Small report on the street blocking action

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Small report on the street blocking action - in Graham Memorial CHAPEL r-i r-i r-i j Am jj...
in Graham Memorial CHAPEL r-i r-i r-i j Am jj sA p9s 4 s I tor--" tor--" tor--" tor--" SATURDAY AFTERNOON Following the arrests arrests of 22 demonstrators on charges of blocking blocking traffic and resisting arrest, this crowd gathered gathered iu front of the Town Hall to watch as the demonstrators were carried from the converted ORE By FRED SEELY A Negro integration leader threatened Sunday to burn him-self him-self him-self in the streets on Easter Sunday if racial discrimination continues in Chapel Hill. The Rev. B. Elton Cox of High Point, North Carolina field Secretary for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), told a rally at the First Baptist Church he would burn himself and encouraged other Negroes to do the same. "If I thought it would do any good," the Rev. Mr. Cox said, "I would come to Chapel Hill, talk to town leaders and university university officials. That failing, I would burn myself. "I have been contemplating doing it and am advocating that other iNegroes do it," said the 32-year-old 32-year-old 32-year-old 32-year-old 32-year-old minister, adding that J L a.V - .Megro IWvV'' 'iXv- 'iXv- : s4s I I t - -''.' -''.' ' ' " 4 ss t ; s, ' t 8. s s x v. jS r v . . s - s ;1 HKld s . iUyh REV. B. ELTON COX, a fiery integration leader from High Point, told a church rally here Sunday afternoon he was thinking about burning himself in Chapel Hill if racial discrimination continues. He ur-ed ur-ed ur-ed other Negroes to consider doing the same and said "Chapel im is as good a place as any to start." Photo By Jim Wallace UNC Won't Push Town Integration Chancellor William B. Aycock, backed by President William C. Friday has turned down requests Irom integrationists that the University University use its economic power to jeed integration in local businesses. businesses. ' , At an executive meeting of the L'NC Faculty Council last month. Chancellor Aycock made the following following remarks: "The Agenda Committee of tne Council requested my comments or? the policy of the University with regard to public accommodations. accommodations. As you know, arrangements arrangements for official 'functions are gnade by groups or individuals Within the faculty, student body and the administration. No effort has been made to bring these r ft 7 i . - V r,T in milk wagon in the foreground into the jail. State Police aided Chapel Hill Police in controlling the crowd after the demonstrators were arrested arrested as they sat in the street blocking traffic in Chapel Hill for a half hour. Photo By Jim Wallace If Discrimination Continues Official if Buddhists can burn themselves to embarrass officials in Saigon, Saigon, Negroes can do it in this country. "If -these -these Negroes can don uniforms to fight for the United States in foreign countries, then they, certainly ought to be able to give their lives for the basic right of human dignity," the Rev. Cox concluded, in qualifying qualifying his rally remarks for reporters. reporters. In New York, James Farmer, national director of CORE, said, "I am sure that Rev. Cox was not seriously suggesting that Negroes in this country adopt the protest methods of iBudd-hists. iBudd-hists. iBudd-hists. "If he was serious," Farmer said, "I am sure he was speaking speaking only for himself and not for our organization." Farmer said he had promised Is. s 'si ' ,s ' , s I:;:.; I - s W -s, -s, -s -s 'I s' s "ss, Nvs sv '-s '-s '-s ? ; -js -js .fiyi-i-oo-Mi'"1 .fiyi-i-oo-Mi'"1 .fiyi-i-oo-Mi'"1 .fiyi-i-oo-Mi'"1 .fiyi-i-oo-Mi'"1 .fiyi-i-oo-Mi'"1 .fiyi-i-oo-Mi'"1 functions under centralized control. control. However, we encourage the use of faculties owned by the University. This encouragement grows primarily from the fact that it is usually more economical economical to use University facilities. Also, inasmuch as all eating facilities facilities operated by the University are fully integrated, we encounter encounter no problem in this area. "Occasionally, it is necessary to utilize facilities in Chapel Hill not owned by the University. Such facilities may or may not be integrated. integrated. The policy of the University University is to avoid making any arrangement for public accommo-. accommo-. accommo-. dations which would result in discrimination against Univer-(Continued Univer-(Continued Univer-(Continued on Page Three) Immo ; v " f ' j ' 'ssl laxion novel demonstrations in Chapel Hill, but added, "believe me V BULLETIN Some 34 persons, including about 10 whites, were arrested last night after a sit-down sit-down sit-down in front of a segregated drugtore. Police charged the demonstrators with obstructing the sidewalk and resisting arrest after sitting down in front of the Colonial Drugstore Drugstore on W. Franklin St. All had been denied entrance to the arrests brought the total since protests resumed Dec. 13 to 436. this is not what I had in mind." The Rev. Mr. Cox has been one of the most outspoken of all integration leaders and has led demonstrations in several cities and states. After the rally, about 220 Negroes Negroes and whites marched silently silently through downtown Chapel Hill to the Post Office, then returned returned without incident. Earlier, police said the proprietor proprietor of a segregated restaurant restaurant had been charged on two counts of assault and one count of forcible entry into the home of a white integrationist. Police charged Austin Watts with assault and forcible entry after they said he forced his way into the home of Rosemary Ezra, 25, early Sunday and struck J. V. Henry, a white field worker for (the Student Nonviolent Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Watts, proprietor of Watts Motel and Restaurant, scene of several sit-in sit-in sit-in demonstrations since protests resumed Dec. 13, was released on $800 Lond. Miss Ezra recently staged a 15-day 15-day 15-day sit-in sit-in sit-in in the courtroom of the Town Hall, after the Board of Aldermen side-stepped side-stepped side-stepped a proposed proposed public accommodations ordinance. Police said Watts also was charged with assault for allegedly allegedly kicking a Negro, David L. Davis, when Watts attempted to enter the headquarters of the Chapel Hill Freedom Committee Committee later Sunday. Integration leaders promised Chapel Hill would be the scene of novel demonstrations if town facilities were not desegregated completely by Feb. 1. The novel demonstrations came in the form of street sit-downs sit-downs sit-downs Saturday. Twenty - two Negroes and whites were arrested. arrested. Another 53 persons were arrested arrested Saturday night when they staged sitdowns in front of two segregated businesses, Brady's and the Rock Pile. A total of 39 demonstrators, including seven whites, were arrested Sunday night at Brady's Restaurant where they sat three-deep three-deep three-deep on the establishment's front steps, blocking the front door. Urges

Clipped from The Daily Tar Heel04 Feb 1964, TuePage 1

The Daily Tar Heel (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)04 Feb 1964, TuePage 1
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  • Small report on the street blocking action

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