Glenn Byron Wainner, home handyman, 02 May 1954 - Part I

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Glenn Byron Wainner, home handyman, 02 May 1954   -  Part I - 2 c o in o .2 01 o. o TJ Like Glenn Wainner....
2 c o in o .2 01 o. o TJ Like Glenn Wainner. 2264 Daisy Ave more and more uating into more technical operations by acquiring and Home Handyman T HERE'S A NEW SOUND in the land. On any still day and sometimes far into the night you can hear it -- the snarl of the power saw biting into wood. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like the home workshop to thousands of budding craftsmen craftsmen who are discovering to their amazement Hint they can drive a nail without drawing blood. Once the mystery of the ciaw hammer is mastered the home handyman graduates to m o r e technical operations, like sawing a straight line. Small successes lead to large ambitions, and with confidence comes powered hand tools. At this point it is only a question of time until the bench saw moves into the garage and another instrument is added to the neighborhood symphony. Home shop fans heatedly argue the merits of power equipment individually motored u n i t s as against the all-in-one gadget, radial radial saws vs. bench saws, sta- By Herb Shannon tionary tools as c o m p a r e d to portable attachments. But from the household puttcrcr with the five-foot shelf of hand tools to t h e graduate h a n d y m a n with $3000 worth of p r o f e s s i o n a l equipment, they find a common enthusiasm -- the satisfaclion of doing the job themselves. TO SOME, like Frank Erick- f.on, Independent, Press-Telegram circulation man, of 1526 Magnolia Magnolia Ayr., the pleasure of working with wood is only a happy byproduct byproduct of his efforts. His real purpose is a dollars- and-ccnls approach to the problem problem of furnishing a home. From his g a r a g e workshop have come cabinets, de.sUs, tables, tables, a television enclosure, beds for the children, chests -- ^' x rooms of fine modern furniture To some, like Frank Erickson. 1526 Magnolia Ave.. the home workshop is means oi furnishing a home. at a fraction of the regular purchase purchase price. "The kitchen cabinets alone paid for my power tools," Erick- Kon claims. "Instead of paying $300 for ready-made cabinets, I made them for about $100." Erickson, who "fooled around wi'.h woodwork" in his Poly High days, maintains furniture building building requires no great skill. "Mostly, it's just patience," he explains. "You start with simple simple jobs and go on from there. "After a while you find there's hardly any kind of building job you can't do yourself. When my wife sees something she likes in a magazine now, I just cut out the picture and take it into the shop. Usually I manage to come up with a pretty reasonable facsimile." facsimile." For others, puttering about the home workshop is an end in itself. itself. "MY WIFK CLAIMS she's a power-saw widow," laughs Glenn Wainner, of 22C.-1 Daisy Ave., a service station operator. "But at least she knows where I am when I'm not at work; can hear me out in the garage," lie adds. Wainner is an old hand at home shop tinkering. He's had a workbench of one kind or another another everywhere he's lived. In K a n s a s , it was usually basement. Here he has spread out in the garage to the point where it needs enlarging in order order to accommodate his car. His collection of power tools would be a credit to any professional professional c a b i n e t shop. throe different kinds of saws, a belt sander, a d r i l l press jointer planer, all mounted separately separately with individual motors. With these and a complete se lection of hand tools, Wainner confines his woik to small projects projects "just to keep busy at something." something." At Christinas, he turns out toys and gifts for frieftdb The rest of t h e year he trellises for the garden, decorative decorative items for the home and pic patio fin-nilure. HIS MOST AMBITIOUS effort effort was a chest of drawers recently recently completed for a married daughter. "Kind of surprised myself with that one," Wainner says. "Took three months of evening work (Continued on Page 18.) . ' , d( - . - "

Clipped from Independent Press-Telegram02 May 1954, SunPage 143

Independent Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California)02 May 1954, SunPage 143
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  • Glenn Byron Wainner, home handyman, 02 May 1954 - Part I

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