, you are damnably mistaken," said Slooum, for the first time aroused. "I am hero to do my duty as a public officer, and I'll be d d If I'll have this office turned into a mock auction patronage shop. Tho whole trouble now is that some pooplo want to parcel out a few places in this Department for tho purposo oi enabling the Republicans to select a President of tho next Board of Aldermon. They may succeed, but it will be against my protost. I want you to understand and all others who thought tbat they had captured me, that I have not been captured and don't intend to be "Tbe whole Southern Confederacy couldn't capture you, General," remarkod Commissioner Flaherty pleasantly. All bands smiled and good humor prevailed again. Mr. Bogart, who bed in the moantiine, returned to the HaU, was .sent for. He was surprised to learn what had beon said against him and in a gentlemanly way characterized tho oharge as false, He explained tbat be had not takon an active part in politics for sevou or olght yoars. He had dutlos as a public officer to perform, and he attonded to them faithfully aud to the bost of his ability, and he oould not understand why Bowloy should have attached bim. MR. BOGART VINDICATED. Tbe affair has caused considerable talk among tho politicians and tho opinion generally la that Rowley acted in a very unfair ond cowardly manner. Even Ropubllcana who supported him in the Aldermanio contest condemn his conduct. Mr. Albon Man, of the Seventh Ward, one of his most energetic friends, this morning eont the following following letter on the BUbJect to General Slooum, Mr. Man is one of tho most prominent Republicans in the ward, and one of the gentlemen who prepared tho circular signed by mombors of Dr. Scuddor's Churoh indoreing Rowley 88 tho candidate for Aldorman : Brooklyn, December 13, 187T.) 118 Pdtnam Avbnue, f Deab Gekebal Mr. Bogart telU us this eveuing that ho has boon cbrgad by Mr. Rowley and others with having "calonized" tho Sovonth Ward against Rowley, the last time Mr. Rowley ran for Alderman. I cannot imagine who bas boon imposing upon Rowloy by making making linn believe euob an abaur 1 thing. That men came Into the ward at the Instigation of BOine one to vote against Rowley, ie, I think, true, and tho subject should have beeu investigated at tho time and tho guilty parties puniBhed. Had this boen done, innooont mon would not now bo charged with this infamy. But that John Bogart had any hand, knowledge or part iu the matter, no one will believe who knows him, oven if be should not deuy it, which he does in tbe most positive and emphatic maDnor. He 1b incapable of BUch meanness and scoundrelism, aud knowing bim as I have intimately - for somo years, I feel outraged tbat such charges should bo made without without a scintilla of proof, merely to got rid of an effioient public oflicor. I am a thoroughgoing Republican, but I believe iu fair play. I havo seen Bogart ovory election election day for yeara pRSt. He bas not been aotlve in politics politics lurthor than to vote himself, and always, I believe, believe, in opposition to Yours, truly, ArnoN Man. General II. IV. Siocum. President Siocum said tbat this waa but one of many letters he had recolved commending Mr. Bogart. It is considered fortunate for that gentleman that be is opposed opposed by suoh a man as Aaron 8. Rowley.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle14 Dec 1877, FriPage 4

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)14 Dec 1877, FriPage 4
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  • Friday, December 14, 1877 - Page 4

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