Marriages and Deaths

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Marriages and Deaths - ouijiooobbtemeM -rork .at s i : H. deliverable...
ouijiooobbtemeM -rork .at s i : H. deliverable bv the md , j 5000 reen hmw soli at c-Ji ft Ii S nf, Cha'ttan-oooa, TkKx.- v i .. - , i finni .m. moil ho;ili!!r mu, each" them over wran an . . fine j anu it , ; a three , The utterly M in bcwj nave a - I the ; car - with ;a ; Tc-1 ue t lirt will cla?s, in.e j re-j there , ! Fii- ! to I to , little de- being cic j 1st at m i of lor j purchased with this are I , d o l.y good 30ij !. i N ! I 25(R $ AAx Hut - 90k 30V I riaie tour: t sk-. from fof Sides, rib kell don't of; well, in (reference nuatly and rther of it brought .it' cimca ouc f doi si ice our taai, iu iiu;i, ik m : tenance ngnteu up tue uarit pummajr, uu " j ; tne verhard to make sales at Wny price. The 'triumphantly ijaa-ied through. Among her fa Istockof Flour con prises at) least 3,000 bbla,-(last injunctions to jher husband and children, ! ("ande receipt are daily increasing. North 'the prominent one yas: "meet me ia heaven.'' I tU ' r..i,li is oixlinr l:irtrl ' n limit! tins bv the Hr death wuh toiiptiincrlv lxautiful evidence. ' L'.i.M v 1 r.i . . i u ...... . o 1 . are put active .-ales ol o.tx-V puis out muss, at. n w Kvans CfMSttxo.s. believing and knowing i .telly . . ..Flour 6,000 W aurhrte, khat thet w ctio faction to all who may 11;" ' activepan-; i I dull at tc, ... prime Uiru (b Obis lc. . vnis- l. nf i vans f-Cumminirs. remaining in the ! :ky 25c. . ..Oars 44c. .. .Rio Coffee steady at ;,. ' . , I !11(an.J.!J..'loW W !, . ; D. S. EVANS, iu ri5.iMX hliUs.. cat ner fool. nr ii..f r,- ,t frnxmiu-c i sold weekly 85 5d scarce sale ad j,0l in the I A j o- t or : i. J sates.: 100 tierce :m;mJi.ri jta-v l taiit. off. Sales 25. and 1000 le of Becetiber. Tcn"essoe con- conJtition, with fair freights each war: The grain market 6s firnt wjith few changes, nnAlr-.h m.ri ot i J.n. niti.r nn.l lar.ror shdentmade. GODbaWcon up this week. vywiivu ...o n.w.v rt1 Cornadvanced. 40c; i!n domain! for d ld crop. New ofc Feithers in demand all the time at 38g10. Frtit apples dri(fd, 807oo pealed. Green 5000c. ! . Teaches, tWaled. $1 10; pealed,$2 Ginseng dull, at 2023c. M J d in demand good wdrtb 10c i Oais active at 3a45c-fj3w shipments are makjnj. Several hikndrdd biiahels held at 50c. Kte 52(35Gc. Wheat worth 70(2 75c! Whiskey 25c: masrnolia aTXc. Good Butter m demand at izdZOG. Charleston. S. C. We lhave a vcrv dull ! Flonr market to report. The article has de- :l;h;trotte ICoad. p&irce at ? j,,; but tbis -higli : prie cannot lie mentioned jbut a few weeks. , Speculators had better look but for a fall. ; ijicox, Ga. Our markbtj is active. Stocks Ht-oducc, Bacon. iArd, etc., in demand. ; Bacon, sides, clear or rib, 10; shoulders 8, nanis !ll(l2....Lard 1111M. .Lorn Scarce, l '3 Meal 75 Pea 00. . . .Feathers 40 .Eggs scarce, 23(25 Butter 15 w . . Oat8.65.... Flotir 5 T5$G. K xiNQTOH, . U Biopn,stock ample.and ' dull of Bale at $c9 hog round ! hn ! r i.ti . 1 O t A A-1 4 1 fe. II till Lr 1 ' ' 111 finfll All I 'll t lll'lll OHI m tmtt m I Corn supply not equal to demand at 80c i. . .. i Cotton receipts light with smalt sales at ,9 Xc. JJemand active. Lard good, supply; 'dull kale at 12c rork declined a shadd,' Selling at 17$13, rETEnsBcno. Va. Bacnti, inarket quiet and .i i t: i.. tit "fi"1- demand lijiht. des at 8? (a 9, and iirod, hog round, is Cotton sales at 9.', ami not a grtat deal i iti2 the steamer's dbimr. Dealers are a win rJews. which is about duo. Corn there is more enhijirv 7 Lard lliVilS,, as in (Utility. 70(572. ArocsTA, Ga. Our market has been steady throughout: the week, ai i prices, are wunoui change. H renew tur Uotationsf w lich are-! fMypail:j ' Inferior and Onlmar ;i Muldljng'.., ' ! Gooi) (Middling...1. Middlms Fair '. Fair to Fully Fair.. 8i! ' J t4 . L . . . W . ;.!..ioicaoj liacon rililcil sides axe: selling at 9,1.;, and "(jlear at 10; shoulders 7,!:' 8; hams 1 (13. Corn salci I arc made al ' 0c bv the fiuantitv What-4i"4l is w"rth 80o to $1 . white 1 1 tb SI ClVriXNATI, dealers holding off for tl e steamer's l ews. . Whiskv advanced to 22c , . Hess utjchangeii, not muchj doing, holdersisking 4 10 jo $4 2$, j small lots for immediate Ueliverv s: 1 cable at 4 10; s ipplv and ddnand limit 1 bulk shouldersj at 4c; green haibs 4,'8'c irime bbl .sales 20U bbls Molasses, new croj SavanKah, Ga. Ba ton Hams 1213; shouldpr 7'.j8; sides 9 m r .- . . . . B ickwhcat 75c ? 23 Com, Retail, 75c 'J bush. w holesalf Cof . . . Lard f bbl 10,'.j(i l2c Oats 45(50 Peas 75Cf 80. . .Driejl Peachjes 2' (23 J . . . Butter 19(9 20c. bbl. I3(ff Si 4 . . . . Poik.l lessTT? bbl mess, ' 1 Offl $32- Not long ago, I met a W(j.nanf Diseased and feeble, pal eand wan:- Like one appointed sooi for death, From whom had fled all iopp of health. Shp loHnred on. '"'1 o the grave,' Said I: rno power on earth tan save 1 Ml I A month rolls round; afciinl we meet: She now! walks brisklv !thr6iii(h the thrdugh the St rcet. I stopped and looked W hat! 's this tlile w orn . Was once so feeble, pa le and wan, I thought was soon to Whjit could it be that Sleep in death? ave her neaitin She heard my voice, ai d, turning, saillj "What was it saved nlq from the deatl i Brought back my health, once so rembtc? thank God! 'twas Drohgoolo.'s FemAle A ! Yes! manv things I've tried: at length d 'tc i 'twas this gave me hejilth and strength. ! I used it all: it did ni'jf life promote! ' Hurrah! hurrah! for Ilijomgoole's Antidote'- j For sale in Favette ille, bv Diemer 8t Ha rt nrt anil MrMrov fltttl McKlUDOv: m 1 1S n - ; burg, by J. l. Jones RIED, T.. Franklin. Thursdav. 1st insUby Re V. rnnin&ham. Mai. Ba'niel McPhail, o th s I place, and Miss Mat. A., eldest daught br of is F. B. Carter, Esq, of W'illiamson county. 1 . ! I ! In McMinn county. Tenn., Cth ult by S .W. .jir.J a'kb3 Massfnoalk agkl d 3 Watrou ag.l Jg J I j trout bout In this vieinitv, Satardav, 3d inst.. con gestive feverMr. Isaac W"hitakfb, aged about 40 rears. Mr. w. was corn ami raiscu n this 'Ojrdo- county, but for ten: years has mado N chef, Texas, his home, i For the FayettemUe Observer. PiED.-tn thii"oour.tyy Nov. 23, 18 ElIzabetb Bvks, ife of Mr. Wile, 3, Mrs Sunn. fciTft18 T!b at 20c i ti.z. Ajles, green, ready 9 ana tra itopiar, w . .,.. 25 Pbbl. Cottcn brisk at S10. and settled near the.moutii of Cilne Creek. couu-. : Mra. Bunn has been k resideut of this county j isvri-i.K. Ky. There jis a better feeling 'nearly ever sine-. In 1826, she professed re- j W market; S4tfU ;1: isnow offered ! 1 i-ion. and since tbatltiine continued to Jive, a i Ii J.i :.. j:.... tUA .,., : Vi Out 'vive T.i IVii-k ctill riecIinihT I i i . j. j i . . i I ii tr.i!ii re in rectMiiiiieimn.s: uiu 1 ! . ' t. ' v.t.l.H... ... p. ' - .- ---.-l.ll tfWHI l..ll..lA. V...Vtr.l !. ill.. Till I n I.IH . ' I t fl IIIC .11 Ul VI A. ...... , ........ . : .. ' . mi line.. l.iKTit. w iva c. ietm. imio. f lour tiuu at so'i : ;i i ! : . . Ii ivtMririicL, j i if at ! She was bom near Knoxvilte, East Tennessee, u v ! Antrnst . lniJH. in lau. ner parents, vuna- i j faithful ' cousfstent member 6f. of .llethodist church. at 1827. she marri d. She leaves' ten'cnu )einii oulv. uine months jaml few days oMf i lass, I , to mourn an irreparable I rr i i . ii..L 1 1 .V. nl-u-.V cTTrtrr . other; she - took a sincere interest in. ad; and f seemed never more pieaeuiuan ut-n uruiu- tv ' Asa wife. : she exhibited ail- tuttiring devoUou, 4 conn- mill w.-n. ...... v.-v l r ..- . dence w iicn, vuinaisi nean aione iwi iei un , , ,. lJc , n ,Lr' J i ruled bv the iisfl iteiico of love rather than fear. i , , 1 . v . ' r In all ithe relations of life, she maiuiesteu a suavity of disjitwn, a fervency of attach- , meut, a uevoieaness m Vt icmieu. one .uvea a camuau, vu anaserene manner iif wmvu --s" r.- ! sell into tne lianas pi me xvmg oi i c , : gave me strongest, j.ruoi ; bo . wnomsne tmstel. jJrrom inenrsi, sne seenicu to have a iresentimcnt that her last illness j was upon her as it was. But her faith in i n: -.v.. ..... w c ft XJ IU1 YT 1JU CJU lUtinc n ; Death's icv grasp with fortitude and resigna - j tion. The sunshine of the Redeemer's cqun- 'that the terrors of the rrave vanish, when 'soothed by a Saviour's promise, soothed bv a Saviour's nromisc. But she is ! gone from our midst. It is difficult to realize the fact at first; but so it is. That voice . . . . . ; . .... j f Af v;nHn i IthaliP.l in elbmen! that heart. I w nicu whs wont iu urcavue m3 hitcci. I ever fori with the waTtnest emotions of uve alKj affection' is si'ent in the -grave n-LnllJr.i. hPr,.nvein.iit hnnrs beavvJTOn the , i11Isii.nii sh lHf though tho soldcn chain of ft moth iv bo broken, and thoush a Uoid wbiVh i felt, exists in the . f t , . . ' , , K, rn . : hi ui ut.i unh n vi uj, oti7iii oMiv" uvfgy'-vK i t r . . 1 . ij i . r. 1 l I. P WE have this day associated ourselves to-" gethcr in the Wholesale Ore. riery, Comiuiisiou, Becelvlug and Forwarding iBusiuess. (Succeeding tr r L . x 1: vaus lyuuuiiiuirs. i r I T. M.C0LDWELL,. i Of tjie finn of C.ldwell Cd. J.F.CCMMINGS, Of the firm of Evans tj- Cumfnings. T. U. COitlWEtL J. F. CUMMING8. COLDWEtL & CUMMIN WHOLESALE GROCER9 Commission and Forwarding ipilQHAHTS, Aud Dealers in Provisions, jVcm Brick Jlousc. Depot Street .! S11ELBYV1LLE. ThZX.K. ' I TVTWniVP.tii .Urals mr tirtirt nii-I tusivelv ! ' ' " LV" "''I O "v r L retire from the! Grocery business, and take concern FllESII ix:dipts. in receipt !of a targe are just RS ! sortmen i of Srorerie's. jernbracing everything in ouf line, which we will sell as low as can be had elsewhere. Wc invite' all those wishing to purchase to give our Stock an e-aminatioli. e-aminatioli. ! , - i :COLDWELL yCrMMlNG?, Dccli ShclbvviIfe,Tcnn.- ICOFFEE. have jost received u'J Bays Si"5'-? I? T prime Rio snd au itain Havana JSasict joffee'. i COLD WELL & CCMMIXC.S, :. ! Shelbvvillc, Tenn. Dec SUGAR. PriiA'e N. 0. Sugar OK HMDS. UJ 15 bbls. .oaf ' I f. hhds. Clarified Crushed ' " Pulverized " ' 10 bbl 10 For sale cheap for Cash by i COLinniLL & CCMMIN(S, Dei t. I- ; Shclbwille, Tenn IN STORE. .S No. I. Kanai f? f BA IRE hi Sail, 300 Baj-I fine. W. COLDWELL &.CUMXffXG'S, 1. j j Shelbyyillc, Tenn. i t llSLCfE iUASS SEED. YTE have just received from Ken- If iik:1iv 501 Biwlils of Stripied Blije Grss Seed, wjhJch we will sell art a$hviiht prices,-; B j 1 CO IA) WELL A CUMINGS. rjec.1 1. ill Shelby viRe, Tenn. FLO If It! FLOUHS fTffTEikcerj crfnUantly.on hand a Cg Tl f I larse (ru.mtiity of Flour made ItS, he Bed for. Mills, which we warrant equal the Cincin iiati It St. liOuis Flour COLDWELLA CCMMlNGR. )ec. L I if; Shelby villc Tenn. TUST recei ved 125 kegs of Nails. ' the best article nVade in the United pl States. I ! CQLITWEIii. UUMHiiaun,' Dee. 1.1 Shelby ville, Tenn. MTIC1 I M I I j JN olv-dicnce foj for Lincoln ol Sally Wj.itak! i .1.1 a decree of the Circnit Court Untv. pronounced (in the case i . . . . t er and otners, against isaac Whitaker and oi hers) at it November term, 1853, 1 will sell pn the premises, on the 20th dav of Becen&'be ; 18o3, subject to the widow's riiht of dovfer, tne two very valuable tracts of land on which J ,hn J. 'hitakcr livwl! at the time of hls'dpat p; one oi wnicn coiuams acres; the ot qer o &nUining 526 acres, lying lm- mediately ojn thd Turnpikc r(d leading irom Fkvettevilljf to Lynchburg, six miles from the former. 8id Mnd will le soKl in two lo cm a credit 6f jme, tko snd three years.. The prrf-' chaser! will! be required to give bond and gjVwl sicurity for the Uymcnt of the purchase mjon--.-..r.,1 hIIm roiLiripd tiTvyn said Land until the n imhuCA irtrtlpf IA TMilll. : r. . Nov.24thjl8o3-tJ i -T-f V. h A i a Ml supp! v of CooKisa-fcTqvEs, W r iii ironla which we will sell at , in j V """" ------ a.htille Week, with carnage L 4' m ' Nov. 1 13 I iv,T,a f ! ii 50 S.iltj i ! Dec. i l Un ttie unn i oi uuir,, - . ; ( ! ! J ! .,t. I 1 1 S. tb th iir i : (etc l of I -a I II ' i ,

Clipped from Fayetteville Observer08 Dec 1853, ThuPage 3

Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee)08 Dec 1853, ThuPage 3
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