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E of is ; to of In-turders the the in of to an of la of of WEALTHY MEN PARADE IN DELIVERY WAGONS Members of Horse Show Association Furnish Amusing Features of Night's Programme. ACCIDENT OCCURS IN ARENA. Inmates of Orphan Institutions Enjoy Exhibitions of Ricli Children's Ponies and Fancy Teams at Matinee. Wealthy men driving delivery masons furnished the amusing feature of the horso show programme last night. When A. A. Busch. Max K. Orthw eln and other wealthy members of the Horse Show Association came forth from tho stable gate, sitting on the front seats of "butcher, baker and candlestick maker's" wagons, the entire assemblage got up 'and yelled. Naturally the first prize and blue ribbon went to the sure-enough delivery driver of the Prufrock Furniture Company. The moral of this should be that the millionaires had better stick to their four-in-hands, tll-burjs and tandems and leave delivering to the men who know how to do it. No doubt the millionaires are not anxious to exchange their position for that of the dellv-cryman. Tho evening was a very pleasant one and saw a much larger crowd out than the previous night. The events In the arena grow more Interesting each night, and the assemblage appreciates them better. The matinee was a -very pleasant affair. Through the consideration of the Horse Show Association tho orphans from the various Institutions of St. Louis were invited to attend the show. Some 2 000 children from the asylums saw the rich children's ponies and fancy teams exhibited and seemed to hugely enjoy the spectacle. The orphan children were aU handsomely dressed and their appearance reflected the utmost credit on the Institutions which provide for them. RUNAWAY CAUSES EXCITEMENT. The evening events went off withojt a hitch, though Mr. L. H. Handy's roadster. His Highness, driven by Mr. S. M. Parker, made too short a turn In the opening claB, threw Mr. Parker against the promenade railing, then kicked the runabout to pieces and threatened to run away. This accident caused a panic In the arena. The other competitors all drove out to give the runaway room. His Highness was sub-dued later. Mr. R. H. Orthweln's champion saddle horse. Rex McDonald, gave an exhibition j during the evening'. The great old saddler showed fine form, looked weU, If a bit heavier than of jore, and gave an exhibition which proved that he has not altogether forgotten how to,do the five gaits. Mr. C. B. Woodward's high school mare. Limestone Belle, gave the smoothest exhibition of her life under the muter hand of the "Man from Mexico," and secured the applauso of the evening. The failure of Mr. Ralph Orthweln to show his great carriage pair, British Lion and Eagle, disappointed the crowd Very much. They "were entered In two classes, but did not appear in any. Mr. Orthweln explained by saying that they were not within the standard of the classes, which called for horses under IS S hands in height. They are over that height. Still, the spectators would have liked to have seen them In the Ting, even If some one protested and the Judges had to measure them. WINNERS AT EVENING SHOW. The first class of the evening was the excellent roadsters. Ten hones showed, and once more Mr. Cartln's fine mare, Rhea W got the place. Vlometta took second and Harry, third. This award was in line with that of the afternoon, when the same horses finished that way, but It was a reversal of the previous night's award, when Harry beat the mares. Appointments did not count in this class, so the award of the previous evening was more than reversed. In harness pairs, Mr. Max Orthweln's Martini and Manhattan had a walkover, Mr. H R. Cuendet's Commodore B. and Harry W. being disqualified. As was pointed out in yesterday's Republic, Mr. A. A. Busch's roan gelding, G. Kingsbury, -u beaten the previous night by Mr. Crawford's Callaway Boy In a walk, trot and canter class. In the combination ning mares and geldings, suitable for riding and driving, O. Kingsbury won easily from Callaway Boy, who beat him on the previous night. Callaway Boy was second and Eclipse, who waa third the previous night, was third here. Eclipse is a grand horse and made a splendid showing, but acted, green. His conformation Is excellent and he will be hard to beat by the bsst later on. John S. Bratton's good pair. His Highness and May bird, won the Interesting, sporty tandem class. In this ciass the diivero must unhitch the leaders and ride them v.u . jiiuiy. xiarry lirauam. Air. Bratton' hMH i..i, ..- T7 .-- 7Uu7U,t. """ "un in great stjlo and Maybirds excellent showing over the lencea won ior Air. Bratton. Graham rodo I the mare splendidly. Air. Asfabrook ol Kan- I sas City took second with Thistledown anil Jnirhinuir u ,.... ...., ... "."" ana waTflrVJ'.r.r'rj- ?.m "". - - - -. w.a juuv, uul uui leauer hit the rails. Graham was over second with Maybird. Air. Murray waa nrst in the saddle of Ills leader, but his foot misused his left stirrup and he did not get o cr tha fence In time. The great Orthweln horse, British Lion was In the wheel of his tandem, but the performance of Narego, the leader, was bo poor that It beat the team. Air. Bratton's Alay Surprise and Three Tip won the handsome class for pairs In harness under 1&3 and over 15 hands. Alay Surprise gave a spiendld exhibition and has grown into a good horse. He will give Btlt- Mn."'.Mait,9'forJhe show cnsunPion-ehlp that will be worth seeing. Grey Eaglo and Ontario, a nice pair shown by Crow & Murray, took second here, while Mr. A. A. Busch ran third with. Marie and Edra, his sterling mares, who have won so many ribbons. Airs. AL B, Orthweln's improving pair, Alanhattan and Alartlni. got the V. H. C. here. Miss Alary Crenshaw of Lexington, Ky a sweet-faced Kentucky girl, won the prize of plate offered for the best lady driver Sho drove the dinicult horse Sousa beautifully, and the spectators applauded her to the echo. Miss Mae Bratton handled a bad actor. Ogle, very brilliantly and got second. Mrs. Jones also, had a bad horse in flrlvA nnA n,, rio.n .h, ..i....7 - -..- .. nHM ,, UiMU UaUC Th clan, tar riiw .-.- toiJ -i..j ... I class lor delivery pairs afforded vast amusement In that many millionaires acted as drivers. "Mr. O. B, Orthweln drove a team in a butcher wagon owned by the Maryland Market Company. Mr. A. K. Busch drove the Corcoran produce wagon, while Air. Bratton drove an Anheuser-Busch beer wagon. First prize went to the W. Prufrock Furniture Company, while Mr. Busch took second with the Corcoran Produce Company. Mr. Orthweln was third with the Maryland Market Company wagon. The class for high jumpers saw some pretty work. Willie Price, Maybird, Thistledown, Timpertopper, Mavergo, The Bard, Rupert and others did well over four and one-half feet of honest timber. Rupert Is well liked to break the world's high-Jumping record at this show, but he missed his first fen yesterday. Bloomlngtoca, a beautifully formed horse and sure jumper, won the class. The Bard was second and Myopia third. Hada Marantette'e boy and girl, on their lumping- ponies, gavo a splendid exhibition, both afternoon and evening; FASHIONABLE SOCIETY FILLS BOXES AND FRONT SEATS. The boxes and front rows of seats were again filled with vicll-dretxwd men and women, representative of St. Louis fashion and society. The handsome toilets were of a kind that were not seen at either the first or second night. Sociability prevailed, and there was much visiting from box to box. The promenade was again popular, and at some time in the evening nearly all of those occupying boxts bvvung round the circle. Not onlj the men but many of the women Insisted upon leaning over the rail for a better view of borne favorite In the ring. There seemed to bo more Interest taken in the horses than formerly, and when tho Jumpers were being bhovvn every ono uianifeoted xnuLh Interest. lorl Mr. and Mrs. Bsron Nugent, Miss Julia Lake and Bron Nugent, Jr. Io. 2 Mrs. Calvin, Mrs. T. I'. Conant, Mrs. Charles W. Nugent. T. P. Coinut, Doctor and Calvin Uglitner and Charles W. Nugent. Io. S i V. Jones. Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Church and Thomas Crouch. No. 4 air. ana jlrs. . C Arthur of Mount Vernon, 111 . Miss Eleanor C. iamitn. of Boston, Mass., Mr. and Mrs. Millard, h. 11. Fulltrton. No. O P. B. McCormick, Judge Fossv rarmlnton. Mo. No i Miss Viola Denolst, Miss Josephine Salorgne, ills:, Marie Hughes, Evansvllie, Ind ; Mr. and Mrs. Jean Chopin, Doctor Ueorge Chopin, Arthur Miyer, Uiorge Vant. No. 10 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bell, Mr. anu Airs, vvuiard Teasaalc, Mr. ana ilis. Alonzo AscufC No. 13 Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Tans.ey. Mr, and Mrs. Charles T. Clark, Miss Ida Melller. No. 13 Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Tavlor. No. 14 Mrs. F. U. Britton. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Waldron. No. 1&-Mrs, F. W. Nolker. Miss Ellen O'Nell. Fred W. Nolker, Louis T. Walker. No. 1C George R. Manning, Mrs. George R. Manning, Mrs S HopperKamp, Frtd C Blanke, Miss Alice Moore, Miss Helen Moore. . No. 17 Mr. and Mrs. Mcnienwertht Mr. and Mrs. J. Blank, Mrs. Schmitz, Mls3 Llllie Anhouser. No. is Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Peters No. 2D Mr. and Mrs. T. Bertram Cady, Miss Moreau, V. Biancl of Philadelphia. No. a Joseph W. Ames, William M. Armstrong Russell Freeman. Mrs. William M. Armstrong, illss Uugenia Getner. No. 20A. U. Curtis. No. 24 Mr. and Mrs. A, W. Lawnln, Miss Gertrude Ituckwood, Mr. Aglar. No. 25 Commander William A. Marshall, U. S. N., Miss Marshall, Mrs. E. C. Tett-mann. Miss Tetttmann, Miss Emma F. Tett-mann. No. 25 William Goldi, Jr., Gaston Ak-roun, Walter Gardner and J. F. Terfening. No. 27 Sam Lazarus, Mrs. Sam Lazarus, Miss Louise Scarritt and Miss Henrietta Lazarus. No SO Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Kann, Ed Obermeyer, Miss Walnwright and Mlsa Sclomcr. No. 22 Miss Nellie B. Harlns, Mrs. F. T. Christman. Lcontine Calrus and Mrs. N. G. Housard. No 33 Mrs. E. C. Simmons, Miss Glenn, Misses Mcltee, F. Sujmour Hall, G. W. blmmons. No. 34 Miss Kinney, C. Halle. No 25-Mrs. H. E Trendley, Mrs. J. S. Bratton, Miss Mae Bratton, Jack Bratton, John Trenaiey. No. 43 Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Curby, Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Griesedlck. No. 41 H. J. Dennis. Mrs. H. J. Dennis. Miss Glazebrook, Dewey Hickey, Will Lawrence, Itobert L. lletlges. No. 45 Mr. and Mrs Max Orthweln, Mr. and Mrs. Herman C. StifeL No. 46 Mr. and Mrs. James Buget, Mr. and Mrs. Armin Orthweln, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bluthardt and Mrs. Charles V. Orthweln. No. 49 Mr. and Mrs. David R. Calhoun, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harrison-Steadman and Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gregs, Jr. No. Dl Mr and Mrs. Frame Fellows of Springfield, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Orthweln. No. 3 Mr. and Mrs Marion Fuqua, Mr. and Mrs. James Unruh and Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brown. No. 54 Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. L. IL Thompson. No. 65-C K. D. Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. William Mofatt, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Laldley, Chouteau Walsh. No. 68 Mr. and Mrs. John Grant, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bauer. No. 57 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Porter, Mux xieien sorter. No 5& Mr. and Mrs. Charles Broe, Mr. and Mrs. W. A Gardner, F. D. Gardner. No. & L. V. HetzeL James Gurney, Jr. No. 60 Mrs. J. C. Roberts, Mrsi. Oscar Johnson. Miss Helen Rand. No. 62 Mrs. Frances Leland, Miss Amelia Lcland, Louis Leland, Frank Leland, Miss Elsa Lungstras, Robert Lungstras. No. 63 C. R. Drummond and party. No. 65 Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Rosenheim. Miss Llllie Mitchell. A. F. Rosenheim. No. 66 ilr. and Mrs. J. U Mears, Mr. and i Mrs. F. J. Carlisle. No. 67 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Moon, Mr. and Airs. j. tr. irrtcu. No. 69 Mr. and Mrs. Wagoner and party. No. 70 Edward J. Butlerr Jr., Mrs. Ed-ward Butler, Jr. No. 71 Doctor Holmes, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. H. Hodgen. Mrs El Craig, Dootor F. W. Patton, Mrs. J. Y. Nugent No. 77 Doctor and Mrs. Holmes, Mrs H. Hodgen, Mrs E. Craig. Doctor F. W. Pat-ton, Mrs. J. G. Nugent. No. 80 Mrs. W. El Tavlor. Mrs. Ev H. Booth. H. R. Wright, E. H. Booth. No. a Mr. and Mrs. Gill. Mr. Skldmore, Mr. BIchop. Mlts Merrltt of New York. No. 13 R. BokwelU John Fowler, Claude Kllpatrick. No 81 Miss Annie I. McLean, Mls Mc-Encry. Mrs. Joel M. Friedo, F. J. McLean. No. S3 Colonel Stlckney, Mrs. SUckney, Miss Stlckney, Mlas V. Stlckney. No. S7 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. De Jong. Mr. and Mrs. David Lauber. Mrs. Walnwright, Mrs. McFarland. CIIILDRES E5JOYED TlIE POMES. Little 'Folks Hugely Pleased by Exht- bltlon at the Matinee. Children from the various homes enjoyed a very nice time with children from palatial homes irom tne city, ine yuuug&ieis irom the asyiums and Institutions made a splendid appearance, and reflected great credit-on the institutions from which they cams. They were all remarkably well dres3t.d, well (roomed, and tho exhibitions of the children In the ring seemed to please them very much. There was a large crowd of ladies and children In the boxes and mezzanine, ana many were in tne promenade. Tno classes In the rlnc were exceedingly interesting for the little ones. Tho pony classes were especially applauded, Toeedlngs started with coach horse3. Mr. W. H. Burntt's pair had a walk-over, thres other pairs being declared Ineligible under tho conditions. ..Tho next class was that for ladles' sad- dlers. Miss Mae Bratton won with her handsome bay mare Zlnka. The little lady gave her mare splendid handling, got all there was in her out of her and won handsomely. The victory was no less a tribute to the mare's ability than to the young rider's handling. Mrs. Bratton rode a splendidly conformed horse. Eclipse, and was second to her daughter. Eclipse seemed to quite outscore Zlnka In conformation, but was scarce as woll educated. Mme. Marantette, a splendid horsewoman, roue Kay and made a clever showing. The pony tandem elicited a deal of applause from the youngsters. Three teams competed. The J. B. S.ckles Saddlery Company won the class with a pretty pair of piebalds. Mr. Bratton's team and Mr. Crawford's pair also competed. The gaited geldings saw a nice new horse In Jack of Diamonds, owned by Mat S Cohen of Richmond, Ky. This Is a nice bay, a One actor, well gaited, especially in rack. He bears all the earmarks of a good hcrse. That he waa good enough to beat Red Bud Is sas ing a lot of him. Red Bud, Mr. 1 nomas Dunn's horse, did and looked his best. Ho was simply beaten by a better horpe. Bridge, owned by Mr. Bratton. easily beat an inferior lot in horses suitable for light vehicles. Primrose, owned by Crow & ilur-ray of Toronto, took second, while Mr. Bratton's Bridge ran third. Mr. Bratton's unbeatable Dony. Hi Hollar. won the class for penies in harness This pony Is almost unbeatable in this class and has won it for years. Primrose ran a good second. Mr. Burrltt's Nona of St. Lout-, waa third and Dixie, owned hv .1. r?nd Hnrrtnir. ion oi mis city, was lourtn Air. Bratton sweot the tandem cla easllv taking first and third, while Crow & Alur-ray ran second. In trotting stallions Kentucky's Peak, owned by J. R. Peak of Winchester, I1L, re- Seated his victory of last year by beating Ir. Bratton's Three Tips. This was a very Interesting ring. The open ring for roadsters saw Rhea W win over Max Orthweln's Harry, who was given the ribbon over her on Tuesday night. Appointments scored in this class and AIT. Orthweln's runabout was not regarded as the equal of Mr. Carting's rig. Hence Harry ran second to Rhea W. Rhea put up a splendid showing and deserved her ribbon. She ls a beautiful mare, bar a little choppy action in front. Harry acted as usual, a grand rough horse, but ono in need of training, galtlng and especially to have his hind legs set-Tip under him. Doctor Rust's Vlamella beat Harry for second place. She Is a nice little thing, even and well gaited, but of no particular force, bone, or aggressive merit. An fTclting Incident of the proceedbsaW fa S K. p Its passenger at the car, on decoration as the the " and Mr. the the held The the County hold J. ?' to h ...

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