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Sparrow Lake News - BE GOOD SPORTSMAN A 20 - pound muskellunge was...
BE GOOD SPORTSMAN A 20 - pound muskellunge was hooked by a fisherman in Sparrow Lake, Ontario, Canada. He landed it in his rowboat. Now, a 20 - pound "lunge" in a rowboat is about as genial and active as a wildcat. This fisherman, Bill Sparling, was alone in his boat no one to advise Also, he was a "city feller," had never before caught anything a fourth as big. Nothing in his rowboat to kill the lunge by a whack behind the eyes. But he happened to have a loaded shotgun. So he blew off its head also blew a big hole, in the bottom of his boat. An Oiibway Indian rescued him before he drowned among the weeds. Fishing is an exciting game when they're striking. That's why hun dreds of thousands of Americans are vacationing with rod and line: Fishing and hunting are the most ancient industries of man. They existed long before agriculture. When a man fishes, he answers the call of the wild inherited from barbaric ancestors. No real sportsman ever catches and kills more fish than will be eaten. To do so is vandalism. All anglers know that, the streams and lakes of our continent are gradually being "fished out." Restocking is unable to keep up with catches. Accordingly, good sports will make use of this fact: When you catch a fish too small to keep, always handle him with wet hands. A dry hand is almost certain to kill the fish, for it ruins the oily protective film over the scales. Another thing: An angler, enraged because the fish isn't large, often hurls it viciously far from the boat. This is apt to kill the fish within a few days. A fish isn't made of iron. And water is hard, as you know if you ever hit it flat with your stomach in diving. Play the game fairly. Be a good sport. Help conserve our vanishing fish resources. ,

Clipped from Reading Times18 Jul 1924, FriPage 4

Reading Times (Reading, Pennsylvania)18 Jul 1924, FriPage 4
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