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, Allen-port by of a Oali-iornia. of ! j sup-! sup-! ! j ; a J ! j ac-1 ac-1 j i amoun-d Ar-hur j i Mon-M" CONTROLLER WITHDRAWS HIS OBJECTIONS i Road Work !n Conjunction : ..... . . m- m- Wltll StatC Will NOW GO For-. For-. For-. Waitl WithOUt IntCrmptiOn.'Tuesday. n CONCESSIONS MADE. County Controller Thomas J. Un-i Un-i Un-i derwooil. before leaving for his 'summer vacation to be spent at Sparrow Lake. Canada, yesterday, withdrew from his position which j li? took several weeks ago. in re-1 re-1 re-1 fusing to advertise for bids for the construction of several important county bridges, authorized by the 'commissioners, and also to signing of certain road contract agreements between the county and the High-! High-! High-! way Department. The advertise-( advertise-( advertise-( meiit for bids for these bridges has already been published, and road agreements were signed by : him before b" left, one to be signed by his chief deputy during his absence. absence. Th" matter of the controller's stand in these matters came to the attention of the public recently when the commissioners gave out for publication a statement of tbeii side of the matter, and averring that Mr. Underwood's refusal to advertise advertise these bridges or sign these agreements was seriously affecting the road program for this year. The State Department of Highways Highways in letters sent the county authorities, authorities, clearly indicated that the state was not pleased with the delay delay on the part of this county. The commissioners were put in an em barrassing position for the reason that thy. in appreciation of tin consideration the Highway Department Department had given the county in the matter of extensive aid for road ' work, had met every allocation oi road funds to this county. On the William Penn highway project, for which the state is pay- pay- ins all the cost, the work had pro- pro- j gressed to the point where it. was ! necessary that something he done; as to the bridges the county must build on (hat mute. It was neces- neces- j sary that bids be received and con- con- : tracts let. at once for these bridges, j The controller, in answer to the commissioners, took (lie position that he had not acted on the matters matters for the reason there was not sufficient funds to do the work. He called attention to the lack of funds i in tin1 general account, and that, i money had been transferred from I the road account to the general account account and that loans also had been made to tide business over until; the taxes came in. ' j The commissioners replied that it was not unusual at this time of the year to have to borrow money, i pending the receipt of taxes. Their contention was that in the budget for this year these matters in dis- dis- ' pule had been provided for. and 'onsidered in the tax levy. Therefore, Therefore, while the money was not ac-: ac-: ac-: tually in the treasury, yet the conn- conn- ' ty could be confident it would be there when these contracts were completed. The controller, just before he lett. met witn (tie commissioners and told them he would withdraw from the position he had taken. The commissioners say no concessions concessions were made to the controller induce him to change his mind. They have felt all along they were doing the right thing, and that the controller had no grounds for holding holding up these road and bridge mat-t mat-t mat-t ers. ! a the

Clipped from The Daily Republican14 Jul 1928, SatPage 1

The Daily Republican (Monongahela, Pennsylvania)14 Jul 1928, SatPage 1
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