Inflammation of the Bladder - The St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO) - 15 Feb 1903

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Inflammation of the Bladder - The St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO) - 15 Feb 1903 - Inflammation of the Bladder Mr. Michel...
Inflammation of the Bladder Mr. Michel Blandypos, Secretary Marlow Club, New Orleans, Who Suffered From Inflammation of the Bladder, CURED BY the Only Absolute Cure for AH Diseases of the Kidiey, Liver, Bladder and Blood. WARNER'S SAFE CURE. J A Mr. Michel Trtotlemen; It affords me the finfA Oni-A an T fnnsMr It w-ns thp snip means a tj ncarlr three years with inflammation of the bladder, causing me severe pains, also the most terrible headaches, and at times I was unable to attend to my regular duties. I doctored'wlthout-receivlng any bpneflt and felt very discouraged, .when a club friend advised me to try Warner's Safe Cure. It seemed as It there was not a sound organ in jny body-when I began'using it. but I gradually Improved and felt much encouraged. It took seven months to fullv restore me to health, but during that time I used no medicine but the Safe Cure, and therefore know that I owe my recovers' and good health of to-day ntlrely to it. and am pleased to indorse It. Very truly yours. MICHEL. BLANDYPOS, 1027 Marais St., New Orleans, Li. Dec. S, 1802. Secretary, 'The Marlowo Club." "SAFE, CURE" CURES KIDNEY DISEA8E. ' If you have pains In the back, rheumatism, uric add poison, rheumatic gout, diabetes, Brlght's disease, inflammation of the bladder nnd urinary organs; scalding pains when lou urinate; eczema, jaundice, swelling1 or torpid liver; if a woman, beating-down sen-nation, sen-nation, fainting spells, so-called female weakness, painful periods; these symptoms tell you that your kidneys have been diseased for a long time, for kidney diseases seldom put mt such symptoms as the victim recognizes until they have been working several months. You should lose no time get a Mc bottle of Safe Cure at your druggist's. It will relieve you at once and effect a permanent cure. It kills all disease germ Doctors proscribe and hospitals. us "Safe Cure" exclusively in all cases of kidney or bladder trouble - . " . . Warner's Safe Cure Is purely vegetable and contains no narcotic or harmful drugs. It is free from sediment and,ple.isant to take. It does not constipate. It is a most valuable valuable and effective tonic: it is -a stimulant to digestion and awakens the torpid liver. It repairs the tissues, .soothes Inflammation and Irritation, stimulates the enfeebled organs and heals at the same time. It builds up the body, gives it strength and restores energy. .You. can buy Safe. Cure at any drug store or direct. CO CENTS AND U A BOTTLE. Be sure you get "Warner's Safe Cure" take no other. TEST YOUR KIDNEYS. Let some morning urine stand for twenty-four hours in n glass or-bottle. If then It is milky or cloudy or contains, a reddish, brick dust sediment, or it, particles or germs float about in it, your kidneys are diseased. K ANALYSIS FREE. ir, after you have made this test, you-have any doubt, In your mind as to the development development of the disease in your-systcm. send a sample ot your urine to the Medical Department." Department." Warner's Safe Cure Co., Rochester. N. Y-, and our doctors will analyze it and send you a report with advice free of charge to .u. together with a valuable book describing till diseases of the kidneys, liver, bladder and blood, and treatment for each disease. All letters fronuwomen' read and answered by a woman doctor. All correspondence in strictest confidence. ',. ' '"newarefof soallcsltTkldner carca rrlilch are fall ot sediment and bad odor they are p,qItlv.elytliat7nftilfanrt tla not care. " ABSER'SSAFE rU.LSnovt tfce' borreU gently nnd aid a speedy, cure. Blnndypofc. Dleasure to testify to the merits of 'Warner's of rpstoriner me to health. I suffered for

Clipped from The St Louis Republic15 Feb 1903, SunPage 12

The St Louis Republic (St. Louis, Missouri)15 Feb 1903, SunPage 12
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  • Inflammation of the Bladder - The St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, MO) - 15 Feb 1903

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