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aV 4a-arpa H. 1 ; ata & la in In thel-man an-r of ' BSTATB.-MO-TH of di- apis-iw Bar. I amBha . . of . i - sir mm TtTaCaDnVTa n N -'-. -'-. -'-. -'-. ajrxxsvu Terrible .Catastrophe at Aspin wall. r , Tcrria Fpce af OljrcerinaC. 7 IS WORSE THAN GUNPOWDER." & A Wharf AOO Feet Vouf Blown to Hard a Put f Clai. la the City. Almost Every llotiso Damaged. EE11T 1E.MI.. SCEIES AT THE Wfll&F Semt of tit Dta. iadin Eatra by Uiarkt. The following are the details of the terrible terrible explosion at AspinwalL a brief account account of whk-h whk-h whk-h vre had by telegraph last week: From the Panama Star of the I3th The European arrived at Asplawall on the morning of the 3d instant, and oa the afternoon of the same day came alongside alongside the Bail road Company's wharf, generally generally uaed by this line, and eommeneed diacharKing her cargo. Nearly, if not all, the local freight had been delivered, when, about seren o'clock, on the morning of the 8d, a territte explosion occurred oa board, which tore away the upper part of the (hip, and blew several large plates off the side. The wharf at which the Teasel was unloading, unloading, and which was some four hundred hundred feet long, waa literally torn to pieces; the superstructure was completely demolished demolished to within a hundred feet of the freight-bouse, freight-bouse, freight-bouse, and hardly a plaak remained remained in the entire length of the structure that was not wrenched from its fastenings. Immediately tn front ef where the vessel lay a gap was out threats:!, the wharf, plies, planking, Ac, all disappearing. The ship and wharf both caught fire and the latter was saved from entire destruction destruction only by the exertions of several citizens, citizens, who got the tire-engine tire-engine tire-engine to work, and after a few hours extinguished the flames, regardless of the risk they Incurred from another explosion of the burning ship. The P. R. K. Co.'s splendid freight-house freight-house freight-house Is left a pile of ruins. The force of air cansed by the concussion seems to hare raised the roof which was constructed of iron and slate "upward a few feet, its own weight bringing it down with immense force into the building;, and carrying with it both the end wails, leaving the house, excepting excepting the side walls, which sppear but little, If at all injured, a macs of ruins. It would be difficult to imagine a more complete complete wreck than that presented by the frieght-Bouse frieght-Bouse frieght-Bouse and wharf. Bcareerr a tmildlns: ln the place escaped without more or lees damase. those of a substantial nature suffering most; nearly all the brick and stone buildings were badly Injured, bnt the freight-bouse freight-bouse freight-bouse is the only one we have heard of which has been rendered rendered uninhabitable. Hardly a whole window window of glass remains in the city, and the destruction of glass ware, crockery and such like is really wonderful. Although many vessels were lying in close proximity to the European at the time of the disaster, none excepting the Carribbean of the same line sustained any serious damage. The last nnii vessel was moored at the opposite side of the wharf from the European and received very serious injury. Her hull externally externally appears untouched, but the effect of the concussion internally was very severe. severe. We are assured that some immense ' iron girders nearly twelve Inches deep waaaav' snapped offlike a pipe stem, thirteen of her fraines were broken, and knees and braces of the heaviest timber were torn from their places. The strain upoa tha ship must Lave been of Immense force, and nothing but the euperior build and structure of the vessel saved Tier from beta? knocked to pieces. All her boats, and in fact every thing of a fragile nature, were rendered uncle. The most awful part of the catastrophe was the dreadful loss of life and suffering attending It. Of the number or killed and missing It Is Impossible to give a correct estimate, but from present data the number may aaieiy rte nut down at hfty, and is, we fear, more likely to prove over this number than under it. Of the forty-one forty-one forty-one men com- com- S riving the crew of the European, nine ave been killed and twelve are missing. Two clerks engaged on the wharf, Mr. Swalnson, of the West India and Pacific Steamship Company, and Mr. Cairo, of the fan am a jtaiiroaa company, were doid instantly killed, and of thirteen native or Jamaicans employed on the wharf, and in the freight house, none are supposed to nave oeen saved; Deaiues it 11 believed a small franir. of native laborers who had gone on board the unfortunate steamer nave met the fate of the others. It will be several days before a correct estimate can be made of the loss. Many bodies were no doubt throrrn into the water and picked up oy $narx, vnue otnert are tun ourtea beneath the ruing of the freiaht house and vharf, or went dawn with the ill-fated ill-fated ill-fated ship. The scene In Aspmwall. after the first explosion, can not be described it was harrowing In the extreme. While the ruins irave an air of desolation to the place. the mangled and lacerated bodies or pieces ot bodies to De met witn in every direction for a sreat distance around the ruin of the disaster were heart-rending, heart-rending, heart-rending, and the suffer ings or tne poor mortals crusnea ana bruised, in whom life was not extiuct, was really dreadful. Fears being entertained that a second explosion would occur, and as the cause of the disaster was still unknown, and none of the officers or crew or tne snip were left who could give any explanation of its cause, it was thought best to have the burnirur shlD towed Into the stream. 1 ne Boval Mail steamship Tamar, which had anivctl the evening previous, immediately got up steam and prepared to tow out the burning ship; but before this could be accomplished accomplished another explosion took place, though not of aufflcient force to cause any injury. It was supposed to be the maga zine, wbirn eoniaineu a snuui miaum, ut powder for ship's use. The Tamar then made fast to the burning hulk, and towed her out. The two vessels had barely reached the opposite side of the bay when nanfler e7ri2uatVi. ntorc terril'le than the Jtrt, occurred, but, fortunately, the ship being far from the city and in deep water, no harm resulted, me uuu, eauiustuu is supposed to have broken up tne nun, as in less than half an hour after it occurred the unfortunate ship went down. The top of her smoke-stack smoke-stack smoke-stack is the only part of her now visible. At first the cauae or the explosion was wrapped In mystery, and as no one was saved from the wreck who could give any satiKlaetors exnlanauon all was left to con jecture. A boiler explosion waa Impossible, Impossible, as there was no steam on the mala boiler, and there was no necessity to use tne engines, a the ship had been rytng at the wharf over eighteen hour discharging cargo. Gun powder seemed most plausible, bulihere was none known to be on board, excepting a few pounds ln the magazine for ships' use, which could not possibly cause so much destruction. If any were on board it const be under, a falsa bin of ladbng, as none appeared on the ship manifest. Besides. It seemed Impossible that powder could explode In auch tm. Boease quantities witnout creaung a cimw oFsmnka and leaving Its marks oueTeTT thing around; whereas, la this ease, a few minutes after the exu Ionian no trades what. ever were visible, excepting' the general ruin. It tr&l then ditcooertd that torn serwatfa mim of oaonotttd or nitrotlveer- nitrotlveer- ine, one of the tnott potcerful explme ayenU known at the present dag, tons o' board trader an ordinary bill of lading. This at once cleared up the mystery. .This compound Is used for blasting purposes, and Was shipped front Liverpool for Cali torala ' ' - :j . 1. 1. sva. nnalawaiaiwl- nnalawaiaiwl- af a similar eaYDDO- eaYDDO- ajtion.if not the same,aa a barret or box of oil which exploded in Greanwich si ran, aw ork, a short tirua ago. . It will bo re-Twemherrd re-Twemherrd re-Twemherrd tha Dachas wa aoci deal tally dropped on the atreet and ta mediately ex ploded, leanns; down two as- as- turns aataw nnlMlim anri dnmnrfruT many others.- others.- : Tha amount a( daauaMa caused by the sx-pWion sx-pWion sx-pWion is roughly- roughly- estimated at"l, The wtwn Jeji, so far as Ibtmd, have: aTT hem eared tor.-- tor.-- tor.-- Alaii w us pwa- pwa- k.J an nnrlerwr. nrnaa annrieal ewentaOBS, rreral -only -only survived A few hoUM attar l wu.l.,aa tkakaanltal. i 6obm TfaUjuaSto Instaacw cxcirredht 5uauiriwna wUek pBwperty sssparenOy .jyaaajj to the fall Kroe af thsv- thsv- niwirviamias escaped onin-Jured, onin-Jured, onin-Jured, wsile some less SAPBaad was d-stroyrdL d-stroyrdL d-stroyrdL One of the BaoatToiarkable is that of tbe Anericsa brig Kremlin, of tha BusBnB) lee Com 1 mm, winch lay not more than ooa anndrrd fcet astm of the European, European, lasmrailstrjy bctsrreo her and the TOaitMiwUse, The brig escaped almost tmiuiured; bet deck cabin was strained a few iar hea ont of plane, while the freight-howse freight-howse freight-howse to a complete wrrrei. ' FwTwnateiy at the Uane of tne nor! dent ealy fanr ef the eh-rkscotiiit. eh-rkscotiiit. eh-rkscotiiit. tad with the freight department hi AspinWall were at taeir posta,; Twa oa the wharf, a stated a bore, were tiistsiilly killed, -the -the other two, Xr. Jiumbam said Jtr. Forntan, were in tan...rietgfehmse, but vrttB wonderfhl pt taaajceof Bnlnd, on seejngtherwof falling, oas ehnrbed over a ear and sheltered himself himself in a window, while the ether stepped lata a doorway, and both were saved. The balance of the clerks were in tha neighbor, hood of the ticket ortk-e, ortk-e, ortk-e, seeing the train start for Panama,' which by some good ProvltJence had been detained nearly half an hour behind time, and thus saved the liveeof most of the young men connected with the freighf offices. Had they been in the building many of them must have perished. Immediately on the new of the aoetdeut being received in Panama, a special train was dispatched, taking over medical aid. Doctor Wm. B. Little, United States Consul Consul at this port; Doctor Maxwell, United Kates fleet Surgeon; Doctor Blocker, Panama Panama Railroad Company's surgeon, and Doctor Kratochwil at once volunteered their services. Doctor Burchard.of this city, and Doctor Hawkins of the United blates sloop St. Mary's, were active in rendering aid to the wounded, in co-operation co-operation co-operation with Doctor Eversheld, of the Panama Railroad .Company's .Company's hospital In AspinwalL In the afternoon the remains of twelve of the victims of this sad catastrophe were conveyed to the Mount Hope Cemetery near A spin wall, and the remains of others who died afterward were interred Tester-' Tester-' Tester-' day. The remains of the commander of the European, Captain Cole, were also burled with Masonic honors yesterday. rFrom the Mar-a-ebrek Mar-a-ebrek Mar-a-ebrek Mar-a-ebrek Mar-a-ebrek Pres.. Frauds by Officers. Two lengthy- lengthy- communications hare appeared appeared ln the Cincinnati Contntcrciaf.over the signature of William Burnet, containing containing grave charges of fraud and corruption sgainst Major-general Major-general Major-general Dana and a General Brayman, aad sundry other officers. We donot find that any action looking to an Investigation has been taken by our Government, and the question presses itself painfully upon the people, why not t Are these fellows shielded bv those higher 1b authority, that no such action is had? 'We know Judge Burnet, and all ao-"miainted-with ao-"miainted-with ao-"miainted-with ao-"miainted-with ao-"miainted-with him will bear us out in stating stating that bis high-toned high-toned high-toned Integrity of charac ter gives great weignt to in rue cnarges. This is not all. W know that the Hon. A. W. Coan. member of the Ohio House of Representatives, from Clermont County, a gentleman of unimpeachable integrity, is conversant with the same facts almost charred br Judire Burnet, and Is nrenared to oner proof whenever the Government shall signtry its wishes ln that direction. The Union men of Ohio, as, indeed, the Union partr of the country, demand that these frauds should be exposed and the crimlnsls punished. The Administration owes It to itself to hunt up, expose and punish at once. To let Dana and Braymen ape an investigation is to lay tne gov ernment open to the charge of winking at the rascality charged. lr one-nair one-nair one-nair cnanreu by 5umet 14 true and we have no doubt Dana and Brav- Brav- nien ought to be hung, and their ill-gotten ill-gotten ill-gotten gains seized cn and confiscated. It is time for the Government to be looking looking into the frauds and peculations of its agents, durtngthe late rebellion. It can not go amiss. Whenever an officer is found to nave accumulated a fortune on the meager pay legally due him, he should be taken by the throat and made disgorge. We can point out a goodly number, running running from brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law to Senators down to Second Lieutenants. We are now groaning groaning under taxation to pay an Indebtedness one-fourth one-fourth one-fourth of whlcJt was made up by the eaungs oi tnese creatures. We mark this subject "to be continued." The Washington correspondent of the Mew York Tribune says: Jkff. Davis. There are Indications that the President has finally concluded to allow allow Jeff. Davis to-be to-be to-be tried for treason, and Attorney-general Attorney-general Attorney-general Speed is again working up the law in the case. It is proponed now to send him to Tennessee and try him st 'ashvllle, he having been present at the battle of Btone River in that State. William William M. Erarts will probably assist Mr. Speed in the prosecution, and Charles O' Connor and James T. Brady will appear for the defense. 1 nere is a strong desire to have him tried at Richmond, and it is not yet determined which of the two points he will be tried at. If at all. The' House Judiciary Committee are now at work, by order ei tne nouse in examination oi tne case, and unleas there is an attempt to prevent prevent them from interfering and taking up his complicity to the assassination of Mr. Lincoln, there will be nothing done at present. In any event, courts must be provided for st either Richmond or Nashville, Nashville, there being now none competent to try the case. Uxivkrbal Scffrage. The following paragraph is from a small volume published thirty years ago ln London. Without this explanation, our readers might be led to suppose that It was written in view of the animated discussion carried on at the present time in ourown country. We give it verbatim, italics and all: 'This universal suffrsjre is impossible. There must be a line d rawn somewhere. Hunt says, 'Every man twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one years old ought to have a vote.' But why should those Uiat are twenty years ana eleven month, as well as women, be excluded ISecauxe it u necessary to draw a line somexrhrre. All that pay taxes ouijht to rote. 1 nen every urclttn ouicnt to vote, for taxation takes s part of their penny. Turn the matter es we will, it is clear that a line must De drawn, ttutwnerer Aye, that's the rub. That must ever remain a matter of dinerent opinion. ' How THanr Fast in Bostox. The Bos ton Post, in an article on the morning of the" late fast-day fast-day fast-day appointed by the Governor Governor of Massachusetts, says: . The fast-dsv fast-dsv fast-dsv custom will, of course, be followed this year; cricketing, ball-playing ball-playing ball-playing ball-playing and light amusements. They have, somehow, woven mem selves into tne warp of this occasion, and it is not easy to tear them out without destroying the entire web. We welcome them as pleasant prophets of the new season's pleasures, as we nail m amies, ana suie-nying;, suie-nying;, suie-nying;, snu top-spinning, top-spinning, top-spinning, and the visit of the first bee tnrougn in wmuow." Queer idea of tasting and humiliation they must have ln the "land of steady habits." habits." The Puritans of tie olden time used to whip their children for playing on Sunday a church festival ; now their descendants celebrate nfast by "cricketing, ball-play. ball-play. ball-play. tag and light amusements.' A Ladt Ablx TO PKOTBCT Hbksklp. A respectably dressed Individual of the renus loafer insulted a lady on the Fourth street ear a few day since, by paying her fare to the conductor before he-reached he-reached he-reached her, The lady oa being informed that her fare Had ween pain asaeu tneeonaucior u toe per. on on theopposite side was the one. Upon being answered in the affirmative, she said that aha Bad ne acquaintance with the man, hut that ha waa continually foUowint: her. had three time before paid her fare in the ears awd ahe waa determined to put B Stop to it By this. time the loafer bad started for tne rear of tne ear, om no qvyea oswa to eeape-he eeape-he eeape-he incensed woman, who, catching catching him by the collar, slapped his face well snd etrnnr. then srnilvtas' the toe of a No, 8 gaiter to the Junction of the leg of his -unmentionables," -unmentionables," propelled him to the sidewalk, after which ' she resumed her seat, w bile the rpectator rendered a vcr-didt vcr-didt vcr-didt ot -served -served him right-" right-" right-" -St- -St- -St- itnti i'ress, Aprtm. - w, a... ' at Aw uves 4TrrctTrxTnrrit' Why are the Canadian soldiers like the -adrerttser -adrerttser enuf jrtomer oca uaj an extensively "red.'' JttrU Adr- Adr- W oy are the nader of the "AivrUmr nLjim utna ta. nil RnrinnsF 'Becausaj they . are extensively "bored-' "bored-' "bored-' Jbiedo - Why are the reader of the Toledo Bind like ngeU' viluf Because they are few and far between. . ; ,. ; erwr. aF atia a um taa trencher hi' England v.. M.a.M tha rda-To. rda-To. rda-To. " namely: Charted frwwnat and Hantit Hoei. - Tbls tact I sounds queerly In VanperaU AJBsric, " ' held . " bin. jaw terly women stop a to and was and kill see and waa ne-gro him tag son and 1 and ping the man s in saw a that were two "tried of ri re-anna Joe him and bim saw of he son was un he mv my the saw the on foot let's the by by ee on of and two as the A it. two tol, ing I use did the pull-ins; of ing the or I to be at

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer24 Apr 1866, TuePage 1

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)24 Apr 1866, TuePage 1
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