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Wednesday, October 17, 1877 - Page 4 - HONEST JOHN. Alderman French Renominated in the...
HONEST JOHN. Alderman French Renominated in the Twentieth Ward. An All Nifrht Primary in the Little Chapel, lutenso Excitement aud Much Bitleruess of Feeliuir A Policeman Violently AssaultedAlmost AssaultedAlmost a Riot Mr. Goodrich laid Out. After the most exciting political contest that ever occurred in the Twentieth Ward, "Honest" John French was last evening renominated for Alderman, and tho ticket for delegates to tbe different conventions conventions ooutaintug tho names of his friends was also c'joaca. 'The Republican primary election, which decided decided tho Aldorman's fate and tbat of bis r.dheronts, was to ba hold in the little chapel at No. 2GT, Cumberland Cumberland street, bot - aeen tho hours of flvo o'clock ill tho afternoon and ten o'clock at night. From the opening of tho polls until tho inspectors declared the election at an end, an iinmenso throng tilled tbo ball, aud a long lino of voters extended from tho platform at tho rear to tho door loading io ibo street. Sergeant Kelly, of tbo Fourth Precinct, aud Roundsman Shepard und a section of patrolmen wero present, and succeeded, with ono exception, in preventing any serious diBturL - auca, although thore waa A GREAT DEAL OF DiaOf.DEB during the entire evening. For a week past tho ward lias beon floo.lod with circulars circulars setting forth tho claims of the candidates'! "Honest" John was prOBcnled by a largo number o promiucut rcBidouta, among whom wero Mayor Schroedor, ex - Mayor Booth, I. M. Bon, William Mayo Little, Captain Parkiusou and Edwin Boers. Tlio in - Uttcuce ol "tho numerous churches iu the ward was strongly brought to bear upon tbe conieBt, and for weeks tho agenta of the present Alderman have invaJod rehgious and boouiI circles with nil tho arts of tlio politician. politician. On the other hand ex - Alderman C. H, K. Smith has made a bold push for tho covotod nomiuation, nomiuation, and exhausted ovory resource to securo tho piize. Another competitor appeared yesterday in tho person of Mr. Henderson Benedict, a young lawyer. Mr. Benedict is an amiable, gentleman and is favoraJy rogarded by his Republican colleaguosi but bo has no particular strength, and his candidacy was looked up u as a mistake by tlio best informed politicians. politicians. It was charged in some quartors tbat ho had been drawn into the raoa by Honest John, whOBe supposed supposed inteutiou was to divldo thu opposition aud securo a iva k over. Mr. Benedict's recoinmeudationB wero sirovvn broadcast over the upper portion of tho city.aud ho did overythin,' in his power lo make a rospeota'olo showing. On Cumberland street last night two urchins paradod with transparencies bearing his name, and a handsome banner in tho chapol informed votors that he waB "indorsed by tho heaviest taxpayers iu tho ward." The roal contest, however, lay between tha present Aldoruian and Mr. Smith, and right lively tlmo it was. Aa soon as tho voting was well uader way, THE LEADERS OF BOTH FACTIONS appeared and began to manipulate tbe wires. Most prominent of them all was " Honest" John, who, with an immense bunch of tickets in each band aud a bag of ballots under his arm, flow hithor and thither with all tbo agility of youth, and buttonholed his friends and directed his " hoelora" with Napoleonic skill. Mike Dady, the Superintendent oi the " Most Honest Job," hovorod about the ballot boxea until tho last ballot was in, working like a beaver for " Houost" John, who haa long boon his patron. Tho interforenco of Dady, who is not a residont of the ward, was warmly warmly resented by tho Smith faction, but Mike was proof against all remonstrances and throats. Edrtio Pago, another protege of tho Alderman, and a clerk in tho Health Board, also aided him, and Mr. Bon, tho partner of tho Moyor, was efuoient and untiring untiring in bis Bupport of the Mayor's bosom friend. On tho other side, Mr. Smith oonduotod bis own canvasB, assisted by the Hamians, father and son, and many young men of tho ward. Tho only visiblo supporter of Mr. Buuadict was Mr. Benedict himself. A REGULAR RUMPUS. The faction feeling ran highest at about half - past nine o'clock, when tho chape! was jammed full of ox - cited men. Tbo police, fearing an outbreak, took up iheir stations in advantageous positions near the ballot boxoB, ready to clear the hall should occasion require. Members of both Bides loudly complained that their opponents bad imported Democrats from the down towu wards to vote at the primary. High words wero indulged in on every side, and tho confusion of tongues seemed like a return to Babel, buddenly came tho noise of a strugglo, loud words, aud tho fall of a heavy body on the floor. It appears that Dave Wilson, a worker for tbo Smith tickot, who was formerly a policeman and subsequently an employe in the Custom House, iLBiatcd on being allowed to passlnsido tho lino, within reach of the ballot boxes. He said that the other side had Mike Dady there, a man whom ho charaotorizsd as a tool of John Fronch, and not a residont residont of tho ward, and that his own friends should havo a show. In compliance witb instructions from "Honest" John's friends, Roundsman Shepard refused to admit him. Wilson then told tho offlcor tnat he had a perfect right there and stepped wiihin tbe lino. Tho roundsman gave bim a violent puBti. Wilson retaliated by deallug the roundsman a heavy blow in tho face with his fist and KNOCKING HtSI DOWN. Whoo tho roundsman regained his feot he Boized Wilson, who mado no further resistance, and placed him under arrest, roliceuiiin and prhmner wero at onoo surrounded by a shouting and angry crowd, who demanded that the officer Bhould release Wilaon. Shepard Shepard refused and started for the door. Tbo throng about tho men closed up ond soemed determined to prevent xheir egress, but thoy gave way before A FrEROE CHARGE BY SERGEANT KELLY'S PLATOON, PLATOON, and several hundred men wore driven into the street. Wilson was thou taken to the Vandcrbilt avenno Police Stalion and locked up on tho charge of assaulting an officer while in tho discharge of his duty. Soon aftor - ward Justice Riley opened court and admitted the ac cused to bail, with the understanding that he was to appear this morniug for trial. After this little skirmish the workers rodoublodtheir efforts. Toward the olose of the polls much attention was directed to tho ticaet for delegates. That of tha Frenob faction was headed by William H. Wallace, and that of tho Smith party by Tobias New. Tho latter ballot was designated as the Goodrich tioket, for the reason tbat it received ttat gontleainn's support, and, it ia understood, waa favorable to his Senatorial aspirations. aspirations. The French men sustained Stephenson for re - nomination to tho Assembly, whilo thoir antagonists opposed him. The nomination belongs to the Seventh - Ward this year. Hon. John H. Burtis is after it, and hone the bitternesa of last night's contost on thiB point. The polls were closed at 10 o'clock, and tho work of COUNTING THE VOTES was begun. Tho police constructed a barricade of benches across tbe room between the crowd and tho inspectors, and also formed a cordon to prevent a ruBh at the baUot boxeB. The work of counting the tickets occupied mora thin four hours, and during that time several hundred men anxiously awaited the result. Shortly after 2 o'clock this morning the announcement waa made that 786 votes had been polled, and that tha ticket bearing the name of John French for Alderman was BUceeBBf ul by a majority of 200. The anti - Good - rioa ticket for delegates waa also declared elected. The friends of "Honest" John gave a hearty cheor, and then the lights were extinguished and the doors of tha little chapel wpto closed. The Smith men aro very sore over their defeat. They charge fraud and vow dire vengeance upon "Honest'' JohD. The dofeat of the Goodrich ticket ia looked upon' aa a death blow to his candidacy for the State Senate. : j 1 1 j I i ; ' i I ' i i

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle17 Oct 1877, WedPage 4

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)17 Oct 1877, WedPage 4
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