Winnie Wave Cannon Pettyjohn 1st female real estate in Oregon

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Winnie Wave Cannon Pettyjohn 1st female real estate in Oregon - First Real Estate Woman in Salem, "Winnie"...
First Real Estate Woman in Salem, "Winnie" Pettyjohn, Is Native of Marion County HHMSSSSSHSMMiaSW Handicap of Sex all Bosh, She Says; Sold First Prospect First Home She Showed Him Introducing Salem's first real estate "woman." Mrs. Winnifred Pettyjohn, better known In busi ness as "Winnie" Pettyjohn. Mrs. Pettyjohn was born in Silverton 65 years ago" she. said, but a woman never tells her right age even though she is in business so let that pass. She comes from pioneer stock. Her great grandfather, a Span ish nobleman, Lewis Casteel by name,, was one of the earliest circuit riders; Mrs. C. H. Cannon, Cannon, Mrs. Pettyjohn's mother, was born at Monroe, Oregon. Mrs. Pettyjohn was .educated in Salem schools, save for a few months spent in the Pringle country schools. She married Jesse Pettyjohn who was also the son of pioneers, his people having come here in 1847. where they were among the first grow ers of hops, and at one time owned the hill which Is now the BJlhee golf course Mr. Pettyjohn was connected SIXTEEN CONCRETE SPANS BEING BUILT County Bridge Program is Progressing Rapidly Engineer Reports Bridge construction in Marlon county Is moving along entirely satisfactory as far as the work is concerned. County Engineer Hedd Swart said yesterday after a trlD of Inspection to several of the projects. Including box cul vert 16 concrete structures will be added to the county road system system as result of labors this summer. summer. Engineer Swart was at the Drift Crek bridge site yesterday, where work was Started a - few weeks ago following award of the with T. A. Lhresley in the hop industry. In 1914 Mr. Pettyjohn Pettyjohn died and left Mrs. Pettyjohn Pettyjohn with two daughters and supposedly "well to do." but the truth of the matter was that there was mortgage on the home and a farm that was not paid for. Handicaps Overcome Mrs. Pettyjohn was totally un prepared for such a situation. But something had to be done as Mrs. Pettyjohn laughingly said. so she went to the Capitol busi ness college to see what she mlghtr be "fit for." " She came out a stenographer, and took her first job as a stenographer in the state accident commission. During During the war Mrs. Pettyjohn became became secretary to the district supervisor of the spruce division. It was daring this time while she was stationed at Newport. that the Idea of "selling" came to Mrs. Pettyjohn. . Friends of hers had a jewelry store and with something over 6000 men congregated in Newport there was considerable traffic in jewel ry, so in order to help out at busy times Mrs. Pettyjohn would go down to the store in the eve ning and help wait on customers. Soon she discovered she was sen ing much more than any one else in the store. About this time It became ne cessary for Mrs. Pettyjohn to come to Salem to sell some property. property. While In a real estate office office it occnncd to her to ask if there could be an opening for a woman in the business. The man asked this question wast the late Charles Neimeyer, and his answer answer was "sure, I would like to have the first novelty In Salem." Sells First Prospect This made Mrs. Pettyjohn a bit spunky so she went to her very good friend, the late W. H. Grabenhorst and asked him to take her in. Said he, "Why, Winnie, real estate is no place for a woman." He took her into the office Just to prove to her that it was not and In a vear's time Mrs. reuyjonn nau and be ribs as to Los and minor the Ed 4 - i 4 - . MM-- MM-- MM-- nffwAW MAM. cern. First pouring of beams opened her own office and what there will be made next week. he asserts. He also visited the Lake Labish region where a trestle is being erected "over land" with Port Orford cedar piling. The work Is progressing smoothly. A. H. Kingsberry has Just started putting In the detour bridge preparatory to construc tion of the box culvert which will be put in on the Turner-Aums- Turner-Aums- Turner-Aums- Turner-Aums- Tille road, and also the detour Dnuge preparatory is i cirn,.ut ,v tv mnrfririt ftr.t f.rMra hevond the eover- eover- tns money to pay the mortgage. ed bridge on he Rosedale road. Kingsberry has the sub contract for these two lobs, which are part of the county contract call ing for six bridges ana culverts on the Turner market roaa. is more she sold the first pros pect to come to the office the first house she showed him. "When I started in business for myself." said Mrs. Pettyjohn. I paid my last cent lor an au tomobile, and gave my note for the rest. I had taxes and interest interest on a mortgage to meet, and myself and two daughters for whom to provide a living. I often wonder how I had the nerve. But when the Interest came due on the mortgage I had In the first month I made 1400. That was in 1920 and the of fice was in the Adolph building Later Mrs. Pettyjohn moved to the Oregon building and now she is located in a ground floor office on South High street Being a woman in business has been no embarrassment. The business men of Salem have been wonderful 'In their cooperation and rood fellowship. Mrs. Pet Tuberculosis Control Work Olllinad TJprP tyjohn says she has succeeded KSUUII1CU. liclC because 8he got Into the sort of Introduced by Carle Abrams as one wno nas maae we uresuu anti-tuberculosis anti-tuberculosis anti-tuberculosis hospitals attain . national rating, and one who has rejected offers at great flnan ol.l sacrifices to continue his work here. Dr. C. G. Bellinger. snnerlntendent of the Oregon hos pltals for the treatment of tuner- tuner- wnat win8 enlosls. was the speaker at the Rotary club meeting yesterday noon. Dr. Bellinger showed X-ray X-ray X-ray films of chest conditions wnicn Illustrated the diagnosis and the results of treatment in tubercul work for which she was fitted. Many a time, said she, did she go to work as a stenographer with tears In her eyes, but as soon as she began her present work she was perjectly happy and still is. Said Mrs. Pettyjohn, "Persist ent, consistent bard work is Most, any woman is at capable of ten times more work than that which she does. It is not so much intelligence as it is f keeping an ideal and striking straight for it that wins success for a woman in business."

Clipped from Statesman Journal14 Aug 1930, ThuPage 3

Statesman Journal (Salem, Oregon)14 Aug 1930, ThuPage 3
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  • Winnie Wave Cannon Pettyjohn 1st female real estate in Oregon

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