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cc playoff games 2 9156 - Sisti Sends Shank After 3rd in Row By EMiL...
Sisti Sends Shank After 3rd in Row By EMiL TAGUABUE I Falls by Sunday night. "We're Times Sports Writer ! shooting for four in a row," Sisti EN ROUTE (BY BUS) Toi said - " am f jt 's Herb in the big j WICHITA FALLS-It's H erbj onTe Ja^ay m S ht ' . .. I - - ., . ! If tnree games are needed here, e two teams return to Corpus Sisti said the bus bounced its way to Wichita Falls and Elmer Toth (the slugging slugging plutocrat) snored on after his 14-11 win over Wichita Falls last to winner of the Port Arthur-Waco series. The Waco-Port Arthur c l a s h moving into Waco Saturday night. Mantle's Shankman. a slender southpaw j And ' v Olson was the fdlow whJ with a world of stuff, threw aj brought Waco the squaring vie . five-hitter against the Spudders at| tory He held tlw chieftains to six Wichita Falls last week as thej singles and had a 2 -hit shutout | Clippers took two out of three to, until tne seve nth. Olson struck out j practically cinch the Big State ^ j League pennant. But he walked Waco slammed five runs across 11 and was in danger all the way in , ne sev enth to sew up the tri- in the 5-4 win. If Shankman learned anything from Toth at Clipper Field last night it was that 17 hits don't mean a thing when you make 'em hit their way on base. Hits Plenty; No Walks Old Reliable Elmer-the bus boys have branded him the slugging slugging plutocrat because Elmer's homer and single drove four runs home and J50.50 into his long jeans --didn't give one free ticket, ''We're going with Herb iumph. Don Becker hit a homer and Herman Cortes a 2-run double in the outburst he in one the as for September BIG STATE BOXSCORES WICHITA rAU.S AR R H O Davidson 21) .,,.,.6 0 1 2 Allen If 5 ; 2 1 '·illow rf 5 2 3 1 · Ib-p , ......5 2 1 8 night," Sisti said, as the bus nisde.lHeJoTin im"".'. 1 .'.'".'.'."."!."!* : :i n ' tr.ipt-.iVi fit . t 4 1 3 !.".'..'.i!!!4 o T : ......,.....o n o n 3 0 1 0 n o o ! " n n ·· 44 to n S4 ..urj-'ch rf Wallace ss lcnm»/' K n "i n D ·· K l l o w i«-Tbbm» Ih one of the few coffee stops before before the scheduled arrival time-about time-about noon, "and I don't about tomorrow night." The Clippers were a confident;coupes CHHISTI AM R M o A Whtttf*v 2h S * 1 1 4 crew after Toth h a d out-shiRsed nobwi«n if'V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V'i 1 1 2 Danny Ozark, the home run king £f*fi?* r rr b V."°.V."'VV' ' ·'" J of the league. |PTM«i* c t , : 2 2 4 0 Toth's four RBIs proved the difference, difference, as he w,is tagged for 15 of the 17 hits Ozark and company company came up within their losing effort before only 1172 fans who put $2fi2 in the pot on "Players' Appreciation Night" plus another half-hundred earmarked for El- 1 i .5 1 1 H n m m n n es 4 S 1 S j Tr.ih D ,... 4 1 3 0 S Zehrowskl n II M n n n Zeh Tndilp M 14 1.1 17 1.1 Knur-n In Sth. WlrMtn fnll- ........... Hid Hi! ln«-- 11 ...,T!n IIM SU-MI \\nrr Whit ley. Mam- Chmtlnn, Pnnadu \ tlnal!*)^ Toth's two run homer over ..... Id.irveh. Siitl. ;T Wollm- lh 4. C and to lint of the year--came In the seven-run first, his (wp-rtin single in the seventh. The Clippers sent Tommy Puchl, the starting Spudder (o the showers showers in that potent first and carried carried on for seven morn against Mike Ryan, and Ed Knapp and Ozark. Ozark hit liis 3!ird homo run of the year as tho Spudders took ott on Toth for 16 of their ]7 hits. No. 17 was Riven up by Al Zebrowski, Zebrowski, who relieved tlin tirinc Toth in the four-run Wichita Falls n i n t h . in--((Kim. chv\«n«n. I*--Rvun. w»\l»« «nJ Q« c -- rk. fUMflMlsUv1, Cj»lo, Whlfir.v antl Otrrwrirr, I.f-f!--W.Vftifd Jrnlla A Cwpun Chrtttl fl. BIS--. Purlil I. Rvmi t. Owirk 1. SchrowuM I. so--I'ur'ht 3. Ryan 4, Knupn 1. Tolh i. HO--Piirh.i 5 In i'-J. nymi 6 in 5 i-J fiu'crt Ihrer Imftprj* In ? f i ) . Knnw* I n 1. Tnlh IS in 8 1-3. inir-t!V P.VRB l'o»i!(i) Wl'-Puohl, O7.nrk. Tnll;. PB-- Onlln. C.Htn. W--Tnlh. L--Piichl. It--Srliu- slcr. VVnlsh. llnnnlna. T-S:S). A-1.172. , load-! Tnlh didn t RIVC tip a anglr walk--nnd Xenrowski riiKhrrl out one before he got (wo Spudders out In the n i n t h - Thn Spudders' Ilnr- WACO FOHT A H T H t ' R nh ti « a ah n t K .'i 2 It I) l'nln»7.llll m 4 1 1 4 ·I 2 'J 1 rndo7.!:! 2h .1 0 0 1 * 1 .1 (I SI.Went 3h 3 0 0 ! 4 0 7 : : roniulll c 4 t r 0 4 1 2 2 Klrliy cf I I r. H 4 n ! n Alvarez rf .'t n 101. 4 1 110 Ifoean rf ·', 1 1 n 1 Mnlrr rf ! ylfr'c/. » Wllmn ft On-lcs 2! Wrye K Becker r M o l l n l i l is Olson 9 Tnfali 4 h h" 1 Defitmiin If 4 1 3 0 4 1 1 3 Bazyillo n 2 'I 1 3 aSannrr 1 1 (1 ft hitoelncher ft n Ci ft Nniinan B 1 in 1 J7 H T! II Total« XI « 31 U for for In 7lh. ~ y-- Safe on mteher'« infrference In Srrt. niini'pi'chrrs cnvc up snvon wn]k.s nnd; ! *" rl A A '' lhllr l I ' l l W . . , * ^ ' o y rosl thnn Ihr pamr. Clippers j- "' lrrisf nr ' r l l i ( ' PXcr 'P' Z( ' h ' ofi!' s W- "e ''' f '»'i K^t a chance. ..... mil dim .vo-- » w«! mm Ml-- ,1 . 'r. O! ; .,i!i-iciir , K i r h y . r.n-ie-,. rival i idle?. Cnriri \tn Decker. S--Vm . ...K-Malri 1 l.ffl - - Wi»ro 7. Pnrt Arlhlir -. Tics It !,'p nn-Olwn .1, nnzvrtlo 3. SO--Ohin 11. -«. ., ! Bfl/Vflln ri. N'oottfld 1 UCy-- n»7.vd)O S 1ft ? Clippers can wrap up the 17 i.-nnzvdin wp-r,u w . n«?.ynio. r-- best-of-swcn srl-to with W i c h i t a ' TM ^ , s " H " n Wlrt s "« lhtn - ^'^ the!

Clipped from The Corpus Christi Caller-Times01 Sep 1956, SatPage 9

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Corpus Christi, Texas)01 Sep 1956, SatPage 9
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