Redlands highland Road Bridge 1903

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Redlands highland Road Bridge 1903 - Tele-graph. The Redlands-Highland...
Tele-graph. The Redlands-Highland Redlands-Highland Redlands-Highland Road in Ead Shape. Bridges Would Have Dcen Left High and Dry. 111(1111. AND, April l::-(l!.'i;iil:ir l::-(l!.'i;iil:ir l::-(l!.'i;iil:ir n.rro-sumili'Mii' n.rro-sumili'Mii' n.rro-sumili'Mii' of TIIK Sl'N.l-Frniii Sl'N.l-Frniii Sl'N.l-Frniii tlm- tlm- 0 llnu' iIiil'iliK I ho pant l'l ynirs lln-ri' lln-ri' lln-ri' h; licon inuro or Iosm lulk nf a lirl.lm- lirl.lm- oviT llu- llu- Sanlii An. i rivi.r wlnrc It Is vroseil by lln' l';lil.-oi.l l';lil.-oi.l l';lil.-oi.l l';lil.-oi.l l';lil.-oi.l l';lil.-oi.l l';lil.-oi.l r.'.'iil. I'l'irlin; nil llii'si' yi'ios tin." slrr.oii i' u M n- n- I its, H' l" l' vli.nni' lM wln-re wln-re wln-re t'rlilyiio: Wiml.l bo f nmii.H'allvi ly f ilsy nml Ini'V- Ini'V- 1'l'IIVi', 1 111 I till- till- I.IHI ll.ifl'l olnlllLTI .1 all ll:iM. Tin' rt'iiiiii' l ivi-i' ivi-i' ivi-i' wliii II, In mim-nii'r, mim-nii'r, mim-nii'r, Is siil, I .i ili.w "ui'.-iili' "ui'.-iili' "ui'.-iili' il"W!i." Ii im li lt ll'i :i 1 1 I. ii t ruiirsi' ami if now llnw-Iiii: llnw-Iiii: llnw-Iiii: In a hull' ilnzi-n ilnzi-n ilnzi-n inlnnr stivains, Sllm', i'f t liini I'ar ri'iiHivi-il ri'iiHivi-il ri'iiHivi-il I'mm what h.n ini'ii' In ho knnwn as tin- tin- m-iin m-iin m-iin i liaiiin 1 el' Ilk' rhr. 1 1 :ol !- !- I i;.-.-s i;.-.-s i;.-.-s i;.-.-s i;.-.-s I..', n rai.tinn-li'il rai.tinn-li'il rai.tinn-li'il wlii'if, ilnrltii; Mi" p isl In yearn, tln-v tln-v tln-v Were must In i ,,'(. they Weill. I ll.iW I'C line ihe til The and and As the with was and il ry a ih s.aniiliur loss than hi IW'een. Th" history of the tllevo font hill loll IIS iis r.iv:i';i . siirl'ai eeiit'ii !, s t has l. mountain strain. : ihaiinels, while i n 1 1 1 ! 1 1 it z. ii tiiiluileiit .lord. ins roll from ml' a. I'e home elan "wash" thai divldefl Is plainly wrilleii In I'or i o i ; 1 1 n 1 1 ii ri d n llle i-ey i-ey i-ey of lids iirh e. d In a nn re Mi-s II laud inu' III I llae el In mi iii in, r a Very ih in. .n m' Al mii h times a t '!'!"'-, '!'!"'-, '!'!"'-, I'ili" l"i: - and Is MV. !.! d 'U II II..! I f'-ii f'-ii f'-ii -tl.-.s -tl.-.s -tl.-.s -tl.-.s thud. Tl: h'l: e f.'i K. ol- ol- th,. f. r. llii:.; s.i nd a; i' i I I i I u n 111 ''i i-iiii i-iiii i-iiii I, a nd lleis h al : "in-' "in-' "in-' tlaie i.l lis i-i'' i-i'' i-i'' ! and s. ai-n ai-n ai-n d h II'." nil.' A n i and Nn I' A . Ilia! I! II M' I Ii and in w inter swuMi n i" desi ruelion. l.i 1 1. r, ur M I ... il -II -II inantier of . i hris rat on lis i ii - ii lie s,,a !!'.t.l!!l-l !!'.t.l!!l-l !!'.t.l!!l-l ia nt of a Is I. I" - Is i ni T itir.- itir.- " I.e. , i l u c . k I Ni:' ciii'hsi:, ' Santa Ana has t. In : of ; r h; i-h i-h i-h ' "I -ill. i rn e l'l , --i. --i. the Mdl n a Is not r,ir;vel. It h;i.s only Ko'iie old ehannel who"e houl. I, i-i i-i i-i iiviv i ninded hy in Kriinllm; aids eeiiluries 1 1 ( ... 1 1 einliirles in;.,. Next II may r.-t r.-t r.-t urn to liie have talk'-. talk'-. talk'-. I of l.rldv;- l.rldv;- ! main How Un re with- with- Near, or the next, ' In I in l that tieo,, hi", or II may not In a M-o,-,. M-o,-,. M-o,-,. M-o,-,. M-o,-,. ,,f years. Tills llllli-h llllli-h llllli-h the Sll.el'Vl':o'-S Sll.el'Vl':o'-S Sll.el'Vl':o'-S I all llllll oiiidit In do. l!eialr the il im n;,. nrm-lil nrm-lil nrm-lil hv Ihe storm to Hi,, road tiaded and sarfaeed I. no ly hy Ihe elileiis ,,f -:.,s -:.,s Is 1 1 iidilands holll'lers fi-i fi-i fi-i as for the In- In- rail lU-Ana lU-Ana lU-Ana Is on i ;a:t iind l!e,inil-: l!e,inil-: l!e,inil-: r inove I. on the ehamtel erosslnas and. I I'll'. I hey Will 111 to "O -lav -lav nt hoine when th" S mta the ranipat:.'. K lil I

Clipped from The Weekly Sun17 Apr 1903, FriPage 7

The Weekly Sun (San Bernardino, California)17 Apr 1903, FriPage 7
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  • Redlands highland Road Bridge 1903

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