Marriages and Deaths

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Marriages and Deaths - flip as j " I ' .1 ' r 1 MAiiiisr.D. In this...
flip as j " I ' .1 ' r 1 MAiiiisr.D. In this county, on Friday, 4th inst., bv i n 1 r-v 1 - r I itev. irtl lAJUtlllt, ttir. JESSE LiEATH-i 1 c . ; n. .... r - una ivjis. oAKAii vAi(OLLr. ijuutoa, I daughter of Mr. Wm. Murphey, of Madison 1 county, A!n I : j 1 DIED. i For, the Fayclteville Observer It bcco:iie3 my painiul duly torecorJ I'.eath of Bro. Se.neca Clark, who was ! born in Clark oumty, Kv.J Auctist 25. 1C12, ! i and J died in DuviJson co;iniy, Tonn., Oct. ! i 5, 1H52. after cii illnoss of ihii loen daye. ! ! At what time Brq. Chirk became c uioidL ji ) ' of die C P. Church, the writer is no: aware j I have fcnownj him as a ruling lilder fori : ten yoarsi 1 1 1 o- was a benevolent man, p.nd ' ' a s;ror.p friend to! tlie lenevoleni irtiiuiions i 1 1 1 1 1 nrmnoss, ana a lunuer i;um;kiiu; in? was 11. e , I I subject of. many 'trials and difficulties, J;ui ; ...... ....... uvu....,, , 'under them all he complained but little. j lie was married to Miss I tancis .W. Ham- j sey, of Clark Co1., Ivy., April 13, 1844. by j I - bom he hail onO son; but scarce had he jiimrj 'to look nroupd him before Jiis coni-There ' bunion is summoned to leave this worl J ol j sorrow". I She died Nov. S, 1846. Under ! i,, Idnco pOjihis sord loss, he struggled with christian j foriitudeland resignation. In 1 348, he came j 11 Co., Term. On tiie 23 J of Sep tember, 1851, he was married to Miss Mary j .vi. 1 iliiuii. v jailing iu piuvnj'j ir uiiii- elf and companion a competency ol tijis world's goods, he went into .business in i Davidson county,-leaving' his wife nnd ?r h jr parental roof, until arrangements could Sno'.'bs mad for her ttipport and happiness. B,!t how' uncertain arc our'davs! When 1 ; I IIUVV : nearly read v to situate, himself at )eaih w5i !ov.;; ii h all his terrors snik'. s the fatal lis kind nnd iifl'etienai't wifiJ is not ihet'e to beholil the last struggle h'tS sisifcrs are not- there, but he has 1 who 6iood by him, who hath said, Jesus ! 1 1 Death 1 ii home, ! CO" . t..... .' .1,,-,, I,n t, VSn trt.-.m! .'Uii ui v. 11-J. .iivav., uji n-i " 'i i.iiu I I Wiil i r i i never eave you nor lorsatKc you, . jestis - , ., J ... t. i, ; ,, j i i rj t r 1 1 " and shadow of rJeath. V c trust! he is now in hjavcn.and 1ms joined jr. with his frit.nds . and relatives in the loud hallelujahs to God j: ; and the Lamb forever. He is gone to long ! Eternitvl May the God of the orphan amH ; tha widow he their God. Sorrow- not. ! friend?,relativcs, as those who have no hope, ! but prepare to meet lm in. heaven. May I j - sav, Hasten to the i.ora Jesus tor protection. Ijow blest is our brother bereft i. l. i. l. . ,1, .1. .I-..1. 3 : A Jl all tiiat couiu ouruen ms nainu; -w . . . . . . . a I Hnw easy the soul that Las lelt This wearisome bndy buhinr.. Nov, 1, 1852. Ii. 1J. McGGUGIL (? ' ! Banner of Peace, ci;d Watchman and Evangelistlplease copy, j In Uticjii Hinds Co., Miss!, nt the residence residence of lifer 5cii-in-law,' Mr. Peter Stubbs, on Thursday, i 14ih ult.. Mrs. Cy.nthu !I WARsoged 63 years 3 months and 7 days. ! Mrs. ' . was" the widow of Mr. J'reslev i Ward of the i cii::lL.J.J -J:.:L .L .,,J IJIJPSLU UIU lilfi UVKU iuiu u.v. ill ilia r i ! m- L- i .1 - I nr.? "I hurn lriTr t-fim ilin min i ni J, iformcrlv of this place, and daughter e ate Mau Williain iniih, of th:s vi-! . i 1 , . ,. , : . , one who !ias thus aiea. a woiee sweeter man :the song of birds and memory may turn jare dei-with the mournful pleasure that attends the contemplation o,f the virtue of the depurted, , to e'Veet thou:;it melancholy communion 'i with the pale tenant of thefiraVe, and "pluck ; out t!to rooted sorrow" by looking upward I from the. vault,-d earth which wraps thb i . t i .!. .u ...u-... a I meiess oouy. to imrer wut.u w..rr u.;in eternal spirit passs in tiro i cyei lasting win- same prepareu por u;oe wi.u nave su.treu j their Maker's vvjilL"' Such eonsolihg reflec-lj lions 'are vouchsafed to' those whoso or-ij Fayette-phaned hearts now mourn tlie death of pur-tender and affedtiohate mother; For, though absent from ham, she is present with GodJ Through atob life.8heraiihfullvdiScharged:l every dtny devolving upon her as a mother a friend, a neighbor, and a Christian; and when the "seris and yellow leaf" of life was eoina-wher. almost the term of davs a lotted bv the Psalmist had pressed upon,; ' her -with christian courage she "finished! her cour.-e," and thejdark hour of death; was made brisht for I her by the glorious! , hope of a belter and happier home in heaven, j Ann, wife of e'ars. Mr-: .1 . w i ,! . - i - , -V- ' In this county, oh Mood... I s, inst., Mr.. I t,. .i.,.i r..! tri .1. IIV.1.1.-II Wtii oti.1 w . i v( ' I I1-'.'". '.

Clipped from Fayetteville Observer11 Nov 1852, ThuPage 3

Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee)11 Nov 1852, ThuPage 3
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