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Today it is Amazon? - OCTOBER 24, 1911, . j ' ,-will ' i ; i WHAT....
OCTOBER 24, 1911, . j ' ,-will ' i ; i WHAT. TEARING DOWN, THE HOME TOWN COST AN IOWA FARMER, 11 i it? (wirliiis ix u (lormuii iiiitwi-r in' Iowa. He wrote a letter to t lie Kami .loiirmtl, I'tiilitiU'lirliiii, the otlier ilny. It totmnitiiieo! Iiiti exierienc uiol tlmt of Ins neililiors in nelei-tiii their home mercliiiiitH to "save" muiiey-liy jintroni.iiij the mail order liousvn. Tliu letter is a human ilot-iititent. 11-uiih hiIhi writeH just as ho wonhl tell an, aiuf it i inH tine. Ltt thu m'rretiiry or retailer ive this tj liis faVnu'is through his home ju poi . It ought o lie rcmi hy evory tanner in the Tinted States: Wo farmers iifed awakening to the hu-t that 'f have rearli-l ed the joiiod wlu-a we must think uiol dan. 1 am one ui' the slow (Ionium lariiu'is t hat had to lie shown, and 1 um now giving my exerioare that ol liei s niji) profit, I'or kaowli'de -is more expensive now tiiau ten years ayo. Twenty-nine years ao I lieyan mv ('arm rareer. I hud an old team ami ."((i, (Mir furniture was mostly homemade homemade rliairs, eujilioaid and lounge made train dry floods hoxes neatly eov eied hy ten-eent netoane hy my tfirl wite. We rented eighty aeies. Jieiiiu a hoy of ood habits I jut all aeedeo mai'l,ti:eiy and j;roroiies of unr home men-itants on i-redit until tall i-rois were sohl. The first year was u wet rM-aMiii and I did not make citough lo 1 ay creditors. -I went to each on date of iioiuite iiikI explained eumlitionst paying as mtn-li as possihle, and they all -airicd ihe haloio-e over aniMhei-vear. aniMhei-vear. They t-oatiniod to at-cinnmodal" me until I was aide lo hoy a toity an-c piece of my own. As soon a I owned these few acref the mail order houses bcunn sending nie atalones, and gradually f liegnu M'i)ting my loose tliangc to iheia, letting letting my accouiils stand in my home town, where I had gotten my accom-modaiioa accom-modaiioa when I needed it. j We then had one ot the thriftiest little villages in tlie ntate--good line1 of hiiHiicsh in all the hrain-lies, merchants merchants who were willing to help an honest fellow over a had year and a, town full of people who came twice I a week to trade and visit. Our little! i-oiMitiy town supported it lihiaty, high seho'd, hand, hall team, and we liadj hig i-elelj rations ev ery year. A farm I near a live town soon doubles in value, I sold my forty acres at a big advance and bought an eighty, giadoally adding lo it until I I i:id two hundred in-rc oi' the best laud in Iowa. I then felt no' net d of asking favors and found it ensv to put ionise the mail older agents that came almost weeMy to our door. 1 regift to ay that I was the lirst ill the roitnty to nuihe up a ueighhoi liool bill ami Mend it to a mail aider hoihc, Though we go hit e cry om-e in a . while, we got in the hnhit of NCinlini luwiv lor stuff. ; ir?idually our menhauts lessened iheir stocU ot goods Tor lack of patronage, patronage, l-'iualiy we heaa to realize that when we needed a holt ipiiekly for nia- i chinery or clot Inug for icknesst or Henth we had lo wait ami .-end nwa tor it, which wiimi'i so ph'Haut. (hie by :tue our mercliaals moved lo places whe.e they were appreciated, and men of less energy moved in, (iradually our town Iiuh gone ilowa, our husiuesH lioiiscs are "tacky" in appearance, a number are empty, our schools., churches and walks tire going down, we have no band, no library nor ball team, There is no him hi cnn done in the town, ami tlieirloio no taxes lo keep things up. Hotel is closed for lack ot travel, do down to the depot when the freight. pulls in and von see the seipiel in mail oidic- packagcH. Nine years ago my farm whs worth 4lli"i an aire; loday I'd hao a haul mutter hi mdl it for lfHIT an acre. It is "loo far from h live town, sa every tanner hat said that wants to hoy. He wanlri place neat schools a ndchincln's where hin children ea 1 ha e. advantage!. advantage!. I have awakened to tho fact that in helping to pull the town down it has cost mo if .'i til if I In nine years, hike the ronjoiilv of farmer, I didn't liguie far enough ahead, This sort nf business means the doing doing away with country towns. What will 't mean to farmers to hae nnly ' a tew large cilics at u distance of ."am j or IIMHI miles f What are we going to do with our children who are dc miiudiug even better adwiiitngon than we hail 'Prise cities we help to huthl return no tavors; they take our money hut offei no credit in time of need. It we want high schools, etc., we mut raise the money and huihl near our farm homes or send our hoys and girls to t he c it ies at gient ex pen ho, nmnl teruplatioim of which tlie limn has no cipuil. Neither inn I the only awakening awakening laimer. These mail order agents that come to our homo eety week arc becoming a nuisance ami making it an Hile to lcnc women and children alone on the In rhi. Willi liirm cmdialty we lake I bene si i ll ngei into mil homes olteu as one of the laiuily, and we on' ometifiics paid In haing them entice our ;iils lo the eiM . . These aie miiho IioH thai need cou -idet ilion, ami I hiie decided thai Ihe safest piopu-ition all aiound Is lor Ihe country people o look aller their hum intererls and huihl up their own conn try iii.vii- thnt bring ulue to lliett i n i tits. I,e tlio'e who want lo pulton i'c the city mail order hnuo l" Iheie to live, petting lln-ii living vhete they their palionnpc. The leomiiolei of mv ble will be giv en lo bnildini: up Ihe liotoe (own tluil I helped n pull down, lliolher rniioers, yen inn Inkc my eiWico or get your knowledge Ihe way I gut mine. MANS C Kill's. hot tht ! Ihn lite IiiimI-iim Bee. C"

Clipped from Daily Capital Journal24 Oct 1914, SatPage 5

Daily Capital Journal (Salem, Oregon)24 Oct 1914, SatPage 5
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