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The Hawaiian Star 2/5/09. - WYTHE MONEY TO M5E GIRLS Following is a list ot...
WYTHE MONEY TO M5E GIRLS Following is a list ot cliaperones and tag-girls who are to serve on tag day, tomorrow: Chaperones Mrs. Lewton-Brain, Mrs. Royal D. Mead, Mrs. V. L. Whitney, Whitney, Mrs. E. Watson, Mrs. Fred Mac-farlane, Mac-farlane, Mrs. Mary Gunn, Mrs. Laiiz, Mrs. Geo, RodieK, Mrs. Carl Dn Uol, Mrs. J. R. Gait, Mrs. Herman Scnultzo, Mrs. Fred Bush, Mrs. C. M. V. Fors-ter, Fors-ter, Mrs. Clifford Kimball, Mrs. Arthur Berg, Mrs. E. D .Tenney, Mrs. Laura Wright, Mrs. Chas. Atherton, Mrs. J. P. Cooke, iJHss Grace Cooke, Mrs. V. J. Patterson, Mrs. W. A. Love, Mrs. A. N. Campbell, Mrs. R. Reidford, Mrs. F. E. Richardson, Mrs. P. F. Frear, Mrs. Alonzo Gartley, Mrs. Lansing, Mrs. Louis Abrams, Mrs. Captain Soule, Mrs. II. H. Williams, Mrs., Arthur Arthur Wall, Mrs. Mannlo Phillips, Miss Belle Weight, Mrs. J. W. Jones, Miss Lawrence, Miss Sarah Smith, Mrs. F. C. Atherton, Mrs. Clarence Cooke, Mrs. Z. K. Myers, Mrs. W. L. Moore, Mrs. C. M. Cooke Jr., Mrs. H. M'. von Holt, Mrs. John Lucas, Mrs. G. W. H. King, Mrs. A. Haneberg, Mrs. VS. J. Lord, Mrs. C. J. Campbell, Mrs. Foclte, Mrs. A. E. Murphy, Mrs. Gerrlt Wilder, Wilder, Mrs. C. J. Hutchlns, Mrs. A. U. Hawes Jr., Mrs. R. Foster, Mrs. J. A. Gilman, Mrs. Walter Hoffmann, Mrs. Frank Blake, Mrs. Al. Grlnbaum; Mrs. VlctorCollins, Mrs.- H. A. Robertson, Mrs. .Walter Leeds, Mrs. V. W. Church, Mrs. Fred Damon, Mrs. Herman Hen-drick, Hen-drick, Mrs. F. J. Lowrey, Mrs. A. F. Griffiths, Mrs. Riggs, Mrs. Sayres, Mrs. Gignoux, Mlss Esther Goo, Mrs. Johnson, Johnson, Mrs .Maud Taylor, Mrs. 'Mary Bettls, Misses Clarke, Arthur, Austin and Foster, Mrs. J. M. Dowsett, Mrs. Eben Low, Mrs. C. S. Wight, Mrs. O. C. Swain, Mrs. Marston Campbell, Misses Sheldon and Howatt, Mrs. E. G. Keen, Mrs. W. L. Emory, Mrs. U. A. Dowsett, MrsT S. C. Jones, Mrs. A. Fuller, Mrs. L. A. Thurston", Mrs. W. W. Hall, Mrs. I. M. Cox, Miss Whlt- ford, Miss Clalche, Miss Pope, Mf). O. F. Chllllngworth. Girls Misses Stanley, Bullen, j. Sutton, Misses Sutton, Dorothy Wood, Mario Ballentyne, Alice Macfarlano, St Goar, Lowe, Minnie Beyer, Helen Glrvln, Cordle Walker, Helen Alexander, Alexander, Mary Franca, Gretchen Falke, Le na Rltley, Paulino and Elsa Schaofer. j Poppleton, Mrs. Cora Rugenbach, Mrs. J Cheatham, Misses Dlnklage, Ethel Sapl- dlng, McVeigh, Winter, Sarah Lucas, Mary and Ranoino Catton, Wilhelmlna Tenney, RubsoII, Gras, Muriel Howatt, Blanche Sopor, Besslo Lawrence, Ella and Leslie Wight, Phoebo and Elizabeth Elizabeth Carter, Helen Wilder, Laura Ath erton, Ruth and Martha McChcsnoy, Margaret Peterson, Bessie, Catharine and Allco Hopper, Bertha and Esther Kopko, Mary von Holt, Margaret and Marlon Waterhouso, Juliet Atwater, Allco Hoogs, Ramona Marks, Ruth Anderson, Daphno Damon, Berhlco Halstead, Muriel Campbell, Dorothy Freeth, Myra Angus. Madge McCand-less, McCand-less, Laura Labiee, Florence Desky, Mrs. Dougherty, Mrs. High, Mrs. Dea-! con, Misses Sarah and Elizabeth Pratt, ' Emma Whiting, Marlon Brown, Agnes ' Gibson, R. Green, C. Lucas, A. Ly- cett, R. Hodnett, A. Green, T. Har-' ! rlson, Fannie Miles, Mabel Smyth, Edith Goo, Alice Ai. Ruth Richards, Dora Atwater, Fannie Hoogs, Jessie Kennedy, Helen North, Mrs. A. L. Castle, Castle, Beatrice Castle, Blair, Lucas, Mar garet Castle, Harriet Lucas, Genevlevo Langton, Margaret Ashford, Ladybird Ladybird Turner, Little Field, Psyche Berry, Berry, Dorothy and Louis Efflnger, Kaln, Allco Hastings, Eoln Winter, Hough, Bertha Harris .Dorothy Peterson, Elca-noro Elca-noro Blssell, Almeda Townsend, Maud do Brettevile, Alleen McCarthy, Ger trude McCorriston. Vivien Buckland, Edna Curtis, Georgina McKillop, Ethel 'Monsarrat, Hannah and Eva McCorriston, McCorriston, Mary Lucas, Maine Whiting, Jqsephino and Eunice Pratt, Magoon, Chapln, Told Mclnerny, Olmsted, Margery Margery McGulre, Emma Goo", Holon Gir-,vin, Gir-,vin, Nelllo McLean, Mollio Grace, Frances Murphy, Rosa Herbert, Hazel Buckland, Theima Murphy. Carrol Lowe, Helma and Rhunhllda White, 'Myrtle Schuman, Slla Pratt, Alice Brown, Cordelia Gilman, Van Nuys, Byron, Day, Mrs. Harold Giffard, Missies Missies Ermine Cross, Dora Saunders, Alice Cooke, Irene Fisher, Vera Damon, lAlico Spalding, Muriel Hind, Letltla ! Morgan, Anna Johnson, Louisa Perry, (Lucy McGulre, Helen Goo, Lizzie Aka-na, Aka-na, Julia Smyth, Hattie Ayau, Violet ' Austin, Iren .and Edith Glbbs, Garney Rosecrans, Orris Taylor, Elsie Lyd-'gate, Lyd-'gate, Rachel Churchill, Leslie Tulloch, lEmella Gay, Violet Maddell, Violet Richards, Lulu Weber, Martha Tulloch, Tulloch, Louise Moir, Electis Williams, Marion Austin, Frances Williams, Ora Lydgate, Ruth Ronton, Elslo Chal-,mers, Chal-,mers, Virginia Extrand, Amy Wong, Oleson, Hitchcock, Agnes Victor, Mary Kaalele, Martha Thurston, Shlpman, 'Ethel Whiting, Edith Smith, Alice '.Bond, Edith Chrlstopherson, Margaret I Cook, Fannie Moir, Doris Glrdler, jGwendolyri, Jaklns, Alice Davis, Jessie iMacaulay, Bernlco Dwlght, Juanlta Beckley, Grace Robertson, May Weir, Hessio Lemon, Sybil Winter. ONLY ONE DEATH E Only one death has occurred among tho people taken to the quarantine station station on account of dlptherla and scar-jlot scar-jlot fever In their homes. This was not a case ot cither disease but that or 'ono ot two enemic children in low J condition when placed in quarantine. SInco last report of two casos no contacts contacts havo gono down and the patients In general aro doing well. I There was an attendance ot sixty at tho N. G. H. non-commissioned officers officers smoker last night an dthey all had a good time. DUARANTIN

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The Hawaiian Star (Honolulu, Hawaii)05 Feb 1909, FriPage 3
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