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GW - community zoning - THE DAILY P$TEB WEST LAKE STREET. Discnssion of...
THE DAILY P$TEB WEST LAKE STREET. Discnssion of the Railway Project by the Committee of Property Holders. Resolution Adopted to Ignore all Companies and to Draft &a Ordinance the Providing That the Tracks Shall Be Laid from the Lake West to the City Limits. a-i- a-i- a-i- $J foe the he the left car them their by highway-mni treen-wald, in 7( sa Attorney was for E Ed IS The West Lake street horse railway project was further discussed in the office of Mr. Enos Ay res, on South Clark street, yesterday afternoon. afternoon. The committee representing the property owners on the street east of Union Park were met by a committee of property owners residing west of the park for a conference with a view of encouraging the laying of a street railway the entire length of the thoroughfare. Instead of part way, as now proposed. The latter committee, committee, chosen at a meeting of citizens on Friday evening, consisted of George Wrightson, Mr. Hayes, William Head lam, Jr., and two others. Mr. Hayes stated to the meeting that, as he un derstood the railroad project, it was to lay tracks In West Lake street, from Union Park east to Lake Michigan, bat he wished to state to the committee having this special project In charge that, by confining their labors to such a limited portion of the thoroughfare, they were doing themselves, aa well as the people resid ing west of the park, a great injustioe. They would grant to some comnanv the right to lay its tracks in tnla part of the street and would forever preclude the possibility of the people living west or itockwell street, lu the less thinly portion of the city, of having means of getting into town. They would give the railroad company a fat franchise and receive no favors from it in return. He believed the property holders the entire length or Lake street should unite in say ing tnat tne railway company that would agree to lay its tracks the entire length of the street should have the right of way through the t horoughfare, and no other. He would remind the meeting that there were 2, ICR) people living west oi itorxweii street, and it was a direct imposition on thkik riuhts for the east end of West Lake street to give to any railway permission to lay Its tracks in that portion or the street to the exclusion of ths less IhickiV settled part. Mr. Carbine, Chairman of the east end com mittee, stated that he had conferred with Mr. Jones, of the West Division Railway Company. and was Informed by that gentleman that this railway company would gladly lay tracks In the east portion of the thoroughfare, out wonld not lay tracks west of Kock well street: he bad had experience In laying railway tracks in open prairies before. The committee, therefore, Mr. Carbine said, had decided It was for their own interest to let the west end of the street alone and secure tracks tor the east portion, where they are sure of getting tbem laid. Mr. Ayres stated that be had conferred with Mr. Jones, too, upon the same matter, and sir. Jones had emphatically given him to under stand he should not lay tracks west of Rockwell streeL Mr. Carbine was asked by Mr. Wrightson if his committee had derided to give the right of lav ing tracks to the West Division Railway Company? Company? He lielleved the Metropolitan or the Peo- Peo- I lie's Company, of winch Marshall Field. L. Z. .( Iter, ami other moneyed men were stockholders, stockholders, would gladly lav tracks the entire length of the street if privileged so to do. Mr. Carbine replied that bis committee had drawn uo a form of aa ordinance to be preamted- preamted- to the city council, in which the West Pivlalon Railway ( ompany was mentioned as the com pany to lay lue tracks. The West Division Rail way now had tracks laid in the thoroughfare part way. and persons who wished to go from one end of the street to another conld not afford to pay douole fare by patronizing two oom panies. .Vlr. Hayes urged, for the sake of the property- property- holders at the western terminus of tne street. that a committee lie appointed to confer with Mr Jones m view of inducing his company to lay tracts toe ENTIRE LENOTH OF LAkg STREET. Mr. N rightsou suggested thai the West PlriS' Ion and ail other companies be ignored: that an t-tlorl t-tlorl t-tlorl be made to secure the asagc of an ordin ance by the City Council for the laving of hor oar tracks In the street, ami the right of laying the tracks lie given to the company that would lay them the entire length from Lake Michigan to the city limits. This suggestion prevailed, and a committee coiupijseii or tnree mem tiers or the two com mittees present were crioocn to draft a form of an ordinance to be presented to the City Council next week Monday nighL ThisOr- ThisOr- linance Committee Is composed of Messrs. Wrightson. liatrd snd Haves, of the West Knd Commi'tee, and Messrs. Carbine, Fairbanks, and Ayres, or tne Southeast tnd lommittee. The following is being circulated In the vicin ity of West Lake street, west of Itockwell: It' t harlt i. luon. r.. Daiton. (mirvf rwlit- rwlit- li. anl dtll- dtll- r members of the fcieeutirt ComumW-e ComumW-e ComumW-e trie i MriceulJr nl ImpiMvQiueut Club. GbSTl.fcMEN: Tne Thirteenth Ward Improve ment Club was organized to promote aud protect protect the interests of the people of the Thirteenth Thirteenth Ward of Chicago, regardless of party politics. 1 he west Division Katlwav Company are again asking the people to grant them additional privileges the right to lay tracKs on vtesi uaKe sireet, from Lnlon Park running east to tue river, and on Fast Lake street running east to Lake Michigan. Ihis grant would give them the monoriolv of tne rignt oi wav rrom me west Side to the business business liorlion of the Soutu Side of this great city. Fearing tnat the late public meeting may be in the interest of this great corporation, we, the undersigned undersigned citizens of the Thirteenth Ward. reqnest you. the representative otticers of the Thirteenth Ward Improvement chid, to can a mass meeting of our citizen. m mat tne people s interest mav be properly dls cussed aud protec:eL "Eternal vigilance is the tne price or liberty. lours respectfully. Win. tieauiam, jr., r. ci uonncll, J. A. Murdoch. A. e Peterson, Win. Williams, LL G. Murdoch, and miy outers. to at at at J la s U of Templar J., Lin-dell C the Lin A C. J. A. F. O. of A CRIMINALLY CARELESS BUS-DRIVER. BUS-DRIVER. BUS-DRIVER.

Clipped from The Inter Ocean27 Jul 1880, TuePage 8

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)27 Jul 1880, TuePage 8
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