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TARASAC OTRO REPORTE MAR 1903 - in - - is a of of - ticket will be fnrnlaned...
in - - is a of of - ticket will be fnrnlaned that person In the Eatt at any point It U a great opportunity quail with a brass band He was not ready to divulge the plans of the oppo - in uumuuu ic iu iuMu cvatse operating rvcn piace or xneywut oe a Lynch two of whom come with fine hetd - fot contempt r gu LAY THE CORNER ST01 OE EORTUNE A LAST CHANCE Uong Lost Tarasca Is Discovered and the Work xrf Excavating Hidden yealth Will Go on Night and Day The Mine of Mystery About to Difegorge Its Historic Riches j Owing to the enterprise of the stockholders of the Tarasca Mining Company of Mexico ample funds are In hand for the proper development of lt vast properties and all obstacles In the waj of getting at the fabulous wealth of Tarasca have finally been overcome aggressive operations are being pushed forward will go on unceasingly night and day until the storehouse of hidden treasure has again been unearthed Then the loyal band of Investors who realised the knock of fortune at the door will be repaid a hundredfold their foresight and keen business Judgment vindicated and their declining owners But fickle fortune favored a poor years made easier when Tarasca Tlelds lu man as she generally docs Faustlno wealth Castro a Mexican prospector stumbled Bonanza o Two Continents r iMWpWW waa his He endeavored to work his find mMJK a a kaIa S - m Va nMtrlfaKta Mrte ThLWorff mou ntrtn bv have In addition to pay ore sufficient peatedlr called to mind thisbonanza and money to develop It properly so heas two continents have for years clamored nv aWe t0 reallze on u dlscowryt for Its rediscovery without avalL Money j lart partlei WOrkUg the Tarasca hss been spent like water sending out i i rimrA in rt miners and mineralogists In the hope of tln out xht metal y neglected the ocatlng this mine of mystery that a cen - umberf ana actions cave - lawas the tury agomade gold kings of Its envied - hfflr iw could be remedied the floodgate of heavenopened aad the y water rushed In In torrents effectually destroying the shaft as far asthe operators were concerned forCSC00 was the estimate required to repair the - damage The necessary money has now been raited Twenty thousand dollars a month profit Is aynodest estimate of the yield on the start with almost unlimited possibilities for the future r sin lr E33iH PARTIAL VIEW OP WORK ON TARASCA MrNINO PROPERTIES TaraWs Famous Superintendent Tarasca boasts of one of th most reliable mining experts on the Coast as Its sunerlntesdent Robert Baroett Esq It I was under his supervision that over J2U - 000 has alreadV been takes from tne mine t That he la a man of sterling character f the position of Internal Revenue CeUec tor of and for the Fourth InternaiRevenue district he served wlthdltlnctloo for four years and later In the capacity ot chief - clerk of the United 8tates Mint - at San Francisco he naturally cam In close touch with the leading financiers of th metropolis of the West and banking jofli - dals have only words of the warmest pralsejto say for him and It Is on hla latest recommendation U has been decided op erect a mill so that the great expensroti shipping and sorting ore cari be savedouEh the stockholders Thousands ot tons of 1 valuable ore are - on th dnmpreadylo mill f with little preparation and th profits from this branch ot th mine will go a long way toward placing Tarasca where It Is entitled to stand at the top t the heap It had been the Intention of the manage - usentr to withdraw all the unsold portion of the treasury stock but fortunately Su - perlntendent Barnetts latest advice made in person were listened to by the Directors In time for Immediate action and lthas been decided to place eighty thousand - 80000 shares additional on the market5b1 secure Instant funds to carry outtherolll fH proposition v - nJ Si x OncMorc CiceX Nine out of ten men can - recall Urfrpv portunltr that would havebcougnt them riches some hesitated because of timidity but the vast majority lost thelrjchancebsM cause they could not spare - the ready money to take advantage of It Thus the lack of a few dollar coat ifinttfttwtM men their one chance of success snatched fsftFii tHawla swfsasre Va InvtiwAr M s acrois the vela and realtied that the secret I from their grasp tha luxury of financial - - w ii j a1 l f flna4snani4aTaa All Klss a miI - So of Hbarea Prlea loo ii fso 2oo eo 3oo eo 400 130 S0O 150 800 - W Independence All this we realized in ranging the sale of shares sndihe following generous terms are dff eredCahor lsfir muuuuj vsaBia u oeaura i6 - mtaiyiayaitaV rerioalaataa 13 00r A aosA nooT eo Kach additional 100 shares J80 payaM either In cash or on the same tenssM down and 8 per month for nlcr months7 but this low price will positively - only holdV good until Msrch Uth lu The stock is absolutely non - assessable and noa - forfeltable If any subscriber ur unable to - meet the deferred payments lt U arranged so that stock for every dollar he has paid win be Issued to html UViMr JDue tothe fact that sufficient caplUIto - properly push th work has been secured the value of the mine as a producer Is nat - f urallv Increased so tha ntrnr - - elded to advance - the price of all unsold treasury stock ort March lith to sec a share however tn order to treat all alike in in and give such parties as live at at uain - E equal opportunity to those near by all tn - Xc msL eoBWert4 M nUUed to the interested parties hid besC correuonoi with th President mraiti 5TT the assurel - of a pertl a ot the rahulon cmaenca Tarasca it bound to Broduer ae Mr Huso Reichenbsch PrM Ik - enjoying the absolute connaence oitnose j Tarssea Mining - Company C3 Markit who know hbn best Is proven by the honors street is prepared to tstrnlsb detaWin r showered Uponjum oy hi neooo am iuiiyi niifcWDiwitnurmine - ja I nt e tifnrnia In tsevear 1874 ne i Jlu H anooavus txMl I r - rrr TTZT THj - - uV - - - - i ingau uems wiu oe forwarded abso was eieteq aj uvw - jw st without cost and when on TW ntelv rcallsva e from There Is a tide In the affair of mm i7 - At mmT where he had been servinr If taken at the flood leads on r fnrtnnx as County Treasurer - for several years may well avail hlrrsetf of This UeC LIT iiZZli iimrm H rL thance to secure steck st the prtientarr succeeding himself tour tUnesWe re - prtee - Kc a iharejr The mlnes tutir signed to - accept an honor conferred upon u brtllUcb and the stodt wtli liooa fcT him by th President of th United States shooting skyward T

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 08 Mar 1903, Sun,
  3. Page 10

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