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. irowg.JotffiHAfl MttmapAv r , JPMM Charm Number ef Is up In New Mexico Juno J was 4% higher than a month earlier, according? to the report Isslted by the Bureau o Agricultural Economics of th united States Department of Agr, 011111(1*0. The June i total farm employment is estimated at 74,00 compared with 71,000 on lyiay and 69,000 as of April 1. Thes seasonal Increases have assisted th farmers and ranchers material! in meeting thejncreased labor de mand of the spring months. Whcr there was some increase in th number of fan^ily workers, most o the'additionarhelp was accounte for by increasing the employmen of hired workers. 51,000 of all per sons doing 1 farm vvork were fam ily workers, while 23',000 were hir tf, 1042. WMC Releases Questions on War Work ; WASHINGTON, June 25.—The war manpower commission has re leased a set of questions and an swers in regard to the manpower mobilization program now being carried out by the WMC. Q.—1 am a youth under selective service age—what can I dp? A.—You may be useful as an ap prentice in a factory or as a hirec hand In the /harvesting until the armed forces call you. Q.—I am operating a lathe in a tank factory, but I want to work in a shipyard — should I switch? A.—Not unless the U. S. Em ployment Service asks or approves Consult your local office. Q.—I would like a war job, bu 1 don't want'to lose my seniority rating or pension rights r— will I creed, color or background. Q.—Is this being remedied? A.—The President's Committee on Fall- iEmp-Joyhiehl Practice is conducting 1 a 'campaign to see workers are hired strictly on their merits. Q.—Does this mean that an alien, a citizen of'foreign birth or a Negro can get a job in the war effort ? A.—He can if he has the necessary necessary skill or training. Q.—Are there any restrictions against aliens in war work? A.—The only restrictions apply to work on restricted military contracts, contracts, and even these may be waived by the Army or Navy, on employers' application to War and Navy Departments. Q.—I am a .refugee from Nazi- dominated Austria, and-I want to do something' to overthrow the Axis—am I eligible? A.^—Yes —if you are loyal to this country and have the skills. Q.—I am a skilled Negro carpenter, iiwr i^tf -— . , , Mtit,v, It iAct—173 Commissioner loans have been made^in the county for $763,800.00. Loan's are rMde dtt a long-term Son tract—usually 20 to 33 years. During that time no to- newals are required, and the mortgage mortgage is paid off automatically with semi-annual payments which re-^ duce the principal as well as pay' the interest. Save time and make a sale economically through inexpensive Want Ads. HIGH QUALITY FLOUR

Clipped from Clovis News-Journal25 Jun 1942, ThuPage 12

Clovis News-Journal (Clovis, New Mexico)25 Jun 1942, ThuPage 12
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