Irena "May" Spears. Grampys Mother.

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Irena "May" Spears. Grampys Mother. - ^e he says th^ are the worst anyone ever SAVit...
^e he says th^ are the worst anyone ever SAVit up th^Xf on the mountain top, but beautiful outdoor picture in all Oklahoma. Oklahoma. . Okhh^J^mas Newest Town (9p ^yri^bt, i9j)^, y>y, ^^f^ aRuthwat i^^fti^. C(|,i Work Sti^tsi in SJS^WS 1 ^1) ^epi;t im mentkks y^m bjfing Worli on the dam was sehediiled to "yll-fliedgej^ to \ke f^tot at«rt January Ist. Houses are now go' go' ir 9^ ihe hff^ oi? l^si. 1^ ixiiSf, UD, and Mrs. Spears is .still a 01^1^^ f^ ifmkn, hfVf ^deii.ed by the feverish activity go- nxg on a)|kp,ut her- $^1; she i,s ha»py the tho.JMfht that the present din of hft9i\n;^9Jr «^^d aaiW is. only a prelude to greater activity later in the spring. With most of the construction work on the big dam to be done on the east side of the river, it is fairly certain that Mrs. Spears' home will be the center center of a whirl of activity within sixty days when hundreds of workmen will come to cut down the trees and clear the land for the new dam and lake. ^ The prospect of a town near the Speais' homestead has been a plea.sart one, not only to Mrs. Spear, but to her chil- droR. all grown now. Mr. F'enton Spears and wife live just a mile from his mother's mother's home, and are particularly particularly happy about the projected projected transformation of the countryside. A son, Ned, lives in Oklahoma City; a daughter, Mrs. Madge Helt- jel, makes hier home in Bethany, and Bertie SpcMis, age §4, lives with her mother. mother. wli^^jH ^<Jt"^^ W^. <5raB(^ 1:^1^ takmg shape on the land about Mrs. Spears' stone house, where she has lived for the last twen t y-e i g h t years. When Mrs. Spears and her husband moved to their farm home more than a quarter of a century ago, the wildest dreams could not have conjured up visions of a modern town within a stone 's throw of, their rej^ii^ence, For the S ^HWs' farm'^a^ miles away from any si /,eable settlement* the modest stone home hidden in the oaks which abound in that community, and the country around sparsely settled. Ideal Site for City Even when the death of her husband left Mrs. Spears a widow eight yeatq, ago, -tbcjje "VKese no inidicfi^tiona of the miK ^ml^m cha,njfeg wiuch. W lutu;^ would. bijin^. Hey ho^ae was, still of rwls- wect the d«^^ 83 men Wfts an th /e projected ited, Mrs. i^^'across the '1 porch. The dam will rest 400 feet from 6j new m ^ e«^t of tx upon a rocky her farm. Since B(^rs. Sjpears has sold twenty- f Ivr acre4 9i |*r ' hipqinestead to the t^WPsit^ COjApany sjpcij^Jtpring the new settlenient of Disney, retaining fifty- fiv.e acres, her present home wijl be just one block away from the main street of the. town. The Criminal Court p| Appeals has declared that Okla|bm |i^ laws do not give officials a^tw^ity lb diemai*a vhat a motorist > d^a;^ wheiv% dw^^s 0 the highw^ ^pd atbfs C^^. "Wheh they do so," th^e oip|i#»ii ire«^d, *^they are trespassers imd violator^ ol- the rights of the citizen." The ri^g i-eversed the cony^|l^9n of Earl Blael?. sentenced t9^ 60 UK j^l and fined $50 and c^iaJi^j^W^^ CJ^unty district court on a chal?if«» possession «of intoxicating %MQrr^^h« ch«rp was ordered dis- nuftsed- Tfistimbhy showed officers searched Black's car ^nd found some liqUor after Black was alleged to have been seen taking a drink out of a bottle.

Clipped from The Indian Journal03 Feb 1938, ThuPage 10

The Indian Journal (Eufaula, Oklahoma)03 Feb 1938, ThuPage 10
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  • Irena "May" Spears. Grampys Mother.

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