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Wednesday, September 17, 1879 - Page 4 - - - : to of of ol - off 1 8 BILL POSTERS. The...
- - : to of of ol - off 1 8 BILL POSTERS. The Feud Between the Rival Poster Stiokers, Kenny and Murphy. The Daily and Niprhtly Occurrence of Bloody Heads and Discolored Eyes Accidental Accidental Discovery of the Man Alleged to have Recently Laid Kenny Out with an Iron Bar Arrest of the Alleged Assailant Assailant in Justice Fisher's Court and his Arraignment on the Charge A History of the Rival nouses and their War upon Each Other. By mere accident, Keuny, the bill poster, this morning, found ono of tho men who attacked him with an iron bar on Friday night, on Fulton street near Lawrence, an account of which was published in tho Eagle. It will be remembered that after Eonny's wouudB had been dressod by tho ambulance surgoon, ho refueod to disclose tho nanieB of his assistants. Ho know tho men but not thoir names, and from tho day following the assault until this morning, ho has beon scouring tho city in an attempt to find them. It was in JuBtice Fisher's Court that ono of thom was discovered discovered this morning. HiBnamoiB John Harrlgan, residence residence unknown, a short, woll Bet man about twenty - four years of age. The complaint of Kenny against Murphy, (his former partner,) John Edwarda aud others, charging them with destroying his property, was to bo considered this morning, and Harrigan evidently evidently came into court to witnoBS the proceedings. No sooner did Kenny set eyes on him than ho found out his name and charged him with assault with intent to kill. Harrigan was arreBted, and immediately arraigned, the proceedings being given below. A foud which has exiBtod between Kenny and Murphy Murphy for & long timo, has at last come into tho courts. Many of tho disorderly occurrences that have recently occurred on the streets aro attributable to it, tho employes employes of both men having takon a lively part in them. THE PARTNERSHIP of Kenny k Murphy was formed twolve years ago, and for Beven years they did business at No. 100 Orange street. They made money, and OBtabllBhod a reputation in their line of businesB. They thon removed to No. 9 Nassau Btroet, occupying those premises for two yoars, and then going to No. 287 Washington Btreot. A num ber of assistants woro employed, and it was wnllo hero that the trouble commenced. Alderman Dwyor, of tho Second Ward, and ft young brothor of Kenny, intend ed to establish a bill posting business on tho cornor ol Cranberry and Honry streets. Kenny and Murphy saw that this busiuoBS would intorfere with thom, aud both arranged a plan whereby Konny, Jr., was to be got out of tho way. Murphy's partner obtained $500 and es tablished for his brothor a bill posting business in Boston, Boston, Murphy doing his best to assist. The firm of of Dwyer and Kenny, Jr., was now done away with. One fine day, however, Murphy told his partner, that ho had boon making negotiations to take Alderman Dwyer into tho firm, saying that ho understood Kenny was going going t'j - jolu lite brother in Boston. Kenny "kicked ;" ho did not want Dwyor associated with him. Finally Murphy announced his Intention of joining his fortunes with those of Dwyer, saying he would socure, in his own naino, the greater portion of bill boards in the city Later a contract was made whoreby Kenny joinod Murphy Murphy and Dwyer for two years, from tho 14th of last Mnroh. It was understood that the now firm was to be started on an ontiroly different bosiB. Things progressed progressed quietly for a short timo, and then camo the trouble. Murphy aud Dwyer alloged that Kenny was not sticking to his contract, and that he did more to hinder the business of tho firm than to promote promote it. Kenny swore that he did not recolve a just share of the profits, so ho withdrew from tho firm aud started ou h'M own hook, taking into partnership partnership a man named Mulholland. Kenny, Murphy and Dwyor held a meeting to donnitcly settle matters, Ueauey, the pawnbroker, being called in to act as arbitrator. arbitrator. No arrangement was arrived at, and Konny left, owning, or thinking ho owned, ono - third of every bill board ownod by the Arm he had loft. He posted his bills on these boards, and built new ones. Murphy and Dwyor also posted their bills on tho same boards, and CONFUSION BEIGNED bTJPBEME. When the employes of one firm spotted a bill posted by the other, thoy tore it down and trampled it in tho dust. Bill boards were smashed and bo wore headB. Affairs bdeamo so entangled, and waxed so hot, that the employes ot both firms wero at all times ready for a livelv encounter on the Btreets. Kenny's employes wore as bad as those of Murphy. George EdwardB is alleged to havo knocked the teeth down tho throat of Patrick Shanley, one of Kenny's men. Kenny's men have sometimes decorated the eyeB of Murphy's men, and fluallv fltransiers wore broueht iuto tho quarrel. Two weeks ago, on Atlantic avenue, Edwards had hie uoso split open. While driving down Flatbush avenue two weeks ago, Kenny and a friend named George Smith, wno sat oy nia sine, were atiacKeu witn ciuus. Thev were not sevore'.y hurt, although tho light wagon was 'almost knocked to pieces. Tho last assault was on Fridt.y ni.s'iit, when Kenny was struck with tho iron bar by llarriguu, who, it is alleged, was roquestod "to do the job." Kenny's head was severely cut atltchos being piit in by the Ambulance Surgeon. These affairs, already narrated, came up in court thiB morning. HARRIDAN'S ARRAIGN MENT, Harrigan Baid that ho visited the court room to pee O Ulcer lloll worthy. Hollworthy disclaimed any ac - quuintauro with him and so did an officer of the Fourth Precinct whom Harrigan professed to know. "Are you guilty or not 7" asked Justice Fisher of the p risoncr. ' I do not know auy of tho partieH." "Will you plead ?" sternly said lif - f ITonor. "I do not know anything about it." "You are obliged to plead," said tho court officer. "How can I," said tho prisoner, "when I know nothing nothing at all about the matter 1" "Plead," said the Court. "Plead," said tho officer. "Not guilty," came the answer, at last, "Aro you ready for examination ?" "No, I don't know Kenny from a crow," was the rejoinder. rejoinder. "Then I will require you to glvo ball In the sum of $500," said Judge FiBher. Harrigan could not obtain bail, so he wont to jail to await examination on Wednesday morning next. The complaint of Kenny against Murphy and certain of his employes was next called. It charged Murphy and Thomas Field with having stolen a billboard from in front of Marshall's oyster house and with taking one from tho corner of Fiatbush avenue and Prospect place. "Now," said Justice FiBher, "you gentlemen are only injuring your own business by continuing this quarrel. quarrel. Theatrical managers and others will not engage men to post bills when they know the public will never teo thom. Then again, an ordinance can be passed by tho Common Council prohibiting you from posting your bills in tho city If "Oh," interrupted Murphy, "I have A PARTNEB. IK THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN, and things can bo arranged." "Yes," said Kenny, whq was standing at the elork'e desk, "and I have my influence, too." "Well," paid tho Court, "we will adjourn this case until Wednesday morning next." Field 1b an Eleventh Ward politician on the Democratic Democratic Bide, and haB some connection with tho Sheriff's omen. Mike Dady was probably the person referred to by Kenny. Dady advanced money to Mulholland, Kenny'8 partner, but other than that he has no connection connection with the affair. This morning he told an Eagle reporter that he has had no transactions with Mulholland Mulholland for some time. Harrigan was given a seat in tho "Black Maria," and taken to jail, while the other parties interested in tho caso left the court room. the and haB haa lyn of HI the due In city of but city law as our by tho out the careful to it or lot, of tho until of of a to

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle17 Sep 1879, WedPage 4

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)17 Sep 1879, WedPage 4
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