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Deaths - ... f: 'V' t, has fallen t rny lot, ly remiest...
... f: 'V' t, has fallen t rny lot, ly remiest of Rev. ivfleCiiOiiS till (r-l . II u I Iourhii, Jo miss a fiw A ins present occasion, and - while feminine ; tiniijty and utter inadequacy to the task ' forSids, pympathy prompts rnd to perform. J tl 1 can mluse one drop of the "wine ami I Tax for el ow-creature s cr" has, Int- 4 j Mii COhSoUUlon It'tt rt, let me do so. - . jTho "Pule horse and his ri tet-jly, made sonic rapid inroads in our com tndniiy, ond with his blood-stained sickle haS Iain low; the old, the youthful, and the giy; his ravages are not cooGijed to the' !im the ; ' K mir own m ighborhooj ; alone; nay, ifito i but his victims are found at; -'almost cverv point. O thou grim inonster!. why sevej" from among us, so many loved and lovely ojnjs.niiTl fr.pec'iall'j, why jtuar from' tin; mother's bosom, her twei-i, Iher innocent babl? . ' Deeply, yea, very d"epy, do we con-doht con-doht with our much iifiliei'-cl.frirn is in ilu ir bereuveinent. fi-ath's. ravages have ca! oir tjiem to consign their 'inlaiit dear" to ! I the Itunib; he claiijns ili.-ir hively babe as his I j victim; he has enished th? 'ten jer bud, 'bn-! 'bn-! I fore; the bleak Lhtsts of sin! and iriinuitv. We ! hadv;vver blown thoir po'ondusiinasma t:' I'" 'I J7 c;a? 1 ,ruie; ,,u ,,u3 severeii .'other golden link trom the ties that bind theni m old ei.rih; he bus fnatched from to I ' umily circle. tJe i.Iol of their: beans i and iiic colli, ;;iuiiiv grave, must be its rc- j a,., ti (aabri'.d's irump aha!! call forth of,,,J ijauonsof the earth from ijieir dusty 1 beds to judgiiient. Then parents vou -will j a;ih sJc y:Uf Mll SylEAI1; ll0l cIa-(J ln lh I habiiiimttus ol morality, hut robed in ti -wis.; God bus re- ! mamJ'i of g!.-rv. The. a! ceivtid your little one to himself, and d.Jiibt- less its pure. spirit was .escorted by ang-ls bandi ;.a!id seraphic choristers, to !thosj briglil mansions above; and 'mother, while your tears of sorrow flow like- raindrops." it is singing praises to God in Heaven. Let your imagination take flight and follow it, O, look at it, beckoning yo-j away from earth" sorrows to tl;e "other s!v re;"' s :o it now, iviih n gohh r- harp strung anewlto the aniheiis ofglorv. and listfii to its sou em pyrean voire whispering you awuy to hear on. Cr It cannot return wilt Mi your "uardt to -you, (but mmhiuks it in angel) bslt you can go to it, tind if n Inithfd chisiiati 'o'J will soon meet to pan no more. Barents y.u should console yourselves 1 Mi! ! l.!no...l ..i. ...o..r ..:.,,.. :.. .1... thC;bil)Ie Jes.ssniJ.-suin-r little! children to come tintn me. and forbid far of I.1 I.: i ri U.. Jt I i vn ii is, iiic u 1 1 ii; ii 'im ui ii'j.v; i , i ue aiM !tiiu 'I am he resurrection and the life; Vou shouVi b: resigned to his Divino will, and likj? lh" patriarch Job, sny, I'Tho Lord gave ii iji : j the Lord k'lth taken away, blessed Ik; ih ;e name oi the Lord. We are con- scions tlitit hunum nature, unassisted by j GoiPb ace. will not vield to these bercave-i bercave-i inenis, Inn lis gracu is sufoci'mt, IIo has priTiiiised to bo with us in six troubles nnd not to forsak'-in ihe seventh; His all power- IUI III III VUll rtlLillll I V'U. I II 'Oil IJJ'.lfcll VI I't; i . ; , - . , ; , I rniuiilruiuiuiiiM '-"-'" l,l'u" u,, Del Elk n-od iiili'-rit the "goodiv I Lord, aiid be submissive, to His holy' will'. lie is oiilv rreseniitig vou stronger ini;!ucn merits to go up land." Live a faithful, devoted, christian, ever keep your eyi firmly fixed on the polar polar star of your salvation, and when ! Christ shall come to make up His jewels, may yon and voUrs b-ire.tdV to receive ilie welcome sentence "I'mn-r ihou, into tho jrty Lore in tins pta'v on JuSErn Lfmii:ttk made uj protl.-ssi, years ago, tinder Tuesday, fy.h. injt.,' Mr. :, aged Cl years Mr. L. n ol rel'tiion siXtv-Uve the ministry of Uc-v. .las? O'Kelly, ofiiie Methodist church; and from that time to tlAJay of his death, he j lived the life of a llevoted christian. lie was cmiiieious of his Rppronching dissolu tion, ami avowed liunselt ready and, wiilinjr to meet bis Cod righteous! can die ri peace with GdJ and man. IIo died ni only Near pleasant riuins, in this com Saturdavj,: 2."i h tilt., of cons Lwi., aged 30 vi inpiioii rs. Isoti of .Mr. Jas. Locker, need 10 r Joh.n M I ; - i In thii County, on Wednesday, CPldi u!t., years. In thi-f Scounty, on Samrday, 2d i hst., of whooping cough, a child of Mr. Sti'-raJEN Loi.BCETh nged ubout 4 years. In this county, on baturday, 2d l list.. ;i child! of .Mr. Samtel Brov., aged about 4 yeari.' ' j Inlihisfounty. on Saturday, 2d ins'.., of i whooping-cough:, n child of Mr. Sila6 Towery, flscd abota 5 vears. i . In tliM countv. recently, Mr. Col Cray. agi d about GO years.. ln Franklin county, of flck, Mrs. Maky, wife of Col. Wini N.jTnyilor, aged ubout 50 vears - 'i i In Franklin connty. of fever. Miss Mar tha KiditIe, aged 21 years tiie ty, on , Col. G ! 3 Hill l

Clipped from Fayetteville Observer07 Oct 1852, ThuPage 3

Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee)07 Oct 1852, ThuPage 3
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