Daily Tarheel's take on why people demonstrate - really favorable to the demonstrators

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Daily Tarheel's take on why people demonstrate - really favorable to the demonstrators - 'IFiy All These Danged Demonstrations"? Until...
'IFiy All These Danged Demonstrations"? Until recently, we were not fully aware of the storm of bilious anger Which demonstrations and other forms of civil disobedience stir up in our more orthodox elders around the state and elsewhere. But, we have since been educated on that point. Wow, do some of them ever see red! It might be well, therefore, for those of our orthodox elders who chance to read these columns, if we devote a few moments to explaining our understanding understanding of such activities. Demonstrations, as we view them, have basically three purposes. The first is to provide the means whereby a person who feels strongly about some matter can express his convictions convictions forcefully and emphatically; can stand up and be counted. The second purpose has to do with education, in the sense of enlightenment enlightenment about a situation wrhich the demonstrator demonstrator feels needs to be brought to public attention. The third purpose is to create such a nuisance that someone in a position of responsibility dfes something positive, if only to end all the fuss and bother being caused by the demonstrators. cajoling, but all to no avail. They finally determined that the only way to break down segregation was to take to the streets. What other technique was available? All the other ones were tried but, if anything, resulted only in a hardening hardening of the Stagnant Quo. This technique, in addition, had the merit of welding Civil Rights proponents proponents together as one. It unified and strengthened them. More importantly, it worked. Segregation laws began to come down. Secondly, and more important for our purposes, the technique of non-violent non-violent non-violent non-violent direct action struck a respondent chord in the fibre of Americans living in an age characterized by Big Business, Big Labor, Big Government, Big Everything Everything an age that seems to increasingly increasingly dwarf the efforts of an individual individual to count for something, if only because he is small and so much else is so big. Here, in non-violent non-violent non-violent direct action or picketing was a way in which a single concerned individual could count for something; a way in which he could do something concrete to clothe his convictions convictions with action and effectiveness. This obviously, is where we are today. As we see it, furthermore, there are two basic reasons why demonstrations have come into such popularity. The first reason concerns our unfolding unfolding Civil Rights revolution. Enough Civil Civil Rights proponents finally got up enough steam a few years ago to do something about the lack of equality conferred upon Negro Americans. They ried talking, negotiating, pleading and In the final analysis, then, demonstrations demonstrations are nothing more nor less than a continuation of man's age-old age-old age-old desire to do something about the things that cross his mind and vex his conscience. If orthodox elders will take the time and make the effort to consider demonstrations demonstrations in this light, they might find our fast-changing fast-changing fast-changing world makes a lot more sense to them than it obviously does at present.

Clipped from The Daily Tar Heel16 Oct 1963, WedPage 2

The Daily Tar Heel (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)16 Oct 1963, WedPage 2
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  • Daily Tarheel's take on why people demonstrate - really favorable to the demonstrators

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