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Birmingham - Russia - . ii PLEA FOR RUSSIA' 8h it Only Protteimg Her...
. ii PLEA FOR RUSSIA' 8h it Only Protteimg Her Proftrty Bights. to tbe Editor , of The Wall Street Journal. ' ' jla your article of February 27th you appear to admit that the American people) tympathJAti with Japan in her secret action taken against Ruasia. - '' I cannot remain silent under such possible implied reurcacntation that sueh sentiments exist among, iutel-;' iutel-;' iutel-;' ligent Awricana. What baa Russia done to call forth -any -any tuch antagonittio feelings with tbe American peo- peo- . pie I Busaia has Iiberslly expended her millions of dot ais in Building .toe great railroad to Her eaetern pot-; pot-; pot-; twtlon, and to reach, a permanent outlet to the Pacific. She leased from China certain rights ; those very tights Dpond up to the world nations' trade and commerce, sad waa also a protection, against the Chinese Boxer rob-' rob-' rob-' bers. Can any one give any good reason why Ruttii -alwiild -alwiild not prol4iet snd; rxuin tain her property rights t v 3o do . (his it is well -known -known thst Russia had to retain euSWcnt military forces to control the Boxer robber Chinese) clement Is it forgotten that at the defeat of the Chinese by the Japsnese, that the latter tried to .form an alliance, a ooelition, with the Chinese government, as S part fit a peace treaty Againtt the world's offering to farnislr military teachers to drill an army. She thus was ., only prevented 1y the great powers Interfering and securing securing a ppaoe treaty upon money considerations snd the iiland of Formosa. My it be rt mem be red that when tbe ,Endwich Islands came to ntfthat Japan made her claims and threats, claiming that her 50,000 working people ahoold have a right in, forining a government, threatened thromah hex preat that Japan would back her rights with her navy, whether Japarn por Korea have made com- com- pUint or appealed to Japan agtintt Russia. Can it not ba seen that Japan itJ)othaftT the -control -control of Korea snd China, and with a view to further eonibination of fJkoir forcet against the world. Russia is now fighting for the world's civilization. The independent press should iot be misled by paid Japanese writer. Wbere is there to be totind an honest Aiiieticaa that approves the pro-j pro-j pro-j meditated act of Japan in ttabbiDg innocent persona in the back? Attacking innocent persons before any notice or declaration of war. It is-to is-to is-to be regretted that soma would be called international authorities have tried to sustain Japan in her dark waya of attempting to show precedent by the United States against Mexico in 1846, but a mere statement does not count when only a part of the facts are stated. Texas had years before declared ner independence from Mexico and was bravely dofeud imr it. She applied to be admitted aa a part of the United States. An election, was held for President. The chief principle wss upon Texas admission, the latter power favoring the Texas admission, won and the United State 'in admitting Texas as a state, assumed the war then existing with Mexico. It was no new war. Santa Ana, then dictator ot Mexico, was driven back out of the borders of Texas and then pursued to tbe interior, until tlie whole of Mexico waa conquered. Futuie history Will stigmatise Japan's first act of war, asjt ought to be, sa an assassination of innocent people. " ' ; t?-?-, t?-?-, t?-?-, t?-?-, - -i, -i, -MARK -MARK . BIRMINGHAM. - 'V The' Wall Street Journal has aaid that public opinion opinion in this country favors Japan, which is ao evident that the Russian people, in retaliation, are displaying much anger at Americans. But we have not undertaken to justify the, opinion prevailing in this country. In whatever wt have said we have simply tried to give both idua, and there is certainly much to be aaid for each of the contestants jn this war Editor. ... ; :. COAL DUTIES. " f V". ' WMl)ington---The WMl)ington---The WMl)ington---The WMl)ington---The WMl)ington---The Senate eommittee on finance mads is favorable, report on a bill author ising the refunding of all duties paid on imported ant&racite coal after Oct. 8, n. ii l.i I .1 41. a im. iJCtween inti ine paasage oi We ires anthracite eosl bill many cargoes of Welsh coal .were imported imported which fell below tbe prescribed standard of carbon and the treasury department levied the usual duties. ,. ChiesgoMetrenolltan Elevated for February showed a daily average of pastengirs carried 119,078, an incraaae Of 8,983. .: ... , :'.'1;,. ' H 4l C N '

Clipped from
  1. The Wall Street Journal,
  2. 02 Mar 1904, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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