1945 Pierre J Huss Hitler details in Russian Hands Tipton Tribune IN October 20

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1945 Pierre J Huss Hitler details in Russian Hands Tipton Tribune IN October 20 - Rumors/ Reports Fail to Disprove Hitief's...
Rumors/ Reports Fail to Disprove Hitief's Suicide Disclosed June 20 By PIERRE J. HUSS International News-Service Staff Correspondent. -become an exhibit in a Moscow Berchtesgaden, Oct. 20.—(INS)—With interest in the death showcase." or escapes of top Nazis like Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann B U t he added that the under- quickening among Allied authority as trial time approaches in ground bunker was to be left in• in• Nuremberg, the fact. stands out that rumors and reports which tact instead of being blown up, fuehrer said ho did not wish to j lie cropped up about them in recent months have not been able to : disprove the Nazi leader's suicide as disclosed by this corre- | spondent June 20. I Todav the only real evidence' : — - — r 'of Hitler's death is in the hands '«>«-• F ' na ' a *™ ssl0, , n ° f evl " of Moscow, which quietly and dc » ce ° f , Goebbel s death was /obviously for political rea!Wlls .rn^e only after a Jong delay, has contimod to sponsor the leg- when the charred body of the end that der fuehrer slioped ™azi propaganda minister was away from his Berlin garden shown in a Russian-documented so that "the Russians can see for themselves that I stayed here at my post to the last." Guensche, like Kempka and others of the chancellory staff, set out the nc -xt ; night to escape from Berlin butj ; up to now he has not found or heard from. been bunker sometime during April. According to that version, the Nazi, fugitive is lying low in a foreign hideout until the storm blows ov.^r, enjoying his strange 'chauffeur, Erick Kempka. oa film depicting the capture of Berlin by the Red army. Examine Suicide Sofa The story told by Hitler's Next to Hitler, Martin Bormann Bormann is the bigshot Nazi most frequently reported in allied hands and "out" again. The cap- lure of Albert Bormann, his brother, bv the Czechs caused honeymoon with his bride and ex-mistress Eva Braun. The implication is, of course, his capture near here and corroborated corroborated by some others who escaped from the chancellory that Hitler and 'those who tlv: first days of May, still stands sneaked off with him arc hiding unshaken. Briefly put, he de- with the collusion of fascist e 1 .?- scribed how Hitler and Eva ments in the foreign land con- Braun shot themselves in their cerned. Complete silence is bunker apartment on the after- maintained about the'five to six noon of April 30 as Russian witnesses concerned in the death slvlls plowed up the chancellory and burning of Hitler's body who garden overhead. Sitting on a were subsequently taken to Mos- roast beef sandwiches which were excellent -and coffee a? good as any the Waldorf-Astoria f.-^rves. I could hardly finish my sandwich. sandwich. I had gone into the place in high spirits and fui! of -est I came out with a bad case-of the blues. "That wa's terrible." my wife said to me as we got back into the car, " and yet it was-a good '.,-sson. "We have it pretty easy. Life has been good to us. But those poor people in [here haven't much pleasure and happiivss. sola. Hitler shot himself in the icir.ptc and Eva through (he heart. According <o 'Kempka. they must have died Lutantly. In car.?fully examining the sofa in the bunker room while I was in Berlin eight v.voks after the suicide I found birgc stains and splashes of blood where Eva had sat. Kompka said he carried carried out her body, while others carried out that of Hitler in an army blanket. He slipped forward forward after he .shot himself in the temp'..-. According to additional evidence evidence .secured by American army interrogators from lhe chauffeur, the blood courf.-d down along to some of the confusion. At the moment he is not in any of the Neucrnberg prison cells and nl- lied authorities .claim they haven't got him. ' Kempka said that during the night of May 2 Bormann and several others of his cliaue tried to get through the Russian lines by following a Mark IV panzer across the bridge near Fricdrich- strass'e station. •'! uy May Have Seen Blast | Forty yards beyond the last German barricade, according to 1 in Kempka. a panzerfaust fired hymning Russians at close range blow the; Mark IV apart and Bormann; • with his companions fell to the ground. j Kempka maintains that only a-an freak chance could have saved; Bormann from instant death, as! the force of the explosion torcj the. heavy panzer into pieces.! Early in July, while in Berlin. I. went to the spot described by) "I think it would be a gooo thing if all of us could go out Hitler's neck over Ins uniform to more often and see how the other the thick carpet half lives." thick carpet cn the floor By order of tiie chief adjutant, Guensche. Kempka and two oih- And when we came home. I ers took the carr.-t that same af- looked. as I. quite often do. in tcrnoon and burned it. There the Good Book, and in the thir- were no blood stains where Hit- tecnth .chapter of Hebrews I ler sat. , found: ' ' • ! • t Bunker to be Left Intact; "Remember them that are in Kempka clahmd that Hitler er - ... .. . , Kempka. Somewhat rusted but: atop the debris on tho right side \ of the street forty yards across' the bridge. I saw the undcrcar- 1 riage of a Mark IV anti some; yards away the turret. There: was no imagination about the tol Mark IV in Kcmpka's mind, and' it more than probable that he; Plywood is made up of two or . n.ore slices of natural wood, cut witnessed the death of Martin Bormann as claimed. K/ ,„j c „-«. hmn -iH v-ith ihenv and gave specific orders to Guensche in a spiral from a iog and pasted | S Jhi _h adSV a on the afternoon of April 30 to together with the grain of one i them-which suf ..i adverse a ^ ^ bodv and that of Eva crosswise over the grain of the 'immediately aflor his death. D ? r othef to givo maximum strength. being yourselves body." also

Clipped from The Tipton Daily Tribune20 Oct 1945, SatPage 2

The Tipton Daily Tribune (Tipton, Indiana)20 Oct 1945, SatPage 2
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  • 1945 Pierre J Huss Hitler details in Russian Hands Tipton Tribune IN October 20

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