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 - If you had S7 or SS million dollars in liquid...
If you had S7 or SS million dollars in liquid cash and a line of credit that let you borrow $10 million more, what would you do with it? High on the list of things I would not do with it is build a baseball park. It is also, as it happens, high on the list of things most people would not do with it. Which explains why more than one businessman in the City of the Angels goes down to the hill overlooking Chavez Ravine in the hills athwart :the city these days and stares incredulously at the ;scene before him. There, by heaven and by Walter O'Malley, just as he said it would, stands a baseball park. Not just ;any baseball park but the Taj Mahal, Parthenon iand Westminster Abbey of baseball II is a work t art even if you think a hit-and-run is an auto HERE IT LOOK IT OVER HOMER OUTPUT TO BE SLASHED BY PAUL ZIMMERMAN, Sports Editor The crashing thunder of home runs that were hit at the Coliseum and VVrigley Field last season -will be diminished perceptibly this year when ihe Dodgers and Angels Irnove into Chavez Ra-ivine. ! While important, this will be only one of a number of salubrious effects a respectable playing field will have on major baseball here. The two Los Angeles stadia held the dubious honor in 1961 of making possible more circuit wallops than any others in the land. Despite all the hoorah READY TO GO Here is the 1 962 Dodger squod. Left to right, front row: Andy Carey, Daryl Spe"-.' cer, Larry Sherry, Maury Wills, coach Greg Mul-ieavy, coach Pete Reiser, manager Wort Alston, cooch Leo Purocher, coach Joe Becker, Lee Walls, Don Dry)!. Second row: Jack Smith, Dick Dodger Stadium in Chover Rovine opens today with the first baseball gome about the Coliseum" 'Chinese Curtain" in left field. Wrigley Field made a piker out of its neighbor stadium to the west. A total of 248 homers were powdered out of the park on Avalon. compared to a mere 192 at the Coliseum. To give you some idea what these'figures mean. Tiger Stadium in Detroit took No. 2 honors in the American League with Go less circuit clouts. It is interesting to note here that, after all the complaint about the Coliseum when the Dodgers Turn to Pg. 23, Col. 1 accident, a pitcher something to pour lemonade out of and a slider an unexpected trip on a banana peel. Like all works of art, it grew out of great travail, was conceived in controversy and executed under harassment. Like a Rembrandt, it is a one- THE BIG PUSH Here on May 23, 1960, with Trocewski, Larry Burright, Doug Camilli, Wally Moon, Thad Tillofson, Bobby Prescott, Ron Per-ranoski. Third row: Willie Davis, Ron Fairly, Tim Harkness, Ken McMullen, Pet Richert, coach Carrol Beringer, Willard Hunter, Jim Gilliam. Fourth row: traveling secretory Lee Scott, Tommy JIM MURRAY Monument to Walter was Chavez Ravine site stadium area excavated. purpose artifact.. Its acoustics will not play host to the lyric soarings of great music, only the muted profanities of frustrated athletes and the off-key earaches of the Star-Spangled Banner. No Greek tragedies will adorn the infield, just the minor ones of a shortstop who forgot to bend down, a' batter who misjudged the plane of a thrown ball and, perhaps, the pitcher who went to the well too often and got full of good wine. The ballet performed there will be the kind truekdrivers understand and the Ballet Russe does not. The entrechats will be intended to elude hemorrhaging from spike wounds, not to outdo Nijin-sky. The tour jetes will be meant to bring a run, not applause. H is a su-ange monument to the career, life and times of Walter F. O'Malley, a man who came into Turn to, Col. I played in.Arnerica's most Eight mill ion cubic ya moved for the stadium Davis, Frank Howard, Jim Ward, Norm Sherry, Liv Julian, Johnny Werbas, Duke Snider, Joe Moeller. Fifth row: Sandy Koufox, John Rose'-boro, Nick Willhite, Johnny Pod res, Stan Williams, Phil Ortega. Dodgrs open 1962 season today against defending chempion Cincinnati. .1 beautiful boll park. The rds of earth had to be and the parking areas. ioaJSngeles (Etas .Ua SOUVENIR SECTION PART VI TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 10, 1962 rsa- - " " r ' i tfirr' - - fi- - - project took nearly three Time photo tv Dick Ollvtr from KAAPC Newest Baseball BY CHARLIE PARK O'Malley's Mammoth Miracle (Dodger Stadium w the landlord Dodpers Wnd Chavez Ravine to the tenant Angels) is an eyepopper, the most glamorous baseball park in history. Sprawled across an area which only a short time ago was a mountainous goat pasture, it. truly is an artistic and rngincering marvel. The 56.000-seat structure embodies scads of unique features, includ-in the way it was financed. It is the first major league park to be built with private funds in nearly 40 years. The tab runs close to $18 million. Baseball 'Firsts' Dodger president Walter F. O'Malley points with pride to these baseball "firsts" his dream baby offers: 1 Seven different front rows: 2 Dugout boxes. 3 Seat sections in different colors. 4 Biggest message board in baseball. 5 Terraced parking eliminating virtually all vertical climbing. . 6 Unobstructed vision from each seat. 7 70" of the seat3 within the infield area. Boxes Below Field There are four tiers in the stadium, plus a fifth level between the second and third tiers on which is housed the exclusive Stadium Club, the "Diamond Room," a posh restaurant: the "Abner Doubleday Lounge." some 1.600 de luxe seats, pressbox, ra years to complete Alrwatch Helicopter piloted by Herb Green Stadium Marvel dio and television booths and the Dodger offices. The first front row is below the field on the same level as the players' dugouts and was prepared for a select 234 patrons. There are two pavilions (bleachers, to you) in the outfield, each with 3,000 seats which have back supports. Field level seats are yellow: loge level, orange; Stadium Club and dugout boxes, red. yellow and blue; third tier, green, and top tier, blue. Color-Keyed Tickets are color-keyed to correspond with the hues of the sections, as are the parking' areas which will hold 16.000 cars. There are 24 powder rooms for the gals and an equal number of rest rooms for men throughout the park. On the top tier is a public restaurant. The scats are i.mong the widest and most modern ever supplied for a sports arena, measuring from 19 to 22 in. in width instead of the usual 17-18. Backs and seats are of steam-bent hardwood. Four scoreboards will keep fans posted on everything that happens. Two are in the outfield and two auxiliary boards are on balcony railings of the Stadium Club level. Message Board The board In right centeriield, 75x34 ft, ia above the pavilion and gives line-ups, score by innings and game statistics. The one in left center flashes results of other games, attendance, , Torn tePr.t, Cell '

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