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TITE INTER OCEAK, STXSTDAX MOISNTNG-, KOVE3rBEK 8,, 1003. . fo) Mi Ml Gold and Silver Ore lyiiiiiE Bring Millions of Dollars to the Stock-holders of the Company. - Hundreds of Shareholders Handsome Dividends Soma of the richest ore ever discovered In the State of Sonora, Mexico, has Just recently been uncovered In the property of the Tarasoa Gold Mining Company of Mexico a shipment made to the smelter at San Francisco. California, gave net retarna of over $200 to the too. The property la very favorably sultuated tn the same mineral district with the Great Ftletaa Mine, which has paid it shareholders over $20,000,000 In dividends In the past twenty years, and It Is also tributary to the runout Grand Central Mine, which has contributed ever 814,000,000 to English capitalists. This arc traditional Tarasca Mine, which was worked by the early Spanish missionaries, was re-dlscovered by Faustlno Castro, a poor Mexican prospector. This famous property haa produced millions of cold and silver In the past, which was being taken out and shipped to Spain at the time Its location was lost, when the slaughter of all the miners took place at the hands of the Yaoul Indians during one of their uprisings In Mexico. There la perhaps no more famous mine recorded In history than was this Ions lost Tarasca. In Mexico the name Tarasca la a household word, a synonym for riches. It has been the theme of conversation among prospectors and miners of Mexico for the past century or more, and it haa been the hope of every one that he might be the lucky person who should rediscover this mine. Fame Spreads. Havlnr been worked by the Spaniards and early missionaries, the richness of this mine has spread tta fame over two continents: to such an extent waa f Wf k V of-f m'ZV?; -wf V t v . 'iiL' .v ONE OF THE 8T10AM HOISTS ON THE PROPERTY OF THE TARASCA MINING CO. thla true that no hhrtory of Mexico, and particular ly the State of Sonora. waa considered complete without the history of this fabulously rich old property. The Tarasca mine waa spoken of in Ward's History of Mexico." and also mentioned by "Humboldt" as one of the most famous mines' In Mexico and there is supposed to be several hundred- thousand dollars In bullion burled In this mine. Tha bullion was buried tn tbetld work In xa for safety durina; tha Indiaar troubles. Iurlna; these violent times the miners and owners were driven out and massacred, and the location was loot and the treasure never recovered. Large rewards were offered In later years for the redis covery of the mine, both by the Spanish -ov trn- ment and private Individuals, but to no purpose until faustlna Castro, a poor Mexican prospector, accidentally stumbled upon It. She old working can -be plainly traced on the surface for more than three thousand feet, and there are la rare trees growing out of the old cuts In the veins. The trails cut out of the solid rock snow where the ore was packed on doakeys to water some distance away to be worked. At this point RETIRES FROM THE MIXE3. The following letter received by the owueis of the' Tarasca Mining Company's property from the Consolidated Kansas City Smelting and Refining last shipments of ore from the mine, $1,634.25, after only Included 165 sax, as the letter states: nuuiusiuA; (oonorai. Aug. 10. Dear Sir: Conforming to your telegram of the 14th Inst., please find our settlement sheet No. 450. covering last shipments of 165 sax ore. Also on draft No. LS35. for $1,534.23 U. 8- Cy.. In pay ment of same. And Sonora R. R. expense bill for lot. but could not find any difference with first res results on their aamulea, and, if there la any difference, will send you a correction of same. I also send you by mall a pulp sample of lot. Have sent triplicate settlement sheet and M. T. aax to Mr.' Cunningham. Torres. Please algn and return the two Inclosed receipts, and oblige. 7TIV7 -m l 1 I If I I ill II LZJUU U Uncovered Which Will Will Soon Be Receiving on Their Investments. are some thousands of tone of the old taiitna-s. which are covered to a depth of three feet with soil and grown over with Urge trees. These taillnars have been ail worked over by Mexicans at great profit. Cruds Machinery. At the time the mine was formerly worked mining methods were extremely crude, and machinery and explosive were practically unknown. As hss been shown In numerous cases, none but the very richest of these old mines could be worked by tha crude methods then in use, and. without exception, these old mines when reopened and worked by modern methods have proven very rich, and yielded large fortunes to their fortunate owners. All CsJlfornians know that raulU-rallllonalre Dao Huma of that state, as well aa some of the millionaires of Illinois and New York, have made tha lanrest share of their wealth from these old Mexican mines, which were when they took hold of them but old deserted mines having; no such history of richness, nor did they make any such showlns on the surface as the property owned by the Tarasca Gold Mining Company of Mexico. Faustina Castro, the discoverer, flrat strujr aled along without any capital, absolutely refusing to accept any of the offers made for tha necessary money to work the mine, which meant the loss to him of the lion's share' of its riches. Finally, however, he permitted aom other-parties of limited1 means, whom he feared less than the capitalists, to take hold of the property, and together a small plant was secured and work started. The last parties to work this valuable discovery were more anxious to find the fortune hidden In a lump soma place in the old workings than they were to take out the profits from the ore. which waa very rich, and property develop the mine. The result waa they did not alve the proper attention to timbering the shaft aa they proceeded, and Just aa success seemed ready to crown their efforts they were summarily stopped by a cave at th 200-foot level, which absolutely prevented further work. As their means by this time were entirely exhausted, it waa Impossible for them to reopen the shaft. - . Experts Report Riches. Two reliable mining experts examintd the property, and asserted positively that from the showing made on the surface and down to the iiOO-foot level, together with assays mads from ore on the dump, the mine waa very rich, and required but the necessary capital to clean out the cave, which they estimated could be done at an expenditure of less than $23,000. absolutely placing the property on a basis paying at least S20.0U0 a month. A few months ago the company was reorganised, with Hugo C. Relchenbach. the eminent German mining man, at its head, and Robirt Barnett. a well-known and successful California mining superintendent, was placed In charge of the work with necessary machinery to properiy open up the Company gives the net returns from one of the freight charges were deducted. Thla shipment $32.70 Mex. silver, freight paid. We reassayed your ults. I will advise El Paso works to send me the wr Very mir, ... ..... . . maefrCTV44 -V 'saiiaaa xa Xa. property,; This Is the asm succtsaful Barnett who superintended the development of the famous Santa Rosalia Mine of Mexico, the stock of which was sold on the installment plan at is cents per shart. and which becan paylnc dividends of lO cents a share per month within four months after purchase, and the stock advanced from 18 cents to 83.00 a share within twelve months after pnrchasi. Two hundred thousand shares of the treasury stock of Tarasca Company were placed oa the market a few months ago, and gobbled up In short order by Installment purchasers, some of whom investlsated the property, and wire so well pleased that they purchased more than they could possibly complete payments upon; althoush a few months' time will see the rreat Tarasca Mine rspeatlns the history of the other rreat tributary properties by once more yielding up its fabulous wealth in dividends to Its lucky shareholders. Forty mtatrs are now working night and day, and steady shipments of Its rick ore wtll begin again within the next thirty days, and It will soon be next to Impossible to purchase thla atock at any price. Since the reorganization of the company Prasl-dent Retchenbaca has been besieged with requests from those who are familiar with the great possibilities of this rich mine to secure a small Interest la this stock and participate la the dividends which are sure to follow the reopening of the property. He has been unable to comply with these requests until now, when there are a few of those who overloaded and have more stock than they can carry that have requested him to secure some to assist them. Consequently Mr. Relchenbach offers aa opportunity now for any who wish to secure this stock on the same liberal Installment terms ' - v. v-1 v-:...- . HUGO C. RZICHENBACH. PRES. TARASCA GOLD MINING CO. upon which It was originally sold, to get a small amount, the price being $1.00 per share, payable In cash, or aa follows, in ten monthly payments: Number of Monthly - shares. payments. ' Total. 25 $ 2 BO $ 29.00 60 6 00 60.00 - 100 10.00 100.00 aoo ao.ou 200.00 soo 30.00 boo. 00 4O0 eO.OO 400.00 600 50.00 6OO.0O 1.000 100.00 1,000.00 2.000 200.00 2.000.00 As long; aa this atock lasta, there being less than 20,000 a hares on hand now that can be bought at that flgure. but it Is absolutely certain that a short time will see every share worth many times thla aum. - Every care has been taken for the protection of small investors. The articles of Incorporation and the by-laws of the company make the atock absolutely nonassessable. It la agreed that Investors should under no circumstances forfeit any money paid in for atock. That is, if one should subscriba- for 2.000 or less shares, and. after making one or more payments, be unable to meet an Installment, stock for every dollar that bad been paid shall be issued to the purchaser. If there are any readers of this paper who derstre to stand In, In a email way, on thla wonderfully rich mine, they are advised to write or call on Mr. Hugo C. Relchenbach. President Tarasca Gold Mining Company of Mexico. 100 Randolph street. Chioairo. Rooms 20 and 20S, 2d Boor, and arrangements will be made to get a few of them la on this desirable opening. The day is past when it Is safe to believe that all statements are honest until the party making them la proven dishonest. The writer does not wish or expect any reader of this paper to accept one word of this article is true until it baa been proven true by the best bank references and tha reader convinced that the men at the head of thla company are absolutely square and honest, and that every statement made by them can be absolutely relied upon. " - Officers, Directors, maid Prominent Stockholders. Hugo C Relchenbach. German Mineralogist, president. Herman 8. Martin, formerly of Bwaaey A Martin, bankers; ProVo, Utah, treasurer. Hon. Robert Barnett, ex-Internal Revenue Collector. 4th District of California, secretary. Hon. H. 8. Foote. United States JudgeMcAlea-ter, Indian Territory. Marshall B. TVoodworth, United States Attorney, Northern District of California. San Francisco. Hon. C. 8. Denson, ex-Judge Superior Court. Sacramento. Cat. B. D. Pike, wholesale merchant. San Franeisco,-Cal. Wm. Lewis, wholesale tobacconist. San Francisco, CaL . Maps, pictures, affidavits, and Information regarding the property will be furnished free upon application to Hugo C. Relchenbach. 10 Randolph ' a tree t, Chicago, Koorai 204 and 205. 2d Hoar.

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  1. The Inter Ocean,
  2. 08 Nov 1903, Sun,
  3. Page 18

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