Who is Patience Worth?

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Who is Patience Worth? - Who fe Patience Worth? Did She Ever Exist? Are...
Who fe Patience Worth? Did She Ever Exist? Are Mrs. Curran and She One and the Same Person? By lahbel M. Roas THE str?ng? case of Patienc Worth and her suppose communications with thi world has excited mo? than ordi nary interest since Mrs. John H Curran, of St. Louis, came t New York two weeks ago with he ouija board. Her public meeting at the home of Mrs. Herman Behr 183 East Sixty-sixth Street, hav. been attended by scientists, psy chologists, writers and experts o: varions kinds, who profess to b< batted by the writings of Pa to be baffled by the writings of Pa tiene?, presumed to have been dear 850 years. To some she has becom? a Jest. Others have swallowed wholesale the story of her origir and her persistent communication! to this world through Mrs. Currar and the oui ja board. A specialized minority are reserving judgment The psychologists are numbered among the latter. Who is Patience Worth? Did she ever exist? Are Mrs. Curran and she the same person? The psychologist who has had the fullest opportunity to study the phenomenon had a comprehensive survey of his conclusions in a re? cent issue of "The American Psycho? logical Review." He is Professor 1 'hartes E. Cory, of Washington to be' a disembodied spirit is correct. I Back in the recesses of the subcon? scious she was born; created in an ideal world, conceived in fancy. She has fashioned herself out of the stuff of the imagination afcd there she remains, admitting no interests that would contradict the illusion. Such Bhe believes and understands herself to b<a?an English spinster of long ago. "?Concerning an effort I made to way. These problems are: (1) sub? conscious memory and perception; (2) subconscious thought. Hypnosis has been refused because of a fear thet it might injure or destroy the ] ability to write and not, I believe, through the desire to avoid a thor? ough investigation. Most of the lit? erature of Patience Worth is con? ceded by critics to be of a high order. Reservoir of Knowledge "Mrs. Curran is very intelligent. Her quick, intuitive understanding 'The Sorry Tale.' Only a reading of the million and a half words that have been written can give an adequate idea of the great reser? voir of knowledge that is accessible to this secondary personality. A careful survey of Mrs. Curran 's reading from childhood leaves the problem of its source largely un? solved. Most significant to me is the bearing which the case has upon the problem of subconscious reflec? tion processes. It offers a new an? swer to the question that is of Mrs. John H. Curran, of St. Louis, who has kept the world guessing ivith her strange messages from Patience Worth a message is said to have come in this form: "Many moons ago I lived. Again I come. Patience Worth is my name. Wait! I would speak with thee. If thou shalt live, then so shall I. I make my bread by thy hearth. Good friends, let us be merrie. The time for work is past. Let the tabbie drowse and blink her [parentage. AU her knowledge of ma? terial things seems to be drawn from English association. She is familiar with the trees, flowers, birds and beasts of England. There are also : indications of a knowledge of New ' England life. Yet she has never ad [m'tted residing in England, or New i England, or anywhere. Her conver ; sation is strewn with wit and I ! 1 | ! , i 1 > j ' ( ; i ? i j ' ??

Clipped from New-York Tribune23 Nov 1919, SunPage 71

New-York Tribune (New York, New York)23 Nov 1919, SunPage 71
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  • Who is Patience Worth?

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