Captain Henry Samuel Harte father of Ellen `nee Hart Pfeiffer 10 Aug Allentown Democrat

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Captain Henry Samuel Harte father of Ellen `nee Hart Pfeiffer 10 Aug Allentown Democrat - Muiiuiiv oi last week when Mr. U. to the effect...
Muiiuiiv oi last week when Mr. U. to the effect that j the possession of , , e P088310" ot aud who on being hunt-ondury. hunt-ondury. whatever to conceal a pair of dogs answering those that were beius brought forth Mr Tin Ul.JmlilXJZ.l't at 5 a. m. to meet the excursion Catasauqua. A special train the North Penn railroad, Quakertowu at 5.15 a, in., stop connect with the excursion At Jersey City the the gteamr Iticbard Stockton up the" Ithine of America," is justly called. For see advertisement in another MACUNGIE. The Mil- Mil- Band's fair aud festival was Hall, in Macungie, on last, under the favor of of interested visitors, mio tue enjoyment ot a time. The many acknowledgment the vast throngs of having overpaid with more than and of the pre-eminent, pre-eminent, pre-eminent, of the kind they had Became common terms. The the day probably added to mierest oi the display in the everywhere glimmering iiK-uiaiiug greens, me excellent the stillness of the night, spectators, the tables of high interest and to nu the imagination and to lifti The affair is nicely respeci, and reflects much originators and managers. A articles are to bechanced off, voting contests are Mayors of Reading and been pitted against each silver pitcher, aud the Americus club of Allentown the Americus Club at splendid and costly gold-heade'aue. gold-heade'aue. are a number of other an promising to excite The profits of the towards purchasing a new the band, and the object is to be hoped that the effort- will be generously people of the place aud sur-roi'ig sur-roi'ig A number of bands from been invited, aud will be to time during the continu-atof continu-atof which will, lie open on the dates-August 13, 17, 20, 23, 25, 27, and 3. MOTHER'S LOVE FOR Some six months ago houuds, male aud fe-e, fe-e, from the premises of .Taeoh in Hanover, near rtet.1,1... n 7 " search was made all arouud be found. Things thus ".o j,iijghji, ma made as tn how tlm ma. possession of them th da. that he had bought them a person who had represented being the owuer. As it shown that he had property he away peacefully, in full anticipation of that reward which is granted all the finally finally faithful. DEATH OF CAPT. II ARTE, OF CATASAUQUA.-Tlie CATASAUQUA.-Tlie CATASAUQUA.-Tlie many friends and acquaintances of ('apt. Henry S. Harte, proprietor ot tne Mansion House, in Catasauqua, Catasauqua, will learn with sorrow of his death, which occurred on Fridav evening last, after a long illness, first with heart affections affections and latterly with cancer of the stomach. In his death our county loses one of its best and most highly respected citizens. He years ago resided in this city, keeping the Pennsylvania Hotel. From here he went to Catasauqua and there opened the Mansion nouse, in which he did well. As a landlord he made for himself a wide extending acquaintance-He acquaintance-He acquaintance-He possessed certain qualities invaluable invaluable to the successful hotel keeper, and which enabled him to wield a large influence. He was kind to all who approached him, and generous to a fault in responding to appeals for charity. When the sound of the first gun roused the war spirit of the North to fever heat, he raised a company of volunteers and served as Captain of it with the 47th regiment regiment Penna. Vols, for a full three year term, and it may be said that he along with the regiment saw as much hard service service as any man in the army. His hardships hardships during the service impaired- impaired- his health, from the effects of which he never entirely recovered, and his name is now added to the roll of citizens of Lehigh county county who have passed away and will be long and affectionately remembered by the comrades comrades and friends who knew him best, and in that family circle wherein the best qualities of his nature were shown. His funeral took place yesterday. The attendance attendance was exceedingly large. The old soldiers soldiers turned out in very full numbers, along with citizens and societies. A more impressive scene can hardly be imagined, and it spoke in the most unmistakable terms of the respect and love entertained for the dead man by the community in which he bad passed the latter portion of his life. His large, generous nature had endeared him to all who knew him. In every relation of life he filled full the measure measure of his duty. A good citizen, an affectionate affectionate husband and father, a loyal friend, there was not one in the large procession procession that followed him to his last resting resting place on earth who was not a heartfelt heartfelt mourner for him whose death to them was loss, though to him, gain. The deceased deceased brought his age to 59 years. He left a wife aud nine children six sons and three daughters. SALISBURY CHURCH A SPLENDID NEW CHOIR NEW SUNDAY SCHOOL. About the 1st of February of the present year the members of the Salisbury Church, in Salisbury Salisbury tap., decided upon holding an election for an organist, and after a hard and bitter struggle, struggle, which at one time seriously threatened to split the church, Mr. Robert Benner was elected by a decided majority. In accordance Moore tep., Northampton countv. DIED. On thp fith inat in ttiis T.n. .:r- .:r- . r .... .. ,u v..j, ..uvinua, wile UL bUVl Broni;, aged 35 years. tin thp l.t In tl.l- tl.l- T. m T aged ol yearn, 4 months and 7 days. On the 4tb inrt., in this cltv, Hasnah, widow of the late Abraham Spinner, aged 76 years. On the 3rd iiwt., at Kne, Pa., Locis, son of Eli 3. 8aeifi!r, of this city, aged 20 years. vu uie nu imi , ai me voumy Aimnhouae, Allen . Gilbert, aged 39 years. On tho itli In., 11 . a. n, , , .. . . ..... ..... ..,,., , ubuuiu, fliauft a -, -, only cniia OI Thomas W. and Florence T. Saeger, aaed 1 vtar 1 month and 23 days. in ttA Mil In " I , . TT .. - ", ill voianrtmiiiii, VIIL. I1KSKT H. Harts, aged 59 years, 4 months and 23 davs. On the 6th inst., in Whitehall, David Tboiell, aged 61 years, 11 months and 22 days. ju mo oisi mi., io uaiasanqua, uabtet J., infant in nf PrpHtnn mil Un V1T.. ...... .. ... ..I , . i. . . u ...... j ncu 1 lllUlllll. in the 3rd inst., in Cataeauqua, Elizabeth McDow- McDow- ell, On the 3rd inat. In HnlnBiiimii. An.n. n . . , 1 J .-T .-T .-T .uuAiaA Ua.ll.ll., aged 21 days. un tne 4th inst., in Whitehall, Catbarihe, wife of Fred.rick Eberhart, aged 68 years. On the 16th ult, at Llangennach, Bouth Wales, Mar-OARBT Mar-OARBT Mar-OARBT Lewis, in the 71st year of her axe. vn me aim uit.,in 1 tiurlow, llelawar Uo., l'a., HlR-r HlR-r HlR-r Howard, son of Benjamin and Ida Heiiig, formerly t this city, aijed 11 months. in thp OtrA nl, 1 i n. .nr.. .. ... .u ,i. nniAiiiHii, Ann v.,podoi ivn-liam ivn-liam ivn-liam and Sarah Haintz, aged 5 months and 4 days. PUBLIC SALE OK , Valuable Real Estate. WILL be sold at poblfc sale, on 8ATURDAY the 3rd day of SEPTEMBER. 18S1. at 1 nVI-fc nVI-fc nVI-fc in the afternoon, on the premises below described, the following valuable real estate, to wit: No. 1 A valuable FARM situate in TJnner Milford townbip, Lehigh county, on the road leading from Vera Cruz to Limeport, adjoining lands of Peter Schu-ler, Schu-ler, Schu-ler, Thomas Lulbenaberger, Joseph Wieand and others, containing 135 Acres, more or less. About 12 acres thereof is eood meadow, which can he irrigated, about 16 acres irood woodland, and the bal ance of the very best farm land, in a high state of cultivation, cultivation, under uood fpnees, and divided into suitable nelds. 1 he improvements thereon consist of a double two story STONE DWELLING HOUSE. arranreu lor two lamint s. a awe stone Swiss f oarn, a targe wnaon sned, pig sty, ana other nect-Hsary nect-Hsary nect-Hsary outbuildings, such as are required on a well regulated farm. There are a variety of app'e and other choice fruit trees, grape vines, etc., on the premises, as alto two wells near the bouse, and a pump at the barn. The following described tracts will be sold aftpr thp above sale at the late residence of Jobn Backensto, deceased, deceased, to wit : No. 2. A certain tract of land situate In Lower Mn- Mn- cungie township, adjoining lands of Joseph Gaumer Henry Gorr, tract No. 3 and the road leadinir from A I. lentown to Macungie, (Millerstown,) containing about 12 ACRES of good farm land. The improvements thereon consist of a two story STONE DWELLING HOUSE, a frame stable, and other neccaaarv nnthnllri. ings. One of the best apple orchards and other truit trees is on the premises, and a good well at the house. No. S. A storchmife in Centreville. Lower Mneiin. ge township, with about 1 acre of land, adjoining tract No. 2, the road leading from Allentown to Macungie, and tbe road leading from Shimersville to Wescnes- Wescnes- viue. i ne improvements thereon consist of a two siory STORE axd DWELI.TYO TintTRE . anu I'luer necessary outouuuings. No. 4. A tract of half an acre of land, with a one story FRAME HOUSE. ! a frame stable, a good well at the house, a va- va- riety of fruit trees, etc., thereon, situate in Lowi-r Lowi-r Lowi-r Macungie Macungie townshln. adioinine lands of Tt. mi:imin Schneck and wife. 5. The account of George . Foering. 6. The lira! fl.nnunt a! P..l.nn W , " " - "tttwu Abraham Muthard. 7. The account of John W. Walbert and wife. 8. The second and final account Joseph Moser and Owen Snyder, domestic attachment nf Wiiinuohh., " Godsbnll. A . Prothonotary's Office, August Auditor's Lehigh County, SS. In the Orphans' Ti the matter of the account of executor of the last will nnd Follweiler, deceased. And now, August 1st, 1881, on & Dewalt, attorneys for Mrs. deceased, the court appoint A. H. to make distribution. From the Records, . Test Johh Vas The auditor abore named will s appointment, at his law office. street, second floor, city of Allentown, the 1st day of SEPTEMBER, the forenoon, when and where uiy hilcuu ii mey mins proper. ALLUJJ, H. August 10. Divorce X r ARTHA A. KELLER by A"? vs. iiianes a. Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh Term, 1881. To CltarUs II. Keller, the respondrnt In pursuance of an order of above entitled case, you are hereby appear before the .Tudee of said on the FIRST MONDAY of show canse, if any you have, why not be divorced from tbe bonds of into with you ; aud hereof fail not. GEORGE R. E. Wrioht & Box, Attorneys August 10. New BAYARD TAYLOR Said: "I take great pleasure iu leiiLu luu otueiny oi Mr. Bwiimn Hon. FERNANDO Said (1880): " I cheerfully consent name as reference. Mv bni-a bni-a bni-a will their fourth year) after their For new Illustrated Circular . SHORTLIIIKK. A. M Graduate, Media, Pa., 12 miles PUBLIC OF Valuable Real WILL be sold at public sale, cnth Haw nf Annna-r Annna-r Annna-r mei . , ...-j ...-j ...-j ... uvuuui, afternoon, by the undersigned, at Solomon Diefenderfer, deceased, township, Lehigh county, the estate, to wit : ?7n. 1 A l-Crtl,!,, l-Crtl,!,, l-Crtl,!,, tmAl a! IsnJ .. .. u....,u ..uv vl anuu, and 103 PERUHES, situate on the m lands of Asa Packer, deed-, deed-, deed-, cd a two Btory KHWik nwFT T TVa. with A torfi atsii-v atsii-v atsii-v Kfifb L-il.kAn L-il.kAn L-il.kAn fiWlfUt hitrn. tfllTitllPr with ntki , A iare variety of choice fruit premittt. tract, containing 17 ACRES and The above melitinneH nmnurtn reserve on the above day, in the tracts, as may be most practicable. The conditions will be made sale, and dne attendance given by

Clipped from The Allentown Democrat10 Aug 1881, WedPage 3

The Allentown Democrat (Allentown, Pennsylvania)10 Aug 1881, WedPage 3
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  • Captain Henry Samuel Harte father of Ellen `nee Hart Pfeiffer 10 Aug Allentown Democrat

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