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great grandfather Isadore Kroot? - 18, 1893. FOURTH EDITION NEWS took or that Ths...
18, 1893. FOURTH EDITION NEWS took or that Ths Cat, before Mcintosh, man been the by went spell Her and bed, she she She now the and in tbe the and lord for and on re of in The the p, of - " pi in 7r a - a in by s . a in - A Govern i - KILLED BY A MOTOR CAR. isaac k.root crushed to death in Washington street. r His Brother Isadore Badly Injured at tit's Same Tims Terrible Aocldent On the Curve From Wsushinffton Street to VlrarixOa Avenue. At S o'clock this morning motor car No. 818 on the Virginia avenue and Prospect street line, in charge of motormaa Charles Peck and conductor John Grimes, ran down two boys at Virginia . avenue and Washington street. One was instantly killed and the other was badly if not permanently injused. Occurring as it did, in the full view of hundreds hundreds of persons on the busy corner, it crested crested Intense excitement. . or vkont or the kotob. The two boys were Isaac and Isadore Exoot, aged eight and eleven years, respectively, sons of Ephraim Kroot, of 434 South Tennessee street. The ' boys were oa their way to the market - house and were running across the street at the point where the accident oc curred. A wagon passed in front of the car and when', it was ' gone the boys were in front ot ' the motor. The gong was clanging and the elder one seized his, brother by the arm and1 attempted' to pull him from tbe track; but the car struck them sad the little one fell under the wheels. The other v knocked down, but attempted to crawl out from under the projecting front . of the ear. which was' stopping. He did not succeed and was pinioned by the . wheel before the car was stopped.; :: ; , . raoac trHDBB ths cab. - In an instant a hundred willing hands seised the heavy bed of the motor and raised it, while the inanimate form of tbe youngest hoy was taken out and thr other was released and assisted from his perilous position. The little body of Isaac Kroot lay cold and still on the asphalt, and nearly every eye waa wet. aad all - shuddered, as the awful result of ths accident was realized. 'i ' Isadore Kroot waa at once carried into the Model clothing store, where - Manager Hays made every effort - to arrange' a. comfortable place for him. '.He was conscious, hut distracted, distracted, and . reaching his arms out to the crowd around him, . begged piteously for his brother. He was not told that the little fellow . was dead. His ' wails ' were ' so agonising that many of the spectators turned away heart sick. An ambulance was called, and he was taken to the office of Dr. J. W. Marsee, where his injuries were dressed.' ' They were bruises and. Internal injuries in the chest. bruises on the head, and bis left ear was badly torn. ' The surgeon could not determine from the nature of the Injuries as to the probability of ths result, but stated that he did not believe they would prove fatal. After being attended by the surgeon the boy waa seat to St, Vin cent's Hospital. - - ' - I - ' - i i THS DEAD SOT. : The first thought of those who rescued Che boys was that of giving succor to the one in jured. In the meantime the little dead bqdy lay within two feet of where death had oc curred, the place being marked by tbe trail of blood from the spot to the body. Hundreds crowded about the scene and the police had difficulty in clearing it away. The right side of the chest,' the right shoulder and 'the right side o tbs skull were crushed. He was . dressed in . a light waist, gray trousers akidw as' barefooted. As'one by one . the spectators crowded forward and viewed THI 6CEXS Or THS ACCIDENT. the body the greatest sympathy was expressed. expressed. One woman, who crowded to spot where; she oonld see, turned pale and wept. A bystander asked ber if she knew the dead boy.. "No, I do not," she answered; ''but 1 have two about the same age, and 2 feel for the mother of this dead boy. After waiting awhile, the ambulance returned, and ths dead" boy was removed to nermann ' undertaking undertaking establishment. i ths xoToaiiAS iiKrmo. Probably the coolest man after the acci dent was motormaa Charles Peck, He has been ia the service of the street - car company for several years, and was promoted to the position of motormaa : when the v irginia - a venue line was opened. Just after the acci dent detective Stout arrived and placed Peck under . arrest, ; and '' later he was placed in ; charge of Sergeant Bar low. He was permitted ; to take bis car back to the bm and was then taken to the police station for detention until the case was further investigated. The motor - man made a statement to Captain Quigley which was substantially that a wagon had - ob - trucitd bis new just before he rcacLel the curve. When it xao.: - i cut cl the way he saw the boys oa t' - .a other track. - He rang hie rpng, he sai - i, en l the boys did not stop. He then rang it as - ais. oi U ; boy jumr - ed ctrectly in front of t ha car. lie said that he was going siowiy. '"Yot can't expect a motorroan to stop a car without air - brakes when people do that way,!', he added. . i ITS WITNESSES STOBIFS. , Henry Sweetland. an ex - eouncilman, was a witness to the scculent. He says that the car was going saurely too fast vr so populous a portion of the city aad that the boys bad not time to get out or me way. as voey woaia nave nan u tne car naa oeea going lowly. Edward Harris, sn expressman, said it seemed to him thst the ' boys jumped . ia front of the car; that they appeared bewildered. He also aaid tnat the car waa going somewhat faster than usual at that place. G. W. Walker, another expressman, expressman, and Archie Jordan, a furniture mover. said practically the same about tne accident. Others who saw the accident said that the boys jumped in the way of the car. but all agree that the car was going unnecessarily last. The dead boy and bis brothers were Polish Jews and came to this city several years ago. i ts lamer, x.paraixa swroot, is a rag - uetuer. "BLUE RIBBON" DAY AT DETROIT Largo Attendance at the Colt Raoes Imitator V lUt tne Two - Ye - ar - Olde. Detroit, II ch., July 18 The Blue "Ribbon meeting - opet.t d here yesterday with, fully fifteen thousand persons present. It is the custom to make the first day "blue ribbon' day and the gates are opened to all free. Colt races constituted the program snd, as has been the custom for years, D. J. Campau; owner of the Chicago Horseman and president of the Detroit Club; acted as starting judge. Courier and Alehondre were the ones who made the race ia the 3:27 class. Raybould's Colonel Dickey, who was expected, to hay much to do with the race, was not ia form. In the two - year - old class Imitator, owned by R. 8. H.U1, of Indianapolis, was started, but did not make a showing. '; He is by Delineator, sire of the two - year - old McGiaty, 1:16?. Tbe summaries were as follows : Two - year - olds; trottingb purs 82.000. V Chris Lang, i: Expressive., Faustissinia 4 8 Sans bouci.. Lovelace 7 "Director's Flower.. 6 Altoner..... Bed Pointer, 8 8 N orlme. .11 ,. .10 Jack o Dreams Ecremont..... Imitator '.. .12 Time 2:2834, 2:2cJi. : Four - year - olds; trotting; purse $2,000. N yariia r.. . 1 Gift o' yeer ... , S Aunt DeUlah. .... - 4 Willow........ . . . x Blue Bell. . - . Jeswie C . 6 Lallah Wilkes... 1 Time 2:liri, 8:22?, 2:l8. 3:27 class: trotting: nurse 12,000: . . Courier 1 Alehondre , - S Bellini . 11 Sabini 4 Adre Belie....; 7 Beautiful Chimes.......... Wilkes 8 Glen woqd Prince 5 San Malo.... 8 Buseellmont.....m.........18 Uncle Tom........ .... 8 Elsie S .....................10 Colonel Dickie... 13 4 11 1 ' 1 3 8 3 3 8 10 8' 6 X 7 4 8 8 8 8 6 6 8 10 7 7 4 4 6 5 11 10 ? 10 dr. - ' 13 dr., - 12 dr. Time 3:17, 3:184, l:16e. 3:17, 3:17. , , Notes of the Track. ' Johnson, 2:06S. is one of the marvels of the light harness world. At sixteen years be still retains almost all his speed. In his mile in 3:11 on the Youngstown (.O.) half - mile track last week he.went the last quarter in :32. Jay Hawker. 2, 2:20. forced Miss Lida to step a second beat in 3:14 at Columbus last Friday, and it looks ss if he would be - among tbe three - year - old cracks of the season. Starr is to drive him in his stake engagements later. TomTaggart has purchased Irom Bert Shank a chestnut stallion by Ashland Wilkes. It is said the consideration was y'AMX). The stallion is an inbred Bed Wilkes, his sire being by fhe red son of George Wilkes, and his dam by the same sire. He la fast, and has shown quarters in 82 seconds, . He is two years old. . - THE KHEDIVE'S FRIEND. Oaman Paaoha 'Talks of Cotton - Rsis - - In if On the Anulent Nil. - ' Nbw Yobk, July 18. Osmaa Fascha, native administrator of th Egyptian State, has gone to Chicago to visit the World's Fair. The office which he holds bears the. same relation to Egypt that the Secretary oi Agriculture does to this country.: ' "What ia your opinion of the present state of political aSairs in Egypt? Do you pympa - thiie with the young iU edive ia his eflorts to drive me fenglish out of the country I" ha was asked belore his departure for Chicago. In reply, he shrugged his shoulders and said. "No." in French, emphatically. He would only say that he waa a great mend of the present Khedive, as be had ben or his predecessors, and that, hs considered him capable ruler. "What I am most Interested in this country,'" he said, "are your cotton plantations. plantations. You see my duties as the agricultural secretary of Egypt 'have led me to follow closely ths progress of agriculture in all parts of tbe world. I snail communicate with Sec retary Morton, and when I am done sight seeing at the World s J - air, with his kind assistance. assistance. I hope to learn all you American know about cotton - raising that we do not know. I lenr this is not much, for we have worked hard during the last two years to im prove our methods ot culture, and ous output, as you well know, has increased accordingly, and is of the best grade in me world." CLAIMED BY DEATH Col. Richard T.Aucbmuty Dies Snd' 11 - denly Other Dtiatbs. SraiHOFixtD, Mass., July 18. Cob Richard T. Anchmuty died at his summer residence at Lenox, about 4:80 this morning. He had been failing some time, but death was sudden and unexpected. ... j , Samuel B. Hall. : rstpecial to The Indianapolis Newal CxAYTOir, July 18. Samuel B. HalL one of the oldest and most respected citizens of this portion of Hendricks county, died yesterday at his borne in this place. He was eighty - one years old. . Dr. George W. Dryad. ' Special to The Indianapolis News ' Bloomisotoh, July 18. Dr. George W. Bryan, one of tbe best known physicians in this vicinity, a member of the pension board for years, is dead. . MEETING OF UNEMPLOYED. Sympathy With Anarchy - and a Flnan - ; olal Resolution. : Tacoma, Wash., July IS. A mass - meeting of unemployed was he.d last evening. Addresses were made py ex - oovernor I eats, of Douth Dakota, and P. J. Cowley, of Whatcom. Sympathy Sympathy was expressed with the anarchists and Governor Altgcld was commended for his pardon of them. A resolution was adopted asking Congress to coin all the bullion in the treasury and issue certificates to the extent of vaJ,Ikx),Qj0, and devise some means of keeping the notes lu circulation; also demanding a strict enforcement of the Geary exclusion act. TELEGRAM TV BRIEF. The President Las gone fishing on lit. Benedict's yscht. , - Emma VaJers, tbe actress,' was declared insane at Atlantic City, N. J. Her father took ber to her home in Philadelphia. Thirty - three persons living in IltDOTer county, Virglnia, have been converted to Mor - momsm. Most of them are young women. The American Protective Tariff I - ai7ne. at New York, has reoeivedthe acceptance of Flavfis J. VanVorhia, of Indianapolis, as sec retary of the league for Indiana. Five people in New York who slept on fire - escapes last night to escape the heat of tenements fell to the ground. Two men were internally injured and may. die. while three others had arms or legs broken. lie cent reports of s popular upribiaj among the people of Cores against foreigners, the purpose being to .drive all aliens out of that country, appear to have been without foundation, in iact, according to advices re ceived by the Presbyterian Board of Missions ia New York. " James A. Fpenccr, chairman of the executive executive committee of the Cclored Cetho'ao Congress Congress of the United Stcte has leaned a call from Charleston, S. C, fcr the fourth Nit local Citi.o'x Cciore i Ccisjp - esa. to be held in Ciu - t.tco. Hi., September 4 next. Accompanying tLe call is a let i cr of approval from Archbishop I vt '.ia n, of Ctk - tiitur : s i I',., t. More ;n cbr.m - ;Ti I :atj Circuit Court - r the ,1 cf "V .i - iii: - .'., ac'.irg under a :,a C - 'ctril Tru - .t C - iirj - .nj - , cf t - " - - c; t : ' bill .'. ; i ' : New ' i . Kpencer, ter as rc - ifcroad Co i

Clipped from The Indianapolis News18 Jul 1893, TuePage 1

The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana)18 Jul 1893, TuePage 1
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