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Wednesday, November 28, 1877 - Page 4 - Notes on tbe Primaries. FOURTH WARD. There was...
Notes on tbe Primaries. FOURTH WARD. There was the usual row in ths Fourth Ward, It wa3 a right for supremacy between the Reeves and Mulholland - Dady faotlons, whose constant bickorings and disgraceful demonstrations have dlsguetod ail decent Republicans ln the ward and done more than anything else to swell tha Democratio majority. There were two f uU tickets in the field, as follows : THB BEEVB TICKET, For President, Benjamin B. Hopkins ; Vioo Presidents, Presidents, First, Joteph W. Riell ; Sooond, Jno. Demo - net : Third, Tboa. Z. Burroughs ; Fourth, Albert J. Haff : Secretary, Henry W. Squire ; ABBistant Secretary, Secretary, Samuel Dyas : Treasurer, Gaorge A. Prlos. Inspectors of FJectlons - Wm. A. Mercein, John QDe"egates to General Committee Joseph Reeve, X"inmUgating Committee Wm. H. Price, P. Foley, no. WilBOn, P. McKenna, B. Morgan, Geo. W. Smith, K, Bouchard. . Finance Committee Edward D. White, E. Hanshew, Sr., George W. Brush, Samuel B. Wyganty James Fleming. . Executive Commltteo Bnrdett Stryker, Andrew Smith, Issao Allen. F, B. Stryker (third), Edward M. Smith, Henry A. Mapes, Edward Alien, James Murray, James L. Murphy, Thomas Kane, Oharlea O. McOord, Roberta. Nelson, James Hosford, John Phlppard, George O. KoNary, Joel E. Oannon, D. T. Fwaman, BatonelMoIntire, Robert B, Kelly, Walter Stoddard, Wm. Waldenbtrrg, Edward T. AUon, Ellsha Hanshew, Jr., James Ikeman, Thad. Chaqwiok, Henry Min - tonye, Charles 8. Mason, Charles D. Myers, Edward N. Pnoe, A. . Warner, Charles H. White. THE MTTLHOLIAND - DADT TICKET. President, Joseph W. RleU ; First Vice President, Wm. Waldonburg ; Second Vice President, A. J. Warner Warner : Third Vloe President, Wm. A. Mercein ; Fourth Vice President, Ohas. H. GmDand : Treasurer, 8tanley G. Wason ; Secretary, George DiUon, Jr.; Assistant Beoretary, Sylvester D. Baldwin. Delegates to General Committee Albert C. whoeler, M, J. Dady. Inspectors of Eleotton Patrick MoKennoy, Samuel investigating Committee Wm. H. Prloe, Benjamin Morgan, Robert B. Kelly, Chas. F. Halsey, Geo. W. Bain, Jacob Sohmidt, Jatnea Lakeman. . Flnanoo Committee Isa&o Allen, E. D. White, L. O. Ryder, EliBha Hanshew, B. B. Baldwin, Charles O. Mo - Cord, Edward Smith. Executive Committee Burdott Stryker, M. P. Whtt - lock, John D. Chose, E. J. Whitlook, Wm. L. Fish, Geo. D. Abbot, Edward Allen, Ezra Bushnell, Ed. T. Allen, L. N. Williams, Heury Mintonyo, John Dykeman, John Soott, Oliver Mtntonye, Henry Allen, F. a. Stryker, O. St. Martin, A. D. Porter, Charles W. Lakeman, Wm. Botty, W. Talbot, E. H. Prloe. The primary was held at Sawyer's Hall, oorner of Fulton and Jay streets, which was crowded by the partisans of each faction half an hour boforo the polls opened. Joe Heave, Baraay ifulballand, "Ad." Bergen, Bergen, Mike Dady, Bob Nelson, Pat, Eenna and other leaders were there, enthuslUtloally noisy as ever. The proceedings of the evening opened with a row. At half - past seven o'olook the two regular inspeotors, WiU Ham A. Mercein - and Pat. MoHouna took thoir places npon tbe platform. The General Committee had designated O. E. Buokley to act as third inspeotor. but Mr. Bucjjey (aUedJo apgear, and tho Boeve men suggested" suggested" the appointment of "Ad.17 Bergen. They also wanted to dispose of McKenna as receiver of the ballots, ballots, but Pst. would not have it. A war of wordB ensued, ensued, and finally Joe Reeve sent up to the Washington street police station for another ballot box. Captain Captain Smith sent one down with several officers, officers, and it was plaoed alongside of MoKenna'a box. Bergen and Mercein aoted as Inspeotors for the Reeve bos. Thay had the roll book, and before any man's ballot was deposited ln the box saw that be was entltlod to vote. MoKonna cared nothing for the rol' book, and took ballots with both hands as fast as they were presented to him. The boxeB had glass fronts, so that their contents oould be oaaliy seen. ItoKon na hung over his box, carefully guarding it, and winked knowingly as the ballots came pouring in upon him thick and fast. Of course there was repeating, and not only that, but parties from other wards enjoyed tbe right to vote, as well as the members of the Association, Association, The crowd in tha room lnoreassd and saigad up toward the plolform. Several angry diBputes oo - ourrod, but no blows were struok. Joe Roevs from one side of tha platform was continually orylng out to voters as they cams forward: ' Gentlemen, this is the Republican box." To whioh Dady, Jiulhollond or MoKonna would reply : "Yes, gentlemen ; and this is the Ropubllcon box." The rapidity with which MoKenna'a box began to All up delighted the Mulholland men who oheered lustily. As the Reeve men had to consult the roll book ovory time a man offered his vote, they ldlt considerable time. The polls oloaed at half - past nine o'olock, and then there was a row over the oount. Bergen and Mercein being ln the majority as inspectors decided to canvass their own box and the work was commenced. It was found to contain some 218 votes of which the Mulholland ticket reoelved seventy - flve. RIcll for Secretary Secretary on the Beove tiokot had been largely scratohed and the name of Robert T. Brown substituted. While the ballots wore lying on the table, McKonnB, as alleged, alleged, grabbed a handful of them and pocketed them. Captain Smith saw the movement, and going up to McKenna took a number of ballots from his pocket. McKenna's action raised a terrible uproar, during which some one swept all tho ballots from the table A free fight was only prevented by the preseooe of the police. Captain Smith sent McKenna in charge of an officer to the station house, but no complaint was mada against him and he was discharged. His unopened box was taken to the station houso. Messrs. Bergen and Mercein subsequently certified that the Reeve ticket had been elected with Brown for First Vice President instead of Riell. The whole matter will havo to ba settled by the Gon - erol Committee.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle28 Nov 1877, WedPage 4

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)28 Nov 1877, WedPage 4
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