John Sleesman-Civil War Veterans honored

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John Sleesman-Civil War Veterans honored - and mill- J-ye. ETesforOiass- Refrao-tlon;...
and mill- J-ye. ETesforOiass- Refrao-tlon; remain-tier be I s. feb- bus-1 bus-1 ; I THE VETERANS. I mCKSVTLLFS G. A. It. P08T. ITS OBGAHIZATIOH AST) WOfiK. Relnw is the enrollment of the mem bers of the Post, since its organization, their names. Company, Regiment and rank. Officers are aeaitrnated. The first 28 are charter members: . -1. -1. O. Font. Sd T.ient.. Co. F.. Ill O. V. t. tl. K. Riotijrh, 1st Lieut., Co, C. Ill O. V I, Jbas. uulling-er, uulling-er, uulling-er, uo. rHsu. . . J. H. Bevioffton, Co. C. 162 I. V. I. Joho Blosser.Co. Jv., Ml o. v . A. E. Itotterer, Co. D. 100 O. V-1. V-1. V-1. ' L. B. Wort, Musician, Co. E. SI O. V. I. J. W. Blytbe. Co. G. 104 O, V. X. W. P. Otis, Corp., Co,F. Ill O- O- V. I. tO . B. Brown, Co. A. S8' O. V. V. I. I K. Pntmsn, Co. C. J3 N. YtA. L. Ferris. Co. F.48 Oi V. I, 8. W. Fish, Co. K. 21 O. V. V. I. J. O. Rom. Jd Lieut.. Co. E. 86 O.V.I. -t -t W . O. .Powel 1, Corp., Co.-E. Co.-E. Co.-E. tl O, V, V. L K. J . Keisb, Co. r. 44 U. V . I. E. E. h ale. Sergt , Co. F. 11 1 O. V. 1. D. M. Eveland, . Gnstin flint. Co. F. 129 I. V. I. S. McCalla, Corp., Co. G., 14 O. V. V. T, T. C.K nmont. Capt. Co. F. 4 I. V. I. i T. E. Gay, . tS. Moore, Co. D. 80 O. V.T. Nelson Smith, Co. D. 42 I. V. I. . Samuel DiehLCo. B. 4T U. V. L, . - ' A . Robinson. Co. C. 18S O. V. I. - "W. J. Heorv. IstSerirt Co.K.21 O.V.V. .1. John Doab. Co. K. 200 Penn. Geo. Ferry, Oo. E. 21 O. V. V. I. James Hughes. Co. II. O V V I. -tJoha -tJoha Meeks, Sergt. Co. D. 10 O V V L . K. Otia, Co. V. Ill O V I. t Lewis Wentworth,Co.G. 14 O V V I. H. C. Hootman. Co F 111 O V I. ' Nathan T Fuller. Ord Sergt, Co F 44 I V I Uarlow Burr, Co.OSdO V V U Jonas Miller, Co F 111 O V I. Henry Doub, Co K 200 l'enn. A LeDsmere, Co F 182 O V I. . Peter M Eldridge. Co Q 10 Mich. VI. Wm Aurand, Co B 21 V V I. -Wo -Wo E Basset, Co F 111 O V I. Abraham Henry. Co H 124 O V I. "Wm Benton Senrt, Co G 38 O V I. George Clemmer. Co D 100 O V I. Jacob Harlsler, Co A 8 I V I. Beoj Nelson. Co F 129 I V I. John Nelson, Sergt Co F 129 I V 1. Edwin Smith, Co C JnJ Ohio Batterr. Jsoob A Fry, fergt Co K 16 O V L Thoiass Galfentioe. Sergt Co 1 74 P V I AlmonMeece, Sergt Co U 1411 V I Barney Brown, Sergt Co B 86 O V I Wilson S Headier, Corp Oo F 120 I V I Louie Baird, Co F 44 I V I . Wra Crow. Co F 111 O V I Christian Mierly, Co F 111 O V I , . Peter Couutrrman, Co F 11 I VI. G W Scott, Lieut Co F 68 O V VI THB Correll, Caot 1st O S V T Wm H Richards, 6t a. U ' B Indn't tWm Boyer, Co H 88 I V I . Otis 8 Blood, Corp Co V 44 I V I lleory Amaden, Co E 21 O V V I WmliKinmont,CoF 129 I V I Thomas P Basset, Co E 86 U V C Nelson Fusselman, Co F 128 IT I Joseph Bterbnwer.Co E 21 O V 1 Klijsb. Imhoof, Co H 88 I V I Geo U Delong, Ord Sergt Co II 88 I V I Emsouel-KyU, Emsouel-KyU, Emsouel-KyU, Co D 68 O V Walker lteaa, Co F 99 O V 1 A mes Fell, Corp Co C f6 O V I James H Abel Co F 44 I V I Joseph T Busboug, Corporal Co G 8 O V I tenuis ritts, Co r 48 o v I Eusebiua Kevff, Co K 1 M V I.John I.John Spindler, Co G 14 O V I -Thomas -Thomas T Armstrong, Co A OTI John Miller, 1st Sergt Ce hi 21 O V V I C H Kyle, Co E 21 O V V I Christian BrehotT, Co C 124 i V I Warren Jump, 23d led Battery L A Aaroa Hopkina, Co l J00 o V I T U Helmick, Co F 48 O V I , ' ' Wm Roao.C V III O V I Appleton Ilopkinti, Oo K, 21 O V V I Jeremiah Rhodes. Co G iltb alien V I t Gardner Works, Co Ci 152 I V I . 4 Harry (Sweet, fergt On F lit O V I ' . Alex McCrtnkev.Co E V I. U.W UoBick.CoI) 100 O V I ' - Monroe E Bristol, Co F 14 O K r js isaser. Anderson Ircou P U Sabin,Ce B 21 O V V I J L il3Lop, Co C 17 O V V I Levi Eiatermau, Co I 60 I v I G Wansetler, Surg of the 3 V 8 A 1. 1 C. John Sleesman.Co F lllov I tl K Hartshorn, SeigtCo I) 61 O V I G H Brush, Co 1 100 o Y I Alex Mangle, Co K 84 O V I MsLain MeCurdy, Sergt Co A 3 Mich Cav r ranttin Lloyd. Co hi 6 o V I WCBjib,coF1IIovi Wm M Hailer,Co F 111 O V I U L Wallace. Co F 44 r v r Kauda Simmons, Co U 44 I v I W W Corbett, corporal 23 Ind Battery W W Wolford, Oe F 142 I V I Albert Jackson, Oo D 44 I v I Samuel Walker, Co F 142 I Y I Adam Kline, Co I 132 O N G EIxa C Eras, Co F 111 O V I Geo R Scott, Co F 111 o V I H.D Bice. 1st Sergt Co F 111 O V I John Snvder. Co F 111 o v James B Kitteredge, Co A 177 O V I W m Yeariev. Sertrt Co H k T v r Finley Britton. Senrt CoEllnvvi Jacob Dowell, Sergt Co E 21 o v v I o n iriao, coAStfOvvI Alex C Comparet, Oe A 132 O N O Charles W Banks, Co A 189 o v I Harvey 1 A mea. Col) 38 oil Andrew Crowl, Co F 111 o v I S P Blinker, Co B 142 P v I t Jesse G Tamer. Corp Co E 7 o v I Jacob W Palmer, Co F 68 o v I ' Lewia Beaco, Co c P o H A Wm Wortbicgton, Co A S3 o V I W m Hubert, Co 1 100 O v I Jtobinspa J Nttter, Co A 88 o v i Charles Block, 8ergt Co E 14 o y I osnsa a. omitn, Ast Lieut Co F 14 O v T I Geo G Hopkins, Co F 44 1 v v I ueo w wortbingtoo.Oo I 38 o v v I Frank Bell, Co H 101 O v I ' A D Bice,Co A 189 O v I Wm P Gilbert, Co F 111 on Gee W Palmer, Co F 44 I v I J W Berry, 1st Lieut Co K 21 O v y I Isaae Scisinger, Co C 88 o r I Cyrenns Sanders, Co D 44 I v I Andrew Mcconkey, Co E 21 O v I - L c Palmer, W A Maxwell, Co A 166 O v I 8 Keller, Co F 111 O v I ' Clinton B Hatching, Corp Co D 111 O V I Edward H Brooks, N Y M Emanuel Byers, Co F 111 O v I H U AckUy, Co F 129 I t I -Washington -Washington Clemmer, Co E 21 O v I Charles tt Gilbert, Ce E 12 O v C. 'Deceased. ' t Transferred. In all, the membership numbers 155. a majority of whom are yet members. Some have died, others have moved away or been transferred to other Posts. x ne fost is made uo of loval men and active workers, and their example of patriotism patriotism has a (rood effect on the riafno- riafno- generation, who are soon to take the places or their fathers. Ine Post conducts decoration nnrl iyia- iyia- morial services, each year, and these services are of the most fitting character, character, and serve to keep green the sacred memory of their departed comrades. union and harmony prevails among them. They are bound together by the hnnHa sf fmlA.n:t. v. : . : 1 bonds of fraternity, charity is one leading objects of the society, and of the ietv. and loval. ty to home and country reigns in the heart of eaery member. - The boys are determined to "see the thing through." as Cant- Cant- Henrv remark. ed that as ten men are the least number that can hold a charter, he wants to be 0110 or toe lasi ten. . The National G. A. Tt:. In th ramt year, has expended over a half million dollars, besides individual donations, in the interests of the soldier. One bv one the soldiers answer the fi nal summons, drop out of ranks, and juiaiiMj urntna Army-on Army-on Army-on .tame s eter- eter- al camping ground." Hut their mem. ory will be perpetuated by those who follow them, and theirs are among the immortal names which the Nation will not willingly let die. The peaceful plowshare cleaves the sod, Onoe wet with war's red stain; - And Heidi where mighty armies trod, ., Are starred with flowers again." "No more shall the war-cry war-cry war-cry sever, -Or -Or the winding rivers run red; " They banish our anger forever. When tbey lanrel the grave of ear dead: Under the sod and the dew, Waltipg the Judgment Day, - Love and tears for tbe Blue, ' Tears and love for the Gray." Ridpath's History is a treasury. " P I

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  1. The Hicksville News,
  2. 27 Jan 1887, Thu,
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  • John Sleesman-Civil War Veterans honored

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